Friday, January 16, 2009

Great American Artist Andrew Wyeth Dies at 91

was just reading the news today. I've always had an interest in American artists, and grew in love for this one's art after an exhibit at the Gilcrease in Tulsa a few years ago. I have a catalog of an exhibition back in the 70s of his work and find his style fascinating --- the detail, simplicity of composition and drab coloring and loneliness of the work. He disagreed with the idea of the loneliness seeming sad, instead saying perhaps we've forgotten how to enjoy being alone.

His artist father's training included having him study something and then draw from memory. Some critics consider Wyeth an illustrator because of the realistic detail rather than an artist. I'll end with a quote;
"Really, I think one's art goes only as far and as deep as your love goes."

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