Thursday, December 27, 2007

hot UK dude.............

I mean somewhere in the same gene pool of facial features of prince william. ha. there suddenly in the mess hall was this very white hot anglo with astounding facial features. eyes, chin, nose, forehead, thick brown hair.... tall...I'm checking him out... the fatigues are not American. .. quick glance to left shoulder or front left chest.... ah ha british flag..... hmmmmm

anyway, have I mentioned i'm going to become quite the expert on the different camo styles of all the nations here. You never realized there could be such a variety of camo. British by the way are two subtl ligth brown khaki colors on the side of yellow hue. Czechs are like giraffes, Bulgaria almost like American but a separate brown pattern, and Italy are the only other camo with digital camo, french are jungle green. let me say the Italy and French camo are the best tailored and fitted.... mmm hmm! yes. you know what I mean.

the belgium are in the majority lots of light brown.

oh yeah I'm also learning to recognize all the flags, for example I now know macedonia's flag, like a red and yellow starburst. ha

shout out to blog; Gay Banker.........

I have been surfing today, and through whittle buddy's blog I found the link to
GAY BANKER. Check it out, smarto and interesting. I was reading all these letters he receives and what he has to say to readers asking about closet stuff, also it's intersting about having more than one boyfriend. that is how my friend in Austin has always lived, never just one.
anyway check it out if time to do some surfing.

any mac users?............

took this photo yesterday morning and thought i'd share it online, it's on my desktop for the moment anyway, but i thought for Mac users probably more appropriate. ha...

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

youtube clip 80's dance club guys strip contest...

surviving Christmas?.......

well not sure how many closet dudes are reading the blog, but I'll tell ya I'm thinking of how Holiday times can sometimes really get me down being single and in the closet. This year not so much because I've gotten away from real life for a to speak. well that's not fair, what I'm doing is real life, and I love what I'm doing and it's part of my nature straight or guy, to travel, see the world, work in an environment of servitude. But on the other hand it also is putting off facing certain realities of family confronting and asking about when I'm getting married etc... as each holiday passes with kids growing up and friends having kids and everyone just waiting and praying for me to get hitched.
ALSO I remember being home at Christmas for the holidays and since I was closet and not with a serious girlfriend (thats right the "one that got away" was just married a month before I left usa, and for the record she broke up with me 4 years ago this dec 28th, not that it pulled the rug from under me or anything.. I seriously thought she was the one i could make it all work out with....and yeah i know some readers will say we are better off not living some "lie"..... but anyway.) and also not with a serious boyfriend, since I was not commiting to being gay or straight, both are hard to find. And something about the holidays makes you want to be with someone, for me it was the break from teaching at school, and all those cold winter mornings i wanted to lay in bed and wake up next to someone I loved. or just sit back with someone right next to me on the couch watching a movie or something. and new years is even worst, drinking it up at a bar is all right, but if alone, I feel like you might as well sleep through it until you have someone to kiss at the midnight hour.
anyway, so all this to say, the Holidays, we must remember can be lonely times, even for the guys who may be out to everyone in life except family, and then they are stuck spending all this quality time with people they love but feeling they will never truly be understood. Well i don't mean to whine or anything, but I know that's why I always keep myself so busy at the holidays, projects aroung the house, traveling, getting in touch with my church single group and doing all their activities. all good ideas I guess to help get one through.
THe one thing is I've quit expecting the new year to bring any big change. I sort of just try to keep true to my Christian protestant faith regardless of the time of year.
I love all these other blogs because these are guys in college or fresh out of college and they are decisive and brave and commit to goals of coming out and getting on with life. It's great to live sort of vicariously through all of them, like a dream of what i could do, or should have done long ago. ha
So to all closet readers out there, who are still inbetween and maybe fishing around the internet and feeling more closeted than usual because it's the holidays, I wanted to say I know exactly how you may feel.
all in good time.
Enjoy this wonderful time of the year, this limbo week of people in and out of town between the 25th and new years...

Sunday, December 23, 2007

all american guys online..........also nice

across from me at dinner tonight...

his last name is Jouck , that's all I know about my Belgium crush. he was at the table next to mine tonight so we were facing each other although different tables. that didn't keep me from stealing looks every opportune moment at his eyes or his big ole lips and when he smiles, those teeth. and his really nice nose and good big hands. of course all this in uniform....mmmmm
and a shout goes to the italain table at breakfast this morning. all roman gods. dark haired just right tan skin and dark eyes with every feature round and perfect, I'm serious i was looking at 3 or 4 of them different heights. one stood out because his fatigue pants fit him just right, all hard and round behind, and nice round bulge right in front. viva italia!

all right now for some personal blogging...... Merry Christmas everyone!!! I hope no matter where you are or who you are with these next 2 days, that you are with someone you love and that you are in the holiday spirit enough to give a gift, if not then perhaps just giving yourself or your time to help others enjoy the season. it's funny, to my students the day is absolutely nothing to them of course. I'll be working normal tomorrow and then only the first half of Tuesday, so the students will like getting extra time off. although i'd rather keep teaching them because the test comes the same day regardless. ha

worked out my back and shoulders yesterday, and am actually getting acclimated pretty well to the altitude here ( 6800 feet above). Ran 2.5 miles today on the treadmill. always fun to see who's at the gym of course some guys there very day. last Friday i took a certification test to be able to drive on the runway across the airport to the other side where our school is, I guess we'll be taking turns driving and calling the air tower on the radio for clearance to pass through on the runway.

My students are pilots but remain very poor, kabul has not electricity after 8 pm, so they are very cold all night and without and light. Some students speak of doing homework to lanterns. i suggested candles today when they complained of the homework. I told them i understand life is difficult, and I only want to encourage them to do what they CAN do. We are on very good terms and they are all amazingly nice men, all older than me actually but completely respectful. They do not like the book quizzes but i keep telling them, dont' worry I will prepare you. its very rewarding to be in my classroom just teaching and teaching, time goes by very fast.
down time at the base if cool because I can go to the gym, and then eventually go to the mess hall for dinner.
Tomorrow there is Christmas market in the UK tent, and then the 25th we will be free after lunch. There is special church service planned at 3pm in the chapel and then a special Christmas dinner begins at 4pm for the base. should be interesting because I know it's a big party drinknig nht for the Europeans on base. I plan to get online that night and find my family online to chat with, and then they are supposed to email me pics of them unwrapping the gifts I left etc.....
again, happy Holidays to all readers! This last weekend was funny going to work and teaching each day because in the states, i know I'd be trying to do a hundred things the weekend before Christmas normally. ha.
Merry Christmas.