Thursday, January 15, 2009

gran torino

I saw Gran Torino last sunday before driving back home. Powerful film. seriously. I was caught off guard, not knowing what to expect and where it was going until the end, and then the ending was so old school, no frills no over dramatic, just real. with a little theme song at the end which reminded me of "every which way but loose" ha.
I call the film powerful because I was driving home hours later and it came to mind, and I was moved in my heart again same as I felt in the theatre, and then just tonight I saw a preview and again started to feel deeply about the character played be Eastwood. basically the premise you get from the previews is that he's up against some gangsters in the neighborhood and makes friends with the Hmong neighbors even though he's actually completely racist, which he can get away with in the film with his age and all.
What my ex gf didn't tell me until after the film is that recently she had been in a situation with a hmong coworker. SHe hadn't shown up for work one day, and called my friend the next day saying she been abused more severely than usual by her husband and would she come and get her, that she was running away. there was a 30 minute window of no one home. she'd been married at 15 and was now 19 and wanted OUT. my friend went immediately and said the adreniline rush was crazy, and when they left the girl was laying down in the back seat, serious stuff. anyway she would NOT go to a doctor or anything, went to work the next 3 days, and then the next was on a plane back to colorado to her family. Her parents took her to the doctor and had all the bruises documented immediately for a record. anyway the movie affected my friend quite a bit after having that experience just 2 months ago.
back to the movie.....great acting, simple tale, and I appreciate the comparison of cultures shown in the movie etcc...

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