Saturday, August 02, 2008

dan's favorite things....

KOZYNDAN are graphic designers out of California. I first saw their work in Gian Robot magazine and then followed them online at Anyway, I have 3 of their tshirts here on the other side of the world, the grey one with a rabbit eating a stuffed animal rabbit. and then the brown one of a rabbit with headphones on, and one they don't sell anymore of an astronaut which is also awesome. and then I'm showing another "bad skater" tshirt which I left back home. anyway, the size mediums fit me like nothing else, so I went online and bought another set of one each of the three, just to have in stock when i get back home, and feeling thus secure of being able to replace my current favorite t's, I can share them with you now. Kozyndan's online store is here where it shows again all the tshirts.

Anyone else like having that one t shirt that is not quite like anyone elses and gets a little notice when wearing it? well it's sort of my thing, I'll admit.

frisbee boys...........

another weekend here down, 6 or 7 more to go...

i watched some youtube this last weekend and saw chris pegg on the letterman show, so then I checked out some "SPACED" episodes on youtube, and they are pretty funny. If I were going to be here longer than 2 months I'd be ordering the dvd's on amazon. ha

Nothing new on base here. we had some hardy sturdy dark haired macho portugal troops here the last couple of weeks, which made the gym time lots of fun. And then today was market day where they have a bazaar set up inside the gate. I like shopping around for gifts to bring home, and then also some of the guys who work the booths are fun to talk to and let them practice their English. There is one guy I like to sit in his carpet booth and chat with, he's got the best dark eyes. afghan guy. hmmm

not much else except it was HOT this weekend and i got a super short buzz cut, and it feels nice and butch and also I think maybe just a tad bit younger looking, i dunno.

I continue to work out at the gym, and thanks for the comment about doing some cardio after my workouts instead of before, I am trying that this week jsut to shake it up a little.

have you ever heard about the phenomenom of guys' attraction to asian women because they are perceived as not coming from a Christian western culture upbringing, and this made them more attractive to guys who had been brought up that way, because then it wasn't like the girl was going against their religion by having sex with them? well anyway i read that somewhere once. the only reason I bring it up, and this is way out there, is that usually I won't watch any show that glorifies illegal drug use, like the cable show "weed" or something like that or that WB show where the parents laugh about getting high, and then also "that 70's show" which I would watch but hated that it showed them using drugs. well anyway, I'm watching this british sitcom called "Spaced" on youtube, and for some reason because it's british tv, them getting high doesn't bother me cause I've always been such an anglophile. ha hope you readers are having a fun weekend, regardless of how you have fun out there.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

big sis weekend, thanks guys

alfombra buena!

finally got my rug from the afghan guy who had it made for me upon my request. It's about 4' x 6.5' this was from a photo of a tile floor at this movie producers house in Austin that I always thought was so cool. yup definitley a lot of colors in this one, but I hope to become as attached to it as the guy in the great Lebowski, you know the line? something like. " that rug really tied the place together..." ha

Prefab housing in NYC

anyone in NYC seen these houses yet? It's at the MOMA and there is some info here at the website. They set up some different concepts of prefab houses in their parking lot. I came across this NY Times magazine article a couple weeks back about the PreFab house exhibit that opened July 20, (also known as the day man first walked on the moon, and oh yeah, my b-day... but anyway....) well as a faithful Dwell reader if I were in NYC this summer I'd definitley be checking out. There's a slide show of pics of them setting it up here. I'm wondering if anyone has seen it in person and what'd ya think?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

not at pride.....

narco state?...

I came across this excellent although depressing article online at New York Times Magazine. The guy used to work for the US govt doing drug erradication and became extremely discouraged with the Pentagon and President Karzai's sincerity in actually destroying the poppy fields here in the country. If you like keeping up on those things, check it out.

who are the straight readers?

have you ever noticed the survey on the right of this blog? The counter is up to 9 for straight readers. I'm always wondering what that means, other than blogger mark, most likely there are guys who consider themselves "bi" who are most comfortable checking the straight column. The only reason I bring it up is because sometimes I feel anxiety that it's my buddies from college that have found this blog and reading all about this other side of me. let's hope it's the former not the latter. ha

self pics.....

can you find the white boy blogger?

Monday, July 28, 2008

manga men...

anyone else like drawing of dudes?

I like

some tom of finland if they are not too grotesquely large in areas. I also have seen some pretty hot sailor toon drawings online years ago when you had to search galleries for 'em. don't see much not. this artist has a pretty cool site, although I'm not into the whole tie up thing at all. I thought these pics were nice.
my email is on the right if anyone has some hot drawings, or just email and say hey. later.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

back to the grind....

well my weekend was over this morning. i teach from sat-wed, so my weekend is thurs and fri, I've prolly mentioned that before. non eventful weekend. although I did watch a documentary on Antonio Gaudi, and I'm really excited because one of my stops this fall is Barcelona, and I can't wait to walk all around and search for the things I saw in this video. it was SHWEET. Nothing better than design tourism, I mean yeah I want to check out some gay bars there, but it's more about the country, using my spanish, and then the buildings, definitley. that reminds me of one of the two things I'd planned to see in India and accomplished. one was the Taj Majal, and the other was a Nehru exhibit designed by Charles and Ray Eames, and sure enough I found the original display in a nehru exhibit there on the convention center grounds in New Delhi.
Also I've seen a bridge in London in a lot magazines that sort of rolls up and then back out from the bank, and that is another must see when I get to London. that and the Tate Museum of course.
I've been thinking a lot lately about the new trend of having a "Media room" in a house, and I've decided I don't like the idea much. Probably cuase I'm a bit of a sentimental type and a bit traditional, and I hate the way that changes in our culture are so easily mandated by changes in technoloy, for example a separate room for the big screen tv or x box. I hope it's not a lasting trend though, I mean who wants to be stuck in some cave-like basement room or theatre. I'm sure it must be nice to have a whole extra room just for the movie or computer game entertainment, especially if you are in the movie business or constangly entertaining gamers or movie night parties... maybe.?.
But there is a romantic part of me that would rather just do it all in the family room or living room, where you can walk in and out to the rooms, or back and forth to the kitchen, or be heard playing games or laughing at movies. Also I love to put in a serious film like Woody Allen's "September" or "Interiors" on a rainy day where I can watch the movie from a warm comfy couch while seeing the rain outside the window or hearing the swish of cars drive by in the flooded streets out front. maybe watching tv and then hear the mailman on the porch outside. Or in the Winter, getting snowed in and sitting there under a blanket watching a long long foreign film like "Babbette's Feast" wasting away the day.... ahh nothing better. hmmm someome is getting homesick, glad I just have 2 months left... ha

UPDATE- I'm on this random topic because I've been reading a lot of magazines and considering what to do with my house or how I could add on a bit if I work here another year.
I do believe it's nice having no tv in the living room, but I think it's unrealistic to believe that room is going to be used as much to entertain. the trend of Armoirs is over where you could just hide the tv inside, although you still had the very large piece of furniture looming over the room, obviously with a tv inside. The flat screen tv can be hung or set on a sort of sidetable type of furniture, but even it's hung it's like right there as a focal point. And I'm not saying it has to be in the living room, I just like the idea of an accesible family room as part of the house and action for the entertainment...yes this is a sort of random post