Monday, August 18, 2008

Embedding disabled by request

i wanted to post this video youtube clip but instead I'll just put a link;
it's a song called Happy, by the Navigators. it's the sort of thing stand up move forward blog would post. "I'm happy cause I know that I'm me myself and I'm free......."
I've been thinking a lot about getting back home in a few months and I'm developing a theory of my "3rd life". I want to somehow make it different than when I left, without getting into the same old routines of work and family and gym and always alone. So I'm goin to start giving it some thoughts about goals and directions and all that for when I get back to good ole okc.
I doubt it means coming out or anything, in fact this could be the closet blog that doesn't plan on coming out ever, but be patient, ya never know.
oh yeah, my "2nd life" would be the one after college when I left to teach in Central America and then returned to okc and bought a house, taught public school, and got my masters degree.
no telling what might be next. hope all had a good weekend. I was off all day today for one of the Independence days here, this one was from England.


borg_queen said...

England celebrates independence? From whom?

Adam said...

Is there an imposter blog out there on which I need to call the trademark office to have them shut down. lol (standstraightandstepforward) too funny!!!! And I'm with you, I can't stand those "embedding disabled by requests." I've had some good songs that I couldn't add.

Anyway, and as you know, it took me a very looooooooong time so I would definitely encourage you to take the time to reflect on your return to OKC. If and when you feel the time is right I think you will definitely know it. And as you said, "ya never know." Be safe!