Wednesday, September 03, 2008


well it's definitely getting closer which is COOL.
I booked a room at the sheraton dubai creek hotel in Dubai which I'll get reimbursed for so that is very exciting, we end up having one full day in Dubai before the plane leave at 1 am the next morning. I am looking all over online to decide just what to do with my day, mostly I plan to shop around, then go to the west side of the creek and hit another mall and possible Jumeriah beach if possible... ah yeah!
I've mailed several boxes home, so far $176 worth. and then we had to send our body armour by DHL to the hotel in GA where we'll be staying briefly. I'm doing some final packing today of stuff I can get out of the way, and then I want to live the next week on just what I'm taking with me in the suitcase. well actually I'll be buying a few more rugs to mail home, I want to try and sell a few on Ebay and take advantage of the us post office here on base for shipping cheaper to the US. I've also been looking at some black diamonds for $350 a karat, as a gift for next mother's day, unless there's some other woman in my life by then... nah j/k.
other good travel news, is my bud in Austin is considering meeting me in Paris next month. That would be AWESOME, my travel plans are still on for October after 2 weeks of getting my house taken care of and everything out of storage and a weekend in ARkansas to see my college buddies there. I'll be going to non stop once I get out of this place. but I thrive on that sort of pace usually, ha.

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Mike said...

It is hard to believe your time there is almost over!