Thursday, May 08, 2008

fantastic man

i got my first issue from a new magazine sub called "fantastic man", great articles, some nice ads etc... anyway, one article was about this blog called "the sartorialist" by a photographer who takes pictures on the street of men or women because of what they are wearing, based on his love for fashion design etc... also the magazine mentions a place in NYC for Italian food, I wonder if any readers have been or heard of it? Centovini at 25 West Houston street? let me know. Next time I'm in NYC I'd like to check it out, somebody, lunch on me.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

btw way the trip was pretty awesome

I had a great time in India. It was the perfect place to get away for 5 days of leave from here since it's not far and also not expensive to pay for stuff there. I walked all over new delhi, took the metro train back and forth across town, rode in many auto rickshaws, and a few rickshaws (bicycyle only). My first day there I shopped all around Connaught Place, and ate ate some nice restaraunts, went on a tour later of a Sikh temple, the Guru Dawra Bangla Sahib. This was a temple made for a boy guru who died at 8 yrs old. in the back is a kitchen where the sikhs volunteer and make bread for the poor, so i got to roll out some bread while there while the guide took a pic of course.
next we went to some hindu temples, one for Hanaman, the monkey faced god, and then Ganesh, the elephant faced god. The night ended on the east side of Delhi at a night market full of everything, all these people out crowding the streets, and then I took an autorickshaw back home. the next day, I ran around delhi again just shopping a bit. I bought tons of souviniers, lunch at a Pizza hut, and then napped at the hotel in the heat of the afternoon. later met the guide again for a tour of the Red Fort and a Janism temple, and then some downtown old delhi markets.
My small bag did get slashed while in the crowded market streets, my camera fell out but i picked it up and lost nothing other than a hole in my back I have to fix (it was my favorite drawstring gym bag from the Tate museum in london. ha, now its got a travel scar)
Wednesday was early morning trainride to Agra, and i walked all over the Taj Majal grounds, taking tons of pics. then the Agra fort. while sitting at the Taj, a group of men came up to me and made small talk, the people really are so friendly there. they wanted to take their picture with me before leaving which was funny. So many Indian tourists see these places, and I wondered if these guys meet many Americans.
Againt he guys are beautiful, some men so handsome and lean bodied and those eyes just looking right at you. oh man. I think I have a little Sikh fetish after the train ride back, I sat next to the nicest guy in full beard and turban, and we talked about his sikhism, the history and how he doesn't cut his hair and wearing the turban is like a secons skin. All I could think of is how hot to get one in bed and have all that long black hair exposed. ha. not to mention you see many of these hot good sized sikh guys in jeans and shirts and sunglasses, and then the traditional turban. so just makes you wonder which ones are that certain 10% of the pop. ahh yeah!
Well I'm back to teaching here now and loving it as usual. if I don't count May then only 4 months left. SWEET!