Saturday, November 08, 2008


this is where I got my haircut yesterday, downtown barberia, I picked this one because it said "barbero de seville", and also it was busy when I passed by compared to one down the street that wasn't busy so I figured it must be the better of the two. love the style of haircut here, so short and close and straight razor all around the hairline and nice shoulder rub by nice latin guy... nice.
next pic is of the locker room at my gym in town, only the last shower stall on the left works. and then there is a good angle view when you are changing on the benches in the back of the room of guys on the left side in the photo.. blah blah, for those who like lockeroom bidness.. ha

nothing doing today in sunny mountainous C.A.

emailed a ex college roomie, we'll call him WC, whose been in africa for many years. he emailed a month or so ago asking about "how I was doing".... etc etc... which means my whole gay thing.

well, WC was one of the roomies that confronted me about the male pictures my roomies found under my mattress after I'd moved out before heading overseas to teach.... well he's got his own issues to be honest, for years a tall hunky ladies man type, a real guy's guy, WC has this way of making all of the guys feel like YOU were his best friend. anyway, he also had a reputation for well hung and this is mainly because of he grew up as a missionary out in the indian ocean and was most likely to naked in the house or pissing off the front porch etc....

he's working in sudan now rebiulding churches, he's a sharp pensive serious man. still single, and I know he must deal with some sort of male attraction issue. I dunno. but I appreciate his support and curious questioning over the years, he's the only one of my college buds who'll actually ask about my whole closet deal, the others just don't bring it up and go on pretending like myself that eventually I'll find the right girl.

I emailed him this morning about being back here in central america and how I want to work overseas again, and that this place probably wasn't the right place to come and work, because it'd just be hiding and prolonging from facing what I really want, and how I had a bit of fun in europe and that makes me really want to pursue some fun in the US when I get back home but with the right guy in the right situation. I may even consider other cities, and I still plan to dream of finding some type of work in barcelona. if i ever were going to come out and openly date a dude, i'm telling you could do a lot worse that barcelona. slurp. but in reality austin is prolly more likely.

I also did the retarded mistake of commenting under the wrong blog sign in this morning, going back deleting it, etc... so I had to block my profile for a bit.. etc etc. long story blah blah

Friday, November 07, 2008


i do girls.... mostly

how many times have you used that line... ha
anyone seen this movie? looks interesting

sorry ladies, no deal

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

the world keeps turning

well I'm back at work, volunteering here by substituting for the 7th grade English teacher for 3 weeks. 3 classes a day, not too bad. I'm happy to help out since they gave me a place to stay in the teacher apts while I'm killing time here. been great so far catching up with former students. Also I rejoined the GOld's gym downtown and am doing my old routine of going down after school and working out, then eating dinner somewhere and then catching a bus or taxi back up the hill. we are in the mountains above the capitol city here. cool cold fresh air, in the clouds at times, but always pretty awesome.
I'm the only gringo at the gym ,used to be a lot of north americans going there, but the place has really fallen out of shape BIG TIME, as in the same equipment from when I left 7 years ago is still there nothing new at all. ha but it's cool working out with a bunch of latin dudes, and the membership was only equivalent to $18.50 for a month.
SO a lot of the teachers from this country who still work at the school have asked me if I have a family yet, and then if I plan to find a wife from this country... nope sorry hadn't put much thought into that one. but for now single and travelling and taking things as they come is all right. the workouts should help maybe find just the right person I'm looking for upon return to okc if that person is out there.......

where are they

Monday, November 03, 2008

Sunday, November 02, 2008


I'm not sure if I mentioned it before , in Paris, there was this super hot little guy working at the Lacoste store on Champs Elyyses.. (SP?) had a tight little polo shirt on and was so so cute, round muscles all over and best eyes and short black hair. I had seen this awesome sweater at the lacoste store in Barcelona and had assumed I'd be able to get it in paris, but this guy was explaining to me over and over that they stock different styles there... ugh. well this other cute guy helped me while I was picking out two other shirts, but man the first guy I couldn't get forget. I've considering lately his hungry mouth , or perhaps his face shoved down into a pillow. ha ha.
well anyway, some of the fun I had while going to clubs and messing around after being stuck on an air force base getting NUTTIN for 9 months has me thinking more about what I want and am willing to do with guys. but just thoughts for now.
I"m killing time hidden away here in central america for the next 3 weeks, getting to know some new teachers and giving them a bit of encouragement of living in a different culture etc. and also catching up with past students now all out of college. not sure how much I"ll be able to post pics.
super thanks for all the emails and comments

wish i were a bud