Saturday, February 23, 2008

Friday, February 22, 2008

anyone have porn pet peeves.......?

just thought I'd ask, i mean actually, i never hardly ever even bother with anyone porn, what with so much suring to do online, interesting youtube videos, news pages, sports pages to keep up with, weather, family, friends, other blogs, chatting online etc... well who has time? ha, actually i'm not in my room much alone to bother but there are times...and so I thought I'd post about some things I consider lame, of course opinions will be as different as what we like to see in porn. anyway;

1. when they suddenly look at the camera and look back, I mean obviously there are guys in the room filming stuff, they even get in the frame, i mean who cares, but when the guy is bored enough to look around the room can throw me off.
2. when they laugh or giggle, also throws the whole mood, (does not include actual "backstage" type footage)
3. idiotic set ups sometimes get my nerves, like this one of two guys "boxing" but one has a glove and the other some sort of cushion on his hand and they are both naked and hard and sort of punching and fake kicking? whatever, just take it off, settle down and get down to business. wrestling videos and all are hot, dressed sports activity getting each other undress good, but who boxes naked
4. I can't get into guys that are completely uncomfortable getting blown for money, if he's uncomfortable, I'm uncomfortable, not my thing. Although many of us have that "str8 boy" type fetish, I guess it feeds some sort of "any str8 boy can be had for a price", but sorry, I'm only into it if YOU"re into it and WANTING it. otherwise I'm not interested. A lot of the "str8" guys in porn most likely are not, but there are some you can seriously see jsut need the money. Its pretty depressing, same as some one prostituting for money or drugs, no i don't want to watch. or hear about it........There was this rich guy in Austin many years ago, we went to his house for a new years lunch, and he was going on about lawn boy how he finally convinced him to come inside and let the guy blow his dick without his dentures in, of course offering a lot more than the usual pay for lawn service. WHy is that something to be proud of is beyond me.

and lastly, this not a peeve, just saying have you ever noticed in latin porn, a woman walking in and discovering the guys fully going at it , I've seen it a few times now and think it must be some fetish or secret fear among the latin culture, just a guess.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I'm also really digging this song..........

click the pic etc...

as letterman would say....."is it something?"

they have been playing this song on the dutch radio lately a lot. And so now it's sort of caught onto me and I like it. ha. anyway, sounds really like it's from the 80's dance clubs or something, and then I see this video and the video is also looking like some cheesy 80's video. ha ha. and the make up on that girl, dang you'd swear it was drag queen.
anyway, I do like this song, thought I'd share, anyone getting down on the dance floor to this one?

while in the you ever......

this post is actually about arm hair. sometimes while in the shower shampooing and conditioning, I start rubbing a bit on my arm hair. Top of my forearms are sort of hairy, so I figure why not soften it up a bit. anyway, i thought that was sort of strange, and then I though i bet there is someone else out there who's done the same thing at point or another. ha
tonight at the dinner, italian buddy give me a smile and wink... killing me dude!
Sad news they are out in a week, back to italy, apparently the italians only stay 3 months.
and some belgiums were telling that all the belgiums here will be replaced in the next week and a half. ahh so sad, but then again a lot of new faces to check out in the crowd. THey were telling me that the new group won't speak much English because they are all from the French speaking part of Belgium, let's hope they're kidding.
I started searching plane fairs tonight for Romania. I have a friend living there with his wife, so that's my first choice after getting out of here.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

gym inspiration...........take that shirt OFF.

I'm shocked, SHOCKED to find.........

can anyone name the film?.....

man i know he's just italian and not gay, but does the dude have to smile that big grin and wink at me when we say hello or wave at the gym?? gee whiz str8 dude, turn off the flirt/charm once in a while... .please. ha
anyway, things at gym are good, the bigger of the two italians I've always spoke of, well he speaks spanish so we have some cool conversations, and the other one who winks at me, although they both have from time to time (what is up!), well he's the one more than willing to give workout adivice so asked him about the back part of my shoulder today, and he showed me somethings, and was like touching my shoulder and rubbing it everytime he mentioned it. ha
I also wanted to mention there is quite the euro fashion show going on at the gym these days, the two italian guys every now and then show up in matching shirts, one is white the other is black and where one is black and yellow the other is white, etc...
and then there are two icelandic big broad guys, who wear striped tighty Diesel shirts, one grey andblack and the other red and black, and then there are the two french twinky dudes who wear yellow workout shirts and black spandex type shorts. ha, now you know...
and my new italian crush with the grin that I mentioned way back, his name is Cucinello, he's str8 and just fun to talk to because of his dancing eyebrows... oh man.
I'm considering doing the spinning classes here every now and then instead of run on the treadmill all the time.

