Sunday, January 13, 2008

good day more or less...

no one in the gym, all the euros sort of take the day off.
i worked shoulders and back for more than an hour. great.

I heard from a friend in kosovo, he send me some websites, and i joined one to check around europe
there are actually 10 profiles in kabul, i found one guy already at a different base here in Kabul.
and then only one other Italian guy who comes to this base now and then, so not much point there. but he had a nice profile and pic.

I've recieved some emails about how to look at guys at the gym. I'm not sure what they are talking about, but apparently noticing who other guys are watching or if they grab their crotch?
hey, that's my sign!! ha ha
anyway, I don't noticed anything, and the Italians at the gym are constantly adjusting and this one muscle guys touches his buddy constantly during every work out, I mean let the guy work out some and then spot on the last few!! come on! .ha
oh and since euro dudes wear the spandex a lot, then they constantly sort of pull at their crotch anyway. ha

still any advice on what to look for at the gym on base, go for it. I'm listening.

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Rick said...

wait, don't they have facebook there??