Thursday, February 28, 2008

barrack showers........

the showers are right across from the sinks and mirrors, so some guys will dry off showers closed, some just open it , grab the towell and start drying off. depends on the dudes, anyway, usually not a full house, only a few at a time in their any given time, usually before breadfast, dinner ( after gym ), or before bed. I thought somebody might like to see the barracks shower and think up some ideas of some fun in there. ha.


Only Mark said...

So I totally read the title of that post as Barack (as in Obama) Showers. Needless to say I was really confused for a minute.

Guess I need to take a break from all this election hoopla, haha!

W said...

You leave nothing to the imagination huh? Any steamy shower sex or community jerk off sessions?

It's just like a dorm bathroom.