Saturday, December 27, 2008

to texas with love


came to Texas tonight to visit good ole Passing Fancy (link at right).
went to a gay bar with a date he had tonight and am now about to crash!
Was an awesome night meeting some guys he knows in the city at a few bars and flirting a bit with some guys talking to us, and also yeah, some dancers, ha.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


about last sunday night...

well I had a pretty good movie date so to speak.
the guy A. came over w/ the dvd of love guru which wasn't great but just light and funny enough for a rental. we watched the movie and did the usual move closer together on the couch eventually rubbing arms and legs etc... then after the movie made out for 2 hours then he went home. well after the first hour our shirts came off, then pants down to briefs. was a good time and i kept going after the panther tattoo on his area above the waist on the right... ha
I'm going to call him tomorrow before leaving for dallas, we spoke of getting together again but I'm not really into it. I want someone more educated and working and stable I've decided, even though he was really nice and tall and tight swimmers build etc. I don't think my type overall.

in other news,

MERRY Christmas everyone!
enjoy the holidays and have a great weekend, get out and do something, see someone, remember a friend or family member, and talk about Christmases past if you can't be with family or have nothing planned. This can be a hard time of year to get through, I know I hate it sometimes, but I do have family near to keep me busy and in company. but sometimes I consider how I prefer being overseas at CHristmas since my life is not moving on like the rest of the family, I guess that means all the kids and sometimes nothing to talk about. I don't want to become some bitter single guy. I was thinking of that on the way to my family's last night, but I have to say after arriving I had a BLAST with the neice and nephews after dinner. ahhh

Sunday, December 21, 2008

group pic

happy holidaze to me....

had an excellent time at the party last night. big Christmas party these guys host apparently every year at some big house northside of town. tons of people there, I had a few drinks and talked to guys I knew, and tried to play it cool meeting a few new guys there. blah.... so yeah, I'm catching with some people and walking upstairs and back downstairs, and giving my buddy I'm there with a hard time, because this guy he is sort starting to date was there, but separately so I'm all teasing the both of them all night. ha
anyway, this guy I've known for a while from my gym was there and suddenly while at the food table, I turn around and get introduced to this guy A. , taller than me about 6'2 and tight tight body and sort of scruffy face and black glasses, says he's studying education or something.. i dunno, but we talked a while and finally I walked away and told him I wanted to see him before he left the party, and he said definitely.
so I'm walking around in and out of this crowd and mingling blah blah..later I'm in the pool room where there's another bar, and talking to some guys I know from okc a while back,(this HOT HOT guy I met a couple years ago, and maybe you remember we went on a date to the lebonese festival a few years ago??? well anyway him, tall dark so handsome with beard last night, and with his bf, they've been dating a year and a half, so I was telling him hey, you know and how HOT he is, and congrats on his bf etc etc. all that, was fun, and he was smiling the whole time.) well I eventually notice A has made it back to the same room and cross the room when I see him alone, and we start talking the rest of the night patting each other here and there, hanging on him a bit here and there (cause I'm drinking) and some guy keeps telling us how good we look blah blah, and I we tell each other numbers at one point, and then I tell him at one point that I want to kiss him before he leaves, and after a while we end up outside the back door for a second making out, and then back inside cause its SUPER cold outside, and then about that time my buds are ready to head out (it was 2 am by then and we'd been there since 8:30.. ha) so we bail, and we talk about A coming over, he calls me when I get back to my place and we talk some and decide for him NOT to come over because I got up early this morning etc...
he IS coming over tonight to hang out and watch some tv, and I'm super excited to see how it goes, actually meeting a guy and talking and stuff and taking it slow is new to me.. ha that sounds bad. ALso he's a churchy dude like me, and he was in the coast guard for 4 years, and he seems really smart and normal, so maybe make a new friend at least.