Saturday, December 15, 2007

good group of guys.......

hello kevin....

met a guy in the gym today from norway. pretty nice guy asked me to spot him on the bench presses, so we took off one of the the 45lb weights on each side, and then I did my set, and then put back on for his set etc... nice dark haired guy. but I made the major gym mistake of turning to look at something on his last rep and i here this grunt, as I look down and reach down to spot the guy up on his last rep.... oops. all good though we talked a while after that and discussed the languages etc...
gym is something different everyday to see and I like it.

sat at lunch and actually spoke with some Beligums today. was real nice, the one across from me was this shaved head bald guy I've been watching for a while in the gym, big ole bulge in his nerdy spandex but he's all hard and rounded off and in good shape etc... anyway we finally struck up some conversation at some point about languages and imigration etc.. fun fun. huh

nothing else to say here on this closet gay blog today, other than sharing a room really sucks, but I'm taking care of business, if you know what i mean, in the shower about every 2 or 3 days, but dang it has to be so quick. .. ah well, no prob for now I guess.

Friday, December 14, 2007

one more thing about the international variety...

Sweden...the majority of every group of Swedish soldiers I've seen are like guys that could have any girl (or guy) they wanted in any bar in the US. I'm serious. damn good looks.
There were four Danish guys next to me at lunch today and they all had long shaggy beards and long 70s hair, and I swear there was one tall and built like freaking TOm of finland... even with the beard , you could see his big eyes and strong features made him quite the looker.
Also these dark haired little French and Italian guys in their fitted uniforms.... hmmm
However the Czech girls remain the hottest, a USA bud here was telling my how you'll see no regulation style haircuts or facial hair on other countries and how it makes sense when you consider we are one of the few countries that has a volunteer armed forces. Not like countries where it's mandatory everyone does an amount of time, thus explaining why some of the Czech nurses show up with nose rings. etc...

went to the chapel today for church service, about 8 people and the chaplain convoys in every Friday from camp Phoenix to give a message at the protestant service. I think there is also some sort of other service given but the flyer was in a foreign language, and then somebody else mentioned there is a mormon service at the other base. fyi

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

few pics of kabul

not much in these pics, but just showing how we are driving around when it's not exactly safe to do so. but actually we were told since we were not marked military and driving at random times it was all right. after 2 days here, we moved onto base and have no plans of leaving base while here. ha

come on, someone HAS to comment on that ass in the pool pic below......on the left, getting out of the pool??

go ahead, put yourself on display....

stole this off of Aussieliscious blog