Wednesday, December 31, 2008

more bulge on guys, happy new year

get into position for the new year....

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

last weekend...

I thought i'd leave a bit more of a post about dallas.
got down there Friday night and met my bud and his date at Grapevine on Maple and oaklawn. It's quite an awesome laid back place. such a mix of guys and people, and they have an oudoor basketball court in the back and I've always loved the laid back groovy feel of that place. I ran into a guy from Duncan that I knew many years ago when I was in college and went out to some bars in okc with my gf, and i remember he and his friends would go out wearing all black and I reminded him of it. ha
next they wanted to show me a place called zippers. this is a bar without about 6 ro more male dancers on various stages dancing around and guys drinking and ooogling and tipping. was also a fun random stop for a friday. itipped about 5 single to this younger guy who was a little twinky dude that looked like david beckham actually, but he cracked me up that he kept watching himself in the mirror behind him in the corner while dancing.
saturday, slept in and had some breakfast,then had some good times getting out running errands in dallas, PF wanted to go by an electronic store for a printer and I was shopping VCRs and he was so cute walking away when I started talking to some random strangers at the store about VCRs. ahhh good ole PF. next we went to mockingbird square so I could shop some clearance sale action at West Elm store, yup it was that gay. and we checked out urban outfitters and some other shops, then his bud from the nigth before met us there and we had lunch at a mexican restaurant called Margarita grill. hung out talking at his place next, then he worked saturday night, so I went up to Ikea and shopped around, then later met him downtown. I went to Mickeys and had some beers, met another ESL teacher and was talking away and forgot to walk over to PF work by 11. so he started walking to meet halfway and we were at the Roundup the rest of the night. ( i got the esl teacher's number)
ran into a hot muscly latin guy I met 2 years ago new years in OKC, he might be in okc this week so we traded numbers again, and then sort of talked to guys and walked around the bar most of the evening, drinking beers. at one point flirting with this big tall buy behind me at the bar, and he was playing with my rear later, and then talking to me, and then introducing me to his bf later and asking me over for a 3way later. but by then I was drinking bottles of water to sober up before driving home. PF had left before me to visit his bud. went home and crashed. SUnday, PF ceom home and we catch up some more, then go out to a street near highland park with all these fun stores, he showed me some cool modern furniture stores there, and we ate at a cool diner type drugstore and then shopped some stocking stuffers for his kids. great weekend and back to OKC, great drive, I look forward to getting down a few more times this spring.

Monday, December 29, 2008

too much fun

dan does dallas... ha

not really, just had a lot of fun.
went out with okc bud now a bonafide dallas resident, knowing all the hot guys and places in town.
PF and I had a really great time, and there ain't no one better to chill with, he's so laid back and cool and we can completely discuss the same things with actual interest. it rocked.
He's got a hottie bud down there he's sort of not for sure dating as of now. we went out saturday night to some clubs ending up at round up and I got some great great looks and about 3 phone numbers for no reason since I"m not from there, and the guy playing with my ass for a while at the crowded bar was nice. meeting his boyfriend and getting invited over later was also exciting. but nah, good ole dan went home alone just as satisfied to get out and have some drinks and even caught up with some guys I know from okc at the bar. that was cool
hope everyone is enjoying the break.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

to texas with love


came to Texas tonight to visit good ole Passing Fancy (link at right).
went to a gay bar with a date he had tonight and am now about to crash!
Was an awesome night meeting some guys he knows in the city at a few bars and flirting a bit with some guys talking to us, and also yeah, some dancers, ha.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


about last sunday night...

well I had a pretty good movie date so to speak.
the guy A. came over w/ the dvd of love guru which wasn't great but just light and funny enough for a rental. we watched the movie and did the usual move closer together on the couch eventually rubbing arms and legs etc... then after the movie made out for 2 hours then he went home. well after the first hour our shirts came off, then pants down to briefs. was a good time and i kept going after the panther tattoo on his area above the waist on the right... ha
I'm going to call him tomorrow before leaving for dallas, we spoke of getting together again but I'm not really into it. I want someone more educated and working and stable I've decided, even though he was really nice and tall and tight swimmers build etc. I don't think my type overall.

