Thursday, January 10, 2008

my weekend

yes I am an English teacher. ha. but i do type really fast sometimes and just let it go without an edit. but i hear ya on the comment. the other day, i was typing after just waking up with the laptop on my stomach sort of sitting in bed. also, i have to tell ya, on these Acer laptop, the keyborad SUCKS, or maybe its the mousepad. but one false move and the cursor is jumping all over the place. I've learned to keep my hands completely up in the air as I'm typing. but in bed that is difficult, so i didn't bother checking errors.

also hey K, man you are hot. i have now web cam chatted with two bloggers. MJ and K.
from kabul to NYC to CA. ahh yeahh.

I also had some good chat time with JR the other day, and i started talking a bunch of crap about what is gay or not and what I am or not.... UGH, well thanks for listening JR, but man you asking those scary facing reality check questions. and that's all right because yeah I need to MOVE!! and get life going ON!!

great blog posts lately and I'm discovering some new ones as well/. which is cool. got plenty of time to read 'em over here.
had a Great conversation with the 2 friends of the hot ass belgium guy at the mess hall last night. right after he got up and left ( the three of them were sitting next to me) I started talking to his two buds and we sat for an hour talking away. was funny, all the views of America they have bases on michael moore, the news, and mtv. ha
hope all are having a good weekend.

the guy in shorts

take a pic...........maybe someday.......(chest and arms day!)

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

good tuesday
I had to take another teacher's class of 9 in with my 5 students. I wasn't thrilled at first but we were in the same book, so turned out wasn't so bad. i had all 14 quiet and listening while i carried on and had them repeating and reading. the best part was during the breaks many of the students said, we prefer your class, "you are very strong teaching". (quoting their English)
so that was encouraging because Im all about my job here right now, and also 'cause i don't like the other teacher I was subbing for, ha.
Anyway, couldn't have been more motivating. 4 students asked to leave early because the snow is deep in the mountain where they live 19 kilometers south from the school.
i also met a student showing me pictures of rugs he designed so i think I'll have him make one for me before oct.
wednesday class will be like me Friday because we dont on Thurs or Fri, thats like our weekend, which is why you see me online chatting those days more...

Monday, January 07, 2008

you've got a gay...............

almost out in tally is BACK, although he's going to be almost out in DC soon , ha.
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KABBUL weather report

walking back from the gym
like rain snow falls fast in the light of the streetlamps
appearing out of the nothingness of a dark night
veiwed through the faux fur ring on the hood of my parka.
snow falls and
postal service beep bimp beeping in my ear
electronic click click and clap
an energy of sound only I can hear
the base rests calm in white
at peace in a land dying for such true calm to fall.