Saturday, November 15, 2008

Friday, November 14, 2008

gay bollywood marriage?

well you guys know I like hindi films, right? surely I've suggested the alltime best bollywood film "Khabi Kushi Khabi Gham", no? well I can suggest others just email. These films are over the top, sweet videography and huge sets, of course all the dancing and singing. well anyway, it's pretty cool they have this film coming out about 2 guys. It most likely WILL be very sterertypical and possibly a bit of CAMP but overall, hopefully hot indian guys. It's the usual jack tripper story line where the guys pretend to be gay so they can live in an apartment for women etc... blah blah.

I'm also very interested because in India its a very taboo topic, and when I was in the capitol New Delhi last spring it was hard to find an actual openly gay bar, although I've heard mumbai has the bigger "gay" scene.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

still in central america

I've been walking around the city after school today, didnt' make it to the gym becasue I was calling parents after school about homework not being turned in or incomplete... blah blah.
I'm excited for the weeekend, dinner with students 04 tomorrow night, lunch at a touristy small town outside the capitol city saturday, and then dinner with another class of 03 saturday night. shweet, will take pics of the city trip to share.
I met a super hot guy tonight at this men bible study meeting that was going on when I got back up the hill from downtown. married dude who is teaching at the elem here and hadn't met him yet, we were talking about other teaching jobs overseas and past experiences... ahh well so what , he's str8 and married. moving on

I was standing on the crowded bus today looking at all the poor class hardworking people on the bus, and thinking wow none of them are really incredibly good looking, maybe those guys naturally get better jobs in this country, and then I started thinking about the sort of hunky guys sitting around on the bus, and imagining them getting it on with their woman or hand ...and in that moment of sensual bliss, but I started to think, maybe they just hit the sack and sleep after working so hard all day, much less even have the luxury of their own bedroom to lay in.
next I was thinking how rich we are in the states, buying all kinds of stuff constantly, travelling around, weekends whatever, we can live alone or with others, date around, sleep around, heck we can even travel all around looking to sleep around. what a luxury.
these guys just want to bring food home on the table, and maybe if lucky find the right partner o the side to get up close to at night. with the rigth person it's probably pretty blissful no matter what country or social class.

get closer

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

miriam makeba

i bought this cd a few years ago after hearing the "click song" on a local radio show of world music. It's a favorite one to listen to when I'm not in the mood for anything in particular, but something for a fun mood. I caught the morning news yesterday and saw that she died at the age of 76 in Italy the day after a show there.
here I've included a clip of the same song from 68 and then 39 years later in 2007


Monday, November 10, 2008

dan's favorite things...

I don't know if this is an alltime favorite but they are getting off to a great start since purchased....and you'd think i was coming way out what with the rainbow of colors... however,
the scarf I purchased at Paul Smith in London and wore it throughout my trips in cold autumnal london and paris. the watch my austin bud gave to me upon arrival in paris, he had'nt seen the scarf yet and they were a perfect fit. then while out shopping we ran across these 25Euro tennis shoes and thought why the heck not. I mean there's a fine line between wearing things that match way too much, especially for a closet boy, but seriously I think accessories are less sensitive to an overmatched look. whatever that means, anyway, i like the combo of colors in these things whether wearing them put me OUT there or not. ha

wash up

Sunday, November 09, 2008