in other news,

MERRY Christmas everyone!
enjoy the holidays and have a great weekend, get out and do something, see someone, remember a friend or family member, and talk about Christmases past if you can't be with family or have nothing planned. This can be a hard time of year to get through, I know I hate it sometimes, but I do have family near to keep me busy and in company. but sometimes I consider how I prefer being overseas at CHristmas since my life is not moving on like the rest of the family, I guess that means all the kids and sometimes nothing to talk about. I don't want to become some bitter single guy. I was thinking of that on the way to my family's last night, but I have to say after arriving I had a BLAST with the neice and nephews after dinner. ahhh

Sunday, December 21, 2008

group pic

happy holidaze to me....

had an excellent time at the party last night. big Christmas party these guys host apparently every year at some big house northside of town. tons of people there, I had a few drinks and talked to guys I knew, and tried to play it cool meeting a few new guys there. blah.... so yeah, I'm catching with some people and walking upstairs and back downstairs, and giving my buddy I'm there with a hard time, because this guy he is sort starting to date was there, but separately so I'm all teasing the both of them all night. ha
anyway, this guy I've known for a while from my gym was there and suddenly while at the food table, I turn around and get introduced to this guy A. , taller than me about 6'2 and tight tight body and sort of scruffy face and black glasses, says he's studying education or something.. i dunno, but we talked a while and finally I walked away and told him I wanted to see him before he left the party, and he said definitely.
so I'm walking around in and out of this crowd and mingling blah blah..later I'm in the pool room where there's another bar, and talking to some guys I know from okc a while back,(this HOT HOT guy I met a couple years ago, and maybe you remember we went on a date to the lebonese festival a few years ago??? well anyway him, tall dark so handsome with beard last night, and with his bf, they've been dating a year and a half, so I was telling him hey, you know and how HOT he is, and congrats on his bf etc etc. all that, was fun, and he was smiling the whole time.) well I eventually notice A has made it back to the same room and cross the room when I see him alone, and we start talking the rest of the night patting each other here and there, hanging on him a bit here and there (cause I'm drinking) and some guy keeps telling us how good we look blah blah, and I we tell each other numbers at one point, and then I tell him at one point that I want to kiss him before he leaves, and after a while we end up outside the back door for a second making out, and then back inside cause its SUPER cold outside, and then about that time my buds are ready to head out (it was 2 am by then and we'd been there since 8:30.. ha) so we bail, and we talk about A coming over, he calls me when I get back to my place and we talk some and decide for him NOT to come over because I got up early this morning etc...
he IS coming over tonight to hang out and watch some tv, and I'm super excited to see how it goes, actually meeting a guy and talking and stuff and taking it slow is new to me.. ha that sounds bad. ALso he's a churchy dude like me, and he was in the coast guard for 4 years, and he seems really smart and normal, so maybe make a new friend at least.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

School of Seven.......


man I've gotten my energy back the last few days and went to run and work out bi's today at the gym and then ran around the mall with a friend tonight and had a full day, was kind of cool just to get out of the house for a change after all week working on boxes and stuff. oh man, also today was a foggy drizzly december day that just feels awesome, dark and grey and cramped feeling outside following a few harsh biting freezing windy days... was nice. also the glow of the Christmas lights on my street in the grey haze all good.
also caught up with a married college bud who lives in town, went to his house with some lunch and caught up and am going to do his landscaping this summer on his house and it's in a nice part of town, so my chance to really do my best and see if he gets any comments on it. cant wait.
the cooly cool deal is he has an uncle and aunt living in barcelona for a long time and they may have some contacts for Englsih language schools I could apply at. that would be awesome, more news as it comes.
I also chatted w/ buddy passing fancy and confirmed I'd drive down to big D for the weekend before new years, I can't wait to search for a showing of "slumdog millionaire" while there, if not then at least the "gran torino" movie, those are top on my list to see.
I"m getting more and more comfortable and in the mood for Christmas, more things settled into my house, almost everything out of storage, and the Christmas party this weekend I plan to drink a few and have some fun and just try to meet some people. Merry Christmas all , i hope y'all are enjoying the holidays.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

keep posing...

