Saturday, May 03, 2008

American Boy

someone tell me is this song getting play in USA? I really really like it.
so whats up? give me some comments.

Friday, May 02, 2008


the vacation was great but it's nice to get back to work here, and my own bed etc... also the heat in india was somewhat oppressive. from Wed until friday night i had a sickness of "new delhi revenge" or whatever you want to call it. I started pissing out of my dick again though last night so that is promising. also some immodium d pills last night might have helped me sleep better. I didnt eat all day wed, and then tried little on thursday,and nothing all day friday, just downed water all day long. I did have breakfast this morning and will go to work and see how it goes from there.
brought a bunch of stuff back and took TONS of pictures. I'll get back to blogging and posting soon once i get my energy back.

Monday, April 28, 2008

awesome India

at some point during my guided tour tonight I realized I needed a new word besides awesome, i heard myself keep saying that.
Excellent time here so far, today I ran around connaught circle and shopped and had a great lunch. it wasn't a very touristy start to my stay here, but you got to realize that getting back into civilization is itself so refreshing, the freedom to walk around and go here or there and sit down and eat... oh so nice.
very cool Indian store called "wills lifestyles". and so many workers in each store willing to help help help.
found the metro, ran around a bit, saw many things, men hold hands here and it's so interesting.
my guided tour tonight consisted of a Sikh temple, Hindu temple, auto rickshaw rides everywhere, and a night market in the middle class part of town. I was bartering something down to 110 rupees and thought bad on the way home when I remembered that was less than $3!! ha. more later, good week to all, I'll be busy on leave here in great New Delhi.