Monday, January 05, 2009

for your entertainment, a rant from craigs in okc

"Leave it to a few Gay men to think they know more than the General Public..., Sometimes I am embarassed especially since I like sleeping with men. Anytime another gay man tries to express his personal opinion against this lifestyle where all gay men think about is scoring and finding dick after dick to suck or take deep inside their diseased ridden cavity.

I find it really sickening that so many of my Gay Friends want to be in the front of any protest against gay marriage, demanding their rights to be happily married out in the open; but when these same friends get the chance they are in the back alleys sucking cock or they mastrbate in the bushes in a public parks, suck cock in a shopping mall bathrooms,cruise/loiter at airports ,at their local home depot, neighborhood casino, or college campus. They show up half naked, in Trosper Park, Lake Hefner, and highway rest stops, while their other half is hard at work, thinking his SPOUSE is faithful because he is married to the MAN OF HIS DREAM (usally its the bride in most cases cheating on his husband) is busy at their home tending to the kids (usually 2 precious lil lap dogs)preparing his meals! When actually the loving spouse is out responding to ads on Craigslist or Home Hosting if and whenever he can.

Both of them, fought for equal rights to inherit,(which is funny because most gay marriages won't last 6 months because of infidelity)They fought to make major medical decisions, incase of an illness and they fought to enjoy what they preceive is their GOD GIVEN EQUAL RIGHTS.

When are Gay men going to wake up and see; when will gay men understand why the majority of "straight" people along with a growing group of gay men find the life style of rampant unprotected, insensitve self serving sexual encounters disgusting.

Gay men blame everyone who isnt gay friendly or gay tolerate for them not having EQUAL RIGHTS - and they call them Haters!

They label these people insensitive, non-caring, non accepting. They Flag any postings by a gay brother which tries to educate, evoke discussion and invites replies and responses! They say take it to Rant and Raves...we both know few if any Pervert is going to read Rants and Raves (they don't allow posting of fake genitalia pictures)

You can't go on blaming anyone including a Mormom believer, or a gay man like myself for not following your lead or for not accepting your choice for a lifestyle:

When you for one are might just be a two-faced, promiscuous,lewd and lacivious backstabing flagging bitch!

Demanding that other non participating or unaccepting gay person be silenced or flagged for speaking out and against public masturbation, oral/anal sex in back alleyways, indecent exposure at public events, and rampant unprotected sex isn't a Right that you deserve what you deserve is what you get!

Wake up take alook around you and see people dying, Gay Teens being victimized, killed, living on the Streets ...why because they were victims of those Flaggers who think their behavior is the Cat's Meow!

Gay Penn"

(I am not promoting this in anyway, just posting because it interests me the way that some gay men see others, the differences and variances of what everyone considers the same gay lifestyle. this guy is obviously pretty peeved off and bitter about something. but anyway, just posting for the randomness of it...of course NO not every gay man is like what you find on craigslist, or a bear convention, or a pride parade, or Massachusetts wedding hall, or a SPLASH weekend in Austin, or a hairstylist convention, or a Cher concert, or a barracks in Iraq, police department, school, office, etc etc etc etc...granted the male on male sexual willingness is a bit stronger perhaps, but i think gay men are just as different ..., same as the str8 guys that sleep unsafe and unproteced don't represent the entire straight community. this rant expects some real pure perfection I guess, which is impossible. indeed as the gay community should be considered equal, well then why not be allowed the same faults and sexual choices good or bad anyone else would make, its not gay its human...etc etc..)


Unknown said...

I can see where the guy is coming from. I don't necessarily thing that his perspective is THE perspective and that he is completely accurate in his depictions, but I see the truth in what he's saying.

As someone who is relatively inexperienced in this regard, I feel like a lot of the gay culture I have witnessed until now has had a big erotic slant - hook up or shut up even.

But again - as you said - not representative of the whole...

Anonymous said...

And even if there are gays who do that, why does that automatically negate the right to marriage for the rest of us? When straights go on craigslist for affairs (or even non-affair kink) or rape kids or beat their spouses, or dress as woodland creatures to get off, does that negate their rights? Sounds to me like someone has issues with self-loathing, not legitimate issues with the gay community, such as it is.

Crap Newsman said...

Could it be that the person who wrote that was not really a gay guy? Perhaps a straight guy or a Bible-thumping woman?

Closet Frat Boy said...

Amen to that rant! (to a certain extent) I don't think preciousnesses has nothing to do with the right to marriage. If it did then all the straight people who cheat would have their marriages void.

But yeah, too many gay whores going around and I'm not fan of the parades either. Yes be as proud as you want but if thats the "public" face you want to put about the gay community then no wonder these straight people don't want to have any part of it.

But I digress, even thought I don't agree or like it you can do what you want.

Anonymous said...

Great post dan,

I doubt if a gay man wrote that Rant on Craigslist, it sounds much to much like a str8 bible reading Baptist!

And I am not sure what having sex in the park or not having sex in the park has to do with the right to marry some one you love.
I'm single and choose to stay that way, that does not mean I did not vote foe equal rights.
I also understand the pleasures of out door sex. I might get hate mail for saying this, but one of the great joys of being a queer is the fact that we can have sex as often as we wish and in what manner we choose. WE all do not want a monogamous partner.