Saturday, April 26, 2008

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

well if finally heard from the roomie!
he's been travelling with his job a lot, and emailed on myspace to say he'd leave the last two months rent on the table so my parents can come and get it. sweet deal! This way my dad can check on the ceiling repair and the basement for rain water. also he mowed. ha

anyway, in other news spring break has begun, all the teachers are ready to get out of here, one today and the inadequate team "leader" on Saturday. I'm leaving Monday for 4 days in Delhi India. I've booked hotel and will practice pack this weekend ahh yeah!

They have an air show and parade here on Sunday for some independence day deal. so most Affgghan military will be busy with all that so the US guys will stay away and on base, because it could be unsafe and a target etc etc. So we don't have students for about a week either. we gave them some days off after the independence day stuff. Can you imagine keeping track of independence days if you were in this country, independence from who and whats the date, lets see free from the russians? taliban? mujuhadeen? druglord number one or two? International occupation as of now? of course then you have the entire history of the world here before all that.

in other local news, the students were upset all day Tuesday because the price of a bag of flour went up from 1800 to 2800 in one day, which is $60 a bag, and keep in mind the pilots salary is $200 a month. so for the poor people it's even worse. there was not enough rain in march for wheat crops here, and also they stopped the smuggling of flour from pakistan. Good luck with this one, Karzai!

Monday, April 21, 2008

few more hotties...........

another break coming up.........

I bought a plane ticket... ah yeah! India bound. it will be short trip, just enough to see some sites around delhi, and then the taj majal. but overall, great to get out of here and see some new parts of the world.... I guess that's why I took the job in the first place.
man the months can't pass quick enough here for anyone, military included.
the new batch of troops here are still getting into adjusting to living here, and the last group had a 6 month deployment and this group has a year deployment so it just looks so long off.
That and the way everything goes so slowly, the different culture for one thing and trying to get the locals thinking American way and not the local way etc etc etc.... blah.
and then the food, or troubles at home, or something another makes it all seem to last all the longer here.... ugh.
My roomie in OKC does not email me back at all about this month and last months rent, 3 times I've tried, and he's dumb enough to keep logging into myspace, which shows when he last was online, and he's not reading the email I sent him on myspace. got me man, have no idea what the deal is, but I hope to resolve it quick or get him the heck out of myhouse somehow. who knows.
I'm going to call him on my cell phone tomorrow morning which is his evening. lets hope he answers.
gay news? none here, I'm still going to the church on base and have made a nice set of friends to sit with at meals. a major, a captain, and a tech sgnt. all very cool, so its good to have a reg group of guys to hang with etc... still have no idea who's gay on this base, I say hello to guys walking by all the time but big deal, and the gym is still wonderful, full of belgian paratroopers and others pumpin away in them tight outfits..... ahh yeah..
anyway, all good and ready for another adventure coming up in a week.