Friday, May 16, 2008

good weekend to everyone..

watched some youtube clip tonight of recent letterman shows this spring. ran into my favorite guy on my hall in the showers this morning, man he was looking fine in his boxer briefs. and what I really like is how I'm standing there shaving, and he finishes shaving and then just drops his brief, does something else then turns around and gets in the shower and messes with the shower curtain facing me while I'm looking right at him in my mirror yet shaving and of course all indirect. he's my favorite cuase he about my height, maybe taller but jsut a BIG guy, like big boned big sized guy, good shape not over muscular but healthy military looking and his dick looks so thick and nice hanging not too low, but you can tell it has to grow so good.....
anyway, back to real life, last night had a little excitement around here. while i was chatting to JR from nothing golden stays (link on the side) there was a bomb blast on base. Last nights they had a special barbecue going on outside with a couple euro bands playing, so at first I thought it was a speaker that blew, but then it did sort of sound and you sort of felt it through the floor. so the guys on my hall were scrambling around, like going outside asking what was that, the concert or a hit. next thing we know, the concert is shut down, and then the loudspeakers on base ( you know like on MASH) they started announcing we were under attack. so I had to gear up and go down stairs which is considered our protected barracks. sat around for an hour, then they annonuced all lights off , sat around some more and then we were clear to go back to our rooms.
this morning, we found out a rocket had been launched and hit the airfield. I guess the lights and noised going late into the night was a tempting target from the mountain side.
anyway, so tonight the roomie is out making up for last night no doubt. he's quite the social party animal, and I get hit the sack and relax some before sleeping.
i wish I could have chatted some more this weekend. I want to keep in touch with the blogger community. leave a comment if there's anything you like seeing on the blog or hearing about.

drop the towell dude.......

Thursday, May 15, 2008

is anyone else thinking michael jackson and paula abdul's cold hearted snake, with a little bit of starfighter thrown in?... what do ya think?

oh yeah also, when i first glanced at this video in the gym I thought to myself "is that a movie of the marvel comic Dazzler?" ha ha
update: damn she's got legs I could easily get between, hot. sorry had to say it, I've been here 5 months and counting.........

in case you hadn't noticed.......

buddy SPEEDY MOTORCYCLE is back to posting again on the side if you feel life checking it out for updates from time to time, the guy is brilliant.
while I'm SHOUTING OUT....
some blogs I've been checking out lately;
Scott in Iowa, from a very cute corn fed reader.
and the very clever Organized Chaos, a fellow type A who's living the life I never let myself have in big D. ha
and a few closet blogs;

Popular dude's secret life... is linked on the side. And then there is also an Anonymous Blogger at Picture Perfect blog. Lots of good posts going up from a young closet blogger.

One more shout out, a new public radio show from Austin, Texas called OUTCAST.
the site has podcast downloads on the site or you can listen to it live on Sundays...(check the site for times). It is just getting off its feet, but I love the idea of a radio show talking about all aspects of the gay community.

buddy love............

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

quick post

well I'm about to hit the sack.
things on base going so well lately, I just finished playing a game of taboo down in the rnr lounge with some of my buds here on base. it's a group I'm a part of at meals, and they are a lot of fun, a tech sgnt, capt, two women tech sgts i think, and then this one new guy from ft riley who is an f-ing stud.. he's married ahh well. but super nice and goodlooking guy. ya know I have to say the military crowd is about the most non judgemental I've seen in a long time. maybe since I'm here with a mix of officers, I don't know a bunch of enlisted army guys probably different. but everyone here is like the nice guy next door type, really get along well and always good conversation, this explains my group of friends here any way.
update on work, my teamleader is about to get demoted next week when our boss visits from the states next week. prolly my roomate will be in charge from now on, thank goodness.
things at work have been very normal for a while, and I am loving it, without that woman's drama every single day. ugh!
students are awesome as usual, still loving every bit of time in class with them. I think next week i should be going off base with one of my students who wants to show me a turkmenistan store with some cool rugs. Another student , I'm trying to plan a time when he can take me to some mountains outside of kabul, will have to wait and see if that happens.
political news: karzai was shot at at the last independence day appearance, and I've heard that the snipers had guns that were sold to them from Afghans here on base. oh great!
also when he was shot at the army who was parading just dispersed instantly and ran for so they were chewed out for that.
2 humvees are missing from a US base here, not good news. also we were told the taliban supposedly has 120 rocket grenades they have our base and one in bagram as their main targets. might be an interesting summer. but seriously over all we are safe staying right here working and living on base. having each other to gripe to about it all helps. ha

Sunday, May 11, 2008

current ideas running around.......

so when am I going to be gay. i don't know what that means. Does that mean tell everyone or just get it on in bed with what I want. nothing here in this part of the world, and I guess the message really isn't getting out there since I'm on an air force base and seeing as how no one else is exactly out on this base, how would it benefit anyone knowing I was gay. ha
There is an opportunity possible to maybe stay one more year here, and I have to seriously consider my motives for doing so, not just the money which would be more than twice what I'm making now, but what I am staying away from at home. For example, although I love travelling and working overseas, I have to wonder if I'm just putting off the reality of facing my future in or out of the closet. I live in a dream world that I'll go home after a year or two and just swing back into life as normal, a little more financially stable, but still single and maybe all the family will just sort of accept I'm keeping single and am HAPPY. BUT, not true......the family of course will continue to want to set me up with a girl, or ask me about when I'm getting married, and what with me being one or two years older, all the more urgency. ha.
SO if I stay another year i could build on to my house, or build a house, and live out my Dwell magazine dreams. ha. Although even then I have to think about why build on more rooms, for who? kids? grandkids? why would I need it and who exactly do I dream is going to visit and stay over and all that? I suppose my married buds with kids would come visit which is cool. and a great room for having family over for meals would also be cool.
As of now, I am just fantasizing of the getting over 3 more months of being here. And already thinking of my plan for hitting my house, cleaning everything, and exactly how I plan to hit the yard in November in the last last days of fall, to clean it up and prepare for the next spring.
I think a LOT about how I want to meet guys when I return to the states. I aim to NOT look on the internet at all, maybe a date site, but who in OKC just wants to date, in my experience guys only want to hook it up! the bars maybe? nah, the bar types in okc are pretty fem, not my crowd, something about coming out young (maybe just in okc) makes a guy suddenly think he has to act like every gay stereotype just to prove gay is what he is. I'm not sure why...

in other news, my roomie back in okc, finally paid rent, and then he's also paying for the gas bills that added up and then June's rent by first of June.... I'll be watching carefully because some comment on his myspace mentioned him wrecking his truck and was he ok. oh great!
Also the new mil guy giving the sermons here at our weekly church at the chapel on base, well he's not my style at ALL for worship, and also he cut in the post office line in front of me to have some conversation with the guy helping me one day, and that sort of pissed me off, not that every Christian is perfect, but I just felt like I saw a bit of his real character with hime doing that.
oh yeah, my roomie here on base, I'm not disliking him as much anymore, after lots of prayer in India I decided I needed to just forgive and forget, and we are talking a lot now and getting along quite nice. In fact he's the one trying to write a contract and cut out the middle man in getting us a teaching job next year with a different division of the govt and a LOT better set up and pay.
IF we get the contract I'll have to decide, but right now my hearts set on returning in Nov to OKC for good!

tight and hot

call your mom.........

mother's day in the states today.
I already called mine from base here.