coming out at Christmas.... (not me)

alone at of cons.

not really I'll have all my family here in okc to get together with all day here in okc. and my austin buddy well be in town and staying with his family and one night at my house to cuddle up with (non sexual completely, we are best buds only). but what I'm talking about is another year of not going driving around to see lights with anyone special, no walking around the mall saying we should get this or that for so and so, no going with each other to some party and meeting new and interesting people who say what a great couple we are, no one to sit and do nothing with while watching tv with the christmas tree lights glowing somewhere in the room, no kids around that's for sure. well theses are things I IMAGINE it might be like for those seriously dating or married. I dunno. but Christmas time is definitely a time when these things come to mind another year without, and i bet thats hard for a lot of single guys, straight or gay, but especially closet dudes, I guess the closet dudes that are already married have the business of Christmas to keep them going with the companionship and tradition and family, but the single ones, i think its more likely difficult. now that i think about it there are a lot of guys completely out of the closet but maybe not at home, or its not discussed at home so they may feel alone even thought with family at Christmas. This CHristmas will be better than usual for me since I missed it last year, I'm enjoying just being home, and listening to music and turning on my lights outside on the house at night and off in the morning. ALso I'll be visiting over at my parents more next week than usual cause I want to spend as much time with my aunt who lives in town since she's so old.l that's something i promised myself I'd do while overseas last year. Also I get to set all the table decorations for Christmas day at my folks place, i know how gay, but what can I say, I have a knack. ha

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

more gymspiration....long as they're hungry after the workout...

playing doctor

I've had a sick throat for a few days, so today I'm seriously nursing it with gargling salt water and taking lots of vitamin c. I might take a decongestant here in a minute, it's that sort from a sore throat, i always get this sinus drainage gunk thing and have get a sore throat. I've had strept before and it doesn't hurt to swallow so I know it's just due to the pressure. anyway, I'm moving around and getting things done in my place, but I'm worried about going to a big CHrismtas shape in top form this saturday night! HA.
so tomorrow I may try and see a doctor, but since I know longer have copay insurance at the moment, I'm looking online to see if taking soe leftover vioxx will help, or i am also thinking about all the doxycyclene that the military gave me, and maybe start taking that for a week or two, i think it's an thing is for sure, I'm about to eat lunch, and I'm so glad it's starve a fever, FEED a cold. ahh yeah

UPDATE: ran at the gym 4K, and sat in the steamroom, greasy mexican food chicken chimichangas for dinner, and took a 12 hour drixoral, and am feeling a lot better....

Jeff de Bruges chocolate

I've been wanting to post for a while about this chocolate. I've bought a few boxes of chocolate from one of their stores while in Paris for Christmas gifts and brought a few bags home of the ones I liked and have been treating myself to one every few days until they're gone....
This store was on the same street, rue de martyrs, as our hotel in Paris north of downtown. Monocle magazine includes articles now and then about the best streets in the world, and although I'm not quite sure about the qualifications, I feel like this one should be nominated. It had a community of townhouses all around, a metro stop near, clothing boutiques, meat, cheese, wine shops, cafes, restarants, laundry services, bakeries, etc...

Here in the states, I've had some boxed chocolate like Godiva or Mrs. Sees or in OKC here Russel Stovers. But the chocolate from this store was so good, I couldnt' help myself but to stop in each time I passed the store while on vacation there and buy a piece or two. My favorite was the one on the left with a creme inside that tasted like earl grey tea. the owl one has a creme inside with little hazelnuts, and the building shape has a hazelnut creme almost like a peanut butter... mmm

the new Mullet?

someone told me this weekend that the goatee is now the new mullet? meaning what? it's dated or out???

