Saturday, March 15, 2008

ready, set,......................go

so here is everything I'm bringing, and then everything packed, and then what I'm wearing on the plane. I know there must be fellow travelers who'd get a kick out of what I'm trying to take for 10 days in one carry-on. basically a pair of khakis, black jeans, blue jeans, grey jeans worn on the plane. my Nike shoes, medium shoes, medium slip on, and sanuk slipons on the plane. 2 polo shirts, good supply of tighty t-shirts, optional worn over long sleeve thermal if cool out. my button up green jacket, and element jacket for the plane. 3 pairs of socks and boxers I can wash during trip (stuffed in shoes), one long sleeve shirt, and one light sweater. you might notice the box of chocolate and pot holder I'm bringing as gifts. also the sunglasses for trip and the plane, and then cameras and ipod. the carry-on is the Porter bag I bought myself last summer, and the smaller bag is to keep electronics and magazines while I'm sitting on the plane. one of my favorite things, a pullstring backpack I got at the Tate art museum in 2001.
also a small bag of bathroom articles. hopefully I won't think of anything else to bring in the next two days. Monday is coming SOON, can't wait.


Mike said...

I like the shoes, especially those blue slip ons. HAHA


Anonymous said...

Wow - I'm impressed that you can get that much into that little tote.

Chup-Chup said...

i took 16kg in my suit case to my trip to madrid last week...and came back with 22kg...i admire u can take just the essentials :)

Fancy Pants said...

Silly boy. I was in NYC visiting Tiger and I brought 1 pair of pants and 2 shirts . . . of course, I knew I could wear all his clothes while I was there, and that was half the fun, you know, like "um, can I wear your clothes cuz I didn't bring any." Like I needed an excuse. Anyway. You can ship all those clothes to Texas anytime you want. I need a new wardrobe and it needs to look like that. :)