Saturday, March 29, 2008

tied down to reality of work again.......

it was difficult to get off the plane friday. ha

vacation had ended and i was back here ready to get my things and walk back across the runway to base. had an excellent time in Dubai, i walked around the city all day and did some shopping. There are so many hot dark skinned guys in dubai all over. dang it all. i did NO research before going on my trip because I wasn't sure if I'd stay in dubai or not, but I ended up having an extra day there to get a visa at the consulate to return here.

anyway, no internet there for anything gay, it is all blocked completely.

i have now looked online and find out everything is underground, but they do have a nice all mens beach in dubai and a very alive gay scene, but you have to know people and find out where to go. I'm ready for next time serious.

more posts soon about my trip and hopefully some interesting pics.

for now it's good to be back to work, and I saw the students yesterday and subbed for a class, one of my former students gave me a hug when he saw me back.

Oh yeah, about 30 new US guys on base since I've been away, going to be smiling and introducing myself for a while, I have an awful habit of intitiating a handshake and hello with the hottest new guys, and the not so hot guys I think I let them initiate the hello and introduction. I thought about that last night when I sat down for dinner at the mess hall and immediately said hello to the hot new US guy sitting next to me. maybe its natural but i decided i should be just as friendly to any new person. ha

hot guys in the states........

Friday, March 28, 2008

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sup!! from Istanbul.........

Thıs ıs by far the best place to vısıt on the Amerıcan dollar. and the men! damn! seroıus
well anyway, hello agaın blog. ı couldn,t post from Romanıa because my bud has a Mac and I have no ıdea how to erase sıngle ıtem hıstory on there. ha
( bear wıth me thıs keyboard ıs ın Turkısh),
I had a great tıme ın ROmanıa although İ,ll have a lot more to say later posts about the people there.
So now I am ın Istanbul, arrıved today after lunch and walked all over the old part of town, tomorrow wıll goto the embassy for a vısa to get back ınto afghanö then I am payıng for a guıded tour of the cıty. Oh yeah also today I went to a Turkısh bath for a wash and massage, nothıng erotıc but very very cool..........ahhhhh
Ok jsut a quıck update post, wıll have the blog up and runnıng agaın soon when I return, tomorrow nıght I,ll be flyıng to Dubaı from 11pm to 6 am and then all day ın Dubaı and one hotel stay, and then back to the grınd Frıday.... ugh