I'm not sure what that means, that it is a redneck thing? or just an old look? or what....
but I think i'll keep my chin beard for now, it's not really consiered a goatee after all and I like the way it looks. I think geometrically the horizontal line of my chin beard gives a nice frame to my face. ha, I'm just saying, its my blog.
Is it true about the goatee, has it run its course or no? anyone comment?
and I'm not saying that would mean anyone would even have to nix the goatee, I think you should wear what you want and what you like, for example yes I still wear my cargo shorts in the summer, although I understand they are huge no for gay guys in dallas or something??? ha

Sunday, December 14, 2008


great weekend

just got back from Arkansas. woke up feeling like crap the last two mornings though. a cold in my throat and a deep deeper voice than usual... growl. sucks.
but the holiday party at my ex-gf was cool, and I met some new friends of hers in town and saw a lot of my old college buddies there(all married) so that was cool.
now I'm back at the house surrounded by boxes needing to be unpacked tomorrow.
I decided friday while driving up to my old college town that I don't think I'll be going up there to visit much anymore, it's just not the same, and my best friend has a kid and a second on the way, and things just aren't the same and I feel like I'm just going to keep being the single guy visiting and stopping in every couple months to visit everyone. something about being gone a year has me considering all the old habits and routines and what are they worth to me in life and why I do them... so going up there is one thing I've decided i can do without.
my Austin bud is dating a guy who is his first real bf material in many years and he's been calling me every other night telling me all about their times together. makes me a little jealous for sure. but I'm super happy for him of course and can't wait to meet the guy, he's an artist just moved back to austin from NYC.
I need something like that for sure, I'm getting antsy and extremely bored back here in okc. I'm all right, I decided I'm sort of getting adjusted and still processing where I"ve been and what I was doing, and what I want to do next. I'm still considering a job fair in February for international schools. and if i haven't already griped about it, all the stuff from storage is getting on my nerves and I'm deciding to throw some of it away since I'm single and problaby never getting married and never passing anything on to anyone i figure why bother keeping anything really anyway? now to bed and try to sleep off this COLD!

what a winner...

ahh look at that mussy hair.....


Friday, December 12, 2008

Thursday, December 11, 2008

doing nothing is easy

i think i might be an accessory whore, if that makes sense. somewhere along the line I picked up the habit of using accessories as that extra little touch to an outfit. I'm saying this because I'm packing a bag for the weekend, and since I'm driving I'm taking more than I would usually just to have the right accessories available for whatever outfit I'm in the mood to wear. Belts and a few choices of shoes is probably usual, but I'm also bringing my watches and knit hats, and scarves. ha oh yeah and an extra jacket or two just to have the right one for the occasion, ya know?
I came across this site today, I thing the chain of net suring went like tube guys in showers, then linked to youtube Hentai comics, which linked me to a site called humplex or something like that with these flash games of hentai gay comic elfs... whatever. anyway, then there was a link, and I hadn't really read any online stuff like that in a long time so I clicked on it and noticed they have a bestiality section which is gross, so anyway I clicked on the college link, and found this story called joe college, and was hooked!
so i read that story all afternoon instead of getting crap cleaned and put away and go to the gym.
I did make it to storage for another truckload of boxes, my goal is to get it emptied by the 20 and then I can turn in my 10 day notice before the end of the month to cancel the storage unit.
I'ts only $55 a month, but now that I'm only making $60 a day subbing, that's a lot! ha
WELL, i read this story about Joe College, and it sort of just blew me away, i meant he writing was really well done and clever and the whole scene just put me right back into college and the newness of being away from home and with all these guys your age, and then I was trying to remmeber what I thought about being gay in college and I can't really remember, I think I was dating girls at the time and just thought the gay thing was a curiosity or something I would think about once i had sex with a girl for real. THe story wasn't all gay sex, it included a tale of this guy in highschool, and then the guy ends up at college and meets one other dude etc etc. so it wasn't just all sex story. anyone else check out that one?
Or anyone want to comment about the use of accessories and packing too many just to have them on hand? ha

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

job search

went to a junior college near my side of town today, i definitely should be teaching on a college campus I've decided.. ha ha. nah but really, I was remembering this morning how last year, before my overseas venture, I was thinking my next step should be higher ed. so I've decided to focus my attention there first before getting my apps all turned in for public school teaching jobs in the city.
I've been subbing already quite a bit at a highschool two blocks from my place, so that is cool. I'm getting back into a gym routine which is also awesome, since lifting weights is not just a program you start and stop, but health is health for life, so you have to continue and just be consistent whatever your plan is for staying in good physical shape. i know all the yard work i did this weekend must have helped.
I left my swimsuit at the gym last week so I was pretty upset, just really like that swimsuit, it was short and basic plain solid blue etc etc. yadda, also it was one of those clearnace suits i picked up at the mall for under $10. I had 3 of them and now all three are gone, the last one I left at a house in Senegal on my trip, and this one was my last of the three. I've been checking the lost and found but nope no deal.