Monday, February 18, 2008

pose for the pic....!

musical numbers

damien rice, cannonball and the blower's daughter...... ahh doesn't get nicer than that. well maybe Kings of convenience. been listening to my ipod tonight at my desk. Did I ever post about my ipod purchases? I have two ya know, one 80g ipod, and a little silver clippy shuffle. I got them before coming over here, and loaded up all my cd's. so i use them in my room, and in my classroom, and the shuffle I use at the gym. here are the songs currenly on my shuffle that I am rocking out to doing abs and running or lifting. ha; ( quotes are CD titles, and I'm putting in bold the songs I especially like to me on while I'm lifting or running and get me GOING)

Aaron Soul - Soundclash
Air - Sexy Boy, how does it make you feel?
Aluminum group - Rrose Selavy's Valise
Basement Jaxx- Romeo
Bjork - Violenly happy
Bole 2 harlem - Home
Company - My junk, touch me, I believe
Corner shop - brimful of asha
Daft Punk - Aerodynamic
DJ Pied piper & the ceremony masters - Do you really like it
Embrace - Gravity
Erasure - Rain, Take me back
Everything but the girl - "Walking wounded"
Fairground attraction - Find my love
Franz ferdinand - Take me out, Dark of the matinee, Michael
Spring awakening soundtrack - mamma who bore me, the bitch of living, I believe, purple summer
I'm from Bercelona - "Let me introduce my friends"
Jimmy eat world - Bleed american
Kaiser cheifs - Everyday I love you less and less, I predict a riot, and "Yours truly, angry mob"
Killers - Mr. Brightside
The Kooks - "inside in/ inside out"
malcolm McLaren - Something's jumping in your shirt
Miriam Makeba - Back of the moon
Modjo- lady
Pet shop boys - Being boring, bet she's not your girlfriend, Email
Peter Bjorn and John - Young folks
Pizzicato Five - magic carpet ride
postal service - The district sleeps alone tonight
S club 7 - Dont stop movin'
Scissor sisters - Comfortably numb, mary
Stereo total - "music automatique"
Strokes - take it or leave it
They might be giants - birdhouse in your soul, istanbul
Tribalistas - passe em casa

well there you have it, someone comment and tell me you are my soulmate and have all the same cd's in your music collection. I can honestly say i've never downloaded one song, and have all these cds. ha. are there any songs you also ROCK OUT to at the gym? or a song you've never heard of before, or a cd you thought you were the only person that owned it? a song that is so gay? or a song that you don't like? feel free to comment.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

bingo was his name o

few more pics of kabul. I can't take credit for the last two, I gave a student a camera last weekend to take home, and got some actually pics off base for a change. I'll try to share some of 'em on the blog here, but sorry no undressed guys in the pics. ha I have to say thanks to the tall young belgium dude last night at the hollandhouse. a bar here on base. I signed up to play bingo. only 250 biingo boards and it's always packed, and what I heard was right, place was full of 250 belgiums, other countries etc etc, and americans and the cafeteria guys (nepalese) and we're all playing bingo, they call out the numbers in English then in French. ha. 9 rounds, and 3 winners each round, and then each winner rolls a dice and there are 2 "lucky" winners depending on board number. anyway, the way I figure that's almost a one in three chance of winning. the prizes are like hard drives and m3p players etc... stuff like that. it was fun to hang out but I didn't win, anyway, the Belgiums are allowed to drink , so thanks to the guy at the portajohn outside who opened the door to talk to his buds in line next and there i am in the other line with a perfect side view of his big ole dick hand out as he facing the side of the wall where the urinal part is. thanks big guy, nice show.