Thursday, January 22, 2009


getting some nice gym results the past 2 weeks.... keeping it steady. I"ve been drinking water only ever since I complemented this hot male dancer the weekend before New year's who told me he drank only water. well I do have a small chocolate milk with the school cafeteria lunches when I sub, but otherwise water only, which means no more coke (in Oklahoma we tend to say "coke" like the way you might say soda or pop). It's actually been rather refreshing, I have been stocking up on apples and bananas every visit to the grocery store and have cut out all my usual chocolate extra snacks. Although to be honest, I have yet to give up putting chocolate chips in my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches...curses!
we got up to 76 today in OKC and I didn't get called in to sub so I had an excellent day, I got outside and cut back some shrubs, bagged up all this trash and boxes on my back deck, and finally moved my ex roomies lazyboy into his suburban parked out back. long story.dont ask!
I've decided that I must learn how to act and react towards people that come into my life this year, because my life on the fence is ridiculous and I have to come down and play on one side or the other and try to get something real going. yes yes I know, go figure.
oh yeah one week and half countdown until my trip to AUSTIN next week. getting very excited for that.


Anonymous said...

Glad to here you are going to get off the fence! I know you realize that sitting on the fence gets you nowhere.
Good luck!

JUSTIN said...

Good for you bud!

PS - It's about 60 degrees colder here today, and I consider that WARM.