Friday, February 08, 2008

Are you sad to lose Heath or Ennis Delmar ?

I receive email updates from this gay Spanish site,, and i thought this was an interesting article to share with readers ( sorry if you don't understand Spanish, but perhaps readers have already heard similar posts). basically it speaks of the tragedy of the death of a young great actor, but then it asks about the gay culture and blog work responding to Ledgers death, and asks, was it his acting or was it the character of ennis that they are mourning. would love to hear anyone's comments...

and speaking of gay spanish websites. here are some pics of an underwear ad, and
mr gay universe .....were yo aware around the world they were consideing men's hair dyed red fashionable? 2 of my students her ein Afghanistan had dyed RED hair when we came here. it has since grown out and they had it cut etc etc...

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does she know he's gay...

they play this song a lot on the dutch radio here, i like the song , but the video is a little much,.. ha
still damn shes hot with that accent

insert them from MASH here.......

is it a fact or not that most guys after ejaculating, their dick goes soft? I'm asking because I've always been opposite. afterwards i stay hard for a while, and I'm wondering if anyone else is the same. For example after I take care of some extra business in the shower here on base, it can be difficult to quickly towell off and throw on my pajama pants before heading back to my room because I'm waiting to go soft and relaxed. I'm not saying it's rock hard at attention, but it's definitely hard and not going away anytime soon. ha. In bed I can just fall asleep at night but after a shower I'd like to walk back to my room withoutt some boner showing through my pants. ha. anyway, jsut thought I'd ask if anyone else stays hard after, which I think is against the norm.

now that I have your attention.... no other news here on base, a lot of the same ole, work, mess hall, work, gym, mess hall. you get the idea. although each day at the gym is better and better. I'm still taking glutamine tabs which I swear work wonders for me. And I am considering maybe getting some creatine just to bump it up to a "whole nother level" not sure yet.

Did I mention i had a wool/silk blend suit made at the base? I am thinking about also having a wool overcoat made when i go back. there just HAS to be some USA guys on that base needing some attention, we are getting 50 new USA guys here on this base in our barracks, so my radar is up and on and ready...... nothing picked up yet other than this solid dude in the showers i said hi to and welcome to the base, while he was towelling up and I was brushing my teeth... mmm.

was up early yesterday morning watching the superbowl. i wasn't for any particular team, although I was sort of rooting for the Patriots. hope everyone had some fun finding a place to watch the game.