I've been using the days off from subbing to get myhouse in order, this means getting boxes out of storage, bringing them home and looking inside at all the junk and decide where to put stuff or should I keep any of it. I do have a small Christmas tree up and will probably put the big one up tonight, pics to follow.

I went to a birthday party for a friend of mine in town, this guy I met a long time ago online and we both started checking out the gay bars in okc together. he's very cool, and there were about 10 guys at the party, very casual event and lots of fun cuase I coudl actually talk to people and get to know about them. a few couples there and a few guys older and everyone gay, and very real and open. It was definitely fun but I think I have to learn to shut up about my experiences with guys when I'm with other gay guys. for some reason the freedom is so new to discuss guys with other guys that before you know it I feel like sharing exactly who was getting sucked and where and by who. does anyone else do that accidentally? I have been a few dates with guys where I had to remind myself not to talk about previous guys, after all a guy wouldn't do that with a girl. I guess it's part of me not taking myself seriously in the dating world to where you'd consider falling in love with someone and of course they don't want to hear about who you've been hooking up with before etc...
maybe it's a bit of closet guy phenomenom, for example other closet guys who came out late and have a thing for anonymous bathroom hookups. that's what I've heard anyway.

oh yeah and to the comment about the dallas voice article, thanks for the comment, all comments are welcome and remind me people are reading and to keep the blog going. ALthough yes in a perfect world it'd be wonderful for everyone to be dragged out of the closet, i refuse to believe and think it's utter BULL$#%T to say that every man in the closet is going to go insane and murder someone, and the article was pretty lame to use that sort of scare tactic to drag guys out of the closet. There are all sorts of men who are unfaithful gay or straight, and some figure they get caught, then they get caught and are forced to make a change or deal with it, ether another woman or man. but to say every gay guy in the closet is just driving himself mad enough to murder someone is over the top. In that case, it happened, and I don't know what the particulars were, if the guy threatened to OUT him, or what. but let's keep things in perspective. for me personally I'm pretty confident however long I remain living a closet gay lifestyel, as boring and lame and lonely etc that it can be, I'd never be driven to violent measures in keeping up appearances of anything different. what do you think?

Sunday, December 07, 2008

austin santa speedo run

they were promoting this years santa speedo run in austin on OUTCAST, Austin's only queer radio program on public radio. SO thought i'd post the video from last year. they run with the city sponsored 5k on the trail light up night. ahh yeahh run boys.

show off...

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

back in okc, one week

well I'm pretty busy getting back to things here in OKC. are you out there fellow closet gay guys in Okalhoma City? CHristian dudes? bi dudes? gay guys that aren't into the whole bar scene? you there? yeah you're there.... I know. but dang it if we just can't all connect.

lately, I'm just making sense of the house and getting everything put in its place before bringing stuff out of storage.. ugh and I've applied at two schools for subbing which is cool because one is a block away and they've alreayd called with 2 jobs.
I got temporary health insurance today, and changed my addresses back to my place at the bank, and at both places I discussed the options of 6 or 9 month cd's at 3.5 or a checking account with 5.0 but I don't want to put my savings into my checking, to easy to spend...
The fun news of today is I saw a new couch in the gym lobby and am researching the style and who helped them at mathis brothers here in okc. I think I want the same couch, it's a huge big comfy but not too soft black leather squared arms number. its SWEET.
I sort of decided I'd splurge on a couch at some point and after i get a real fulltime job again then I'm going to start considering splurge on a real piano for my place.
in non exciting purchase news, I want to get the two big front windows of my house replaced with double pane to save on energy. ALso I've been invited to a gay friend's birthday party this friday night, so that is sort of getting me out there socially back into okc, jsut a bit.... right?.... we'll see.

Sunday, November 30, 2008