Saturday, April 19, 2008

is the moon out tonight?

almost ready for another trip

got the visa to visit India, now i have to find the right plane ticket. I'm thinking about 5 days will be enough. We have upaid leave here so i hate to miss too many days off the paycheck.

everything going well enough here on base. gym is excellent as ever, everyone in shape, all ages, very euro, etc
If only these guys realized what a great kisser I am. among other oral skils of course, but man just to kiss on someone. I'll take it, drink some, loosen up, make out, mack as we said in college.

On another completely different note. Today is April 19th, and it is the 13th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. 168 innocent lives suddenly taken away. It sort of sucks growing up I was just from Oklahoma, now people will ask "isn't that where they had the bombing....etc" But it's good to remember and honor the victims. So feel free anyone to comment if you have any "i remember where i was that day" stories.

A reader asked about what websites for overseas here. well let me tell you I'm still searching and have an ad up and have only connected with one usa dude here on base who wasn't my type, and then another italian guy who'd like to meet me but he's on another base. anyway, slim pickens. but if you email me I'll hook ya up with the name of the site etc..

Thursday, April 17, 2008

sup weekend....

left with a student this morning who drove me to the Indian embassy in town and I turned in my passport for a travel visa, now I'll go back this afternoon to pick it up... another student will find me at the gate later and take me over there and back.

After the embassy he took me all over, all around the city showing me where different ministries of this or that were in the city, where things used to be, where he went to school etc..
  • the best thing was seeing the old destroyed palace on the outside of town, and then we went to the national History Museum here. took some pictures and saw some artifacts that were all mostly repaired after destroyed by the last regime. was all good though.
  • also you may notice the guys on bikes above two are holding hands..... ahhh

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sunday, April 13, 2008


so I woke up this morning from a dream about this guy from college.
he was the one bromance sort of deal i had in college. where i was so into the dude but didn't think at the time it was a gay thing. we worked at the same walmart job so we ended up hanging out together all the time either just us, or with our group of buds. He lived off campus with a bunch of our friends and also was from the same town so we'd hang out at his folks house a lot too.
anyway, he was sort of the happy go lucky jock type, tall, built more like a baseball dude. had some hungarian and mixed indian blood in him , dark hair, tanned well, huge bulge in his crotch. but as many times I'd crash at his place,...;.. never saw it. i think he was sort of self conscious about being hung, he couldn't hide it in the cotton gym shorts he'd have on sometimes. yeah I noticed.
we both liked kid stuff, like cartoons on tv, or video games at walmart, we double dated girls sometimes, went to bible studies together, got teased of fighting like a dating couple, you know how guys get always hanging together. it's awesome.
well last night, in my dream, I was with some guys, this one guy, my first "bud" in okc from online (the guy who came over the night my roomie moved in etc....) well him and another dude, and we were hanging out, and eventually they were changing clothes as if we were getting ready to go somewhere, and at one point naked, well in walkd my college buddy, and he's naked in the bathroom, and then the 2 guys were going off after he turned down the hall about how huge he was, and it was just funny in my dream there he was same guy in the buff and my imagination didn't let me down. dang what a dream, totally out of nowhere. so this is the blog for that sort of thing.

I'm going off base to the India embassy tomorrow morning with a student who has a taxi. I'm excited to get the visa and then buy plane tickets and get my delhi travels all planned up! ahh yeah.
Namaskarum!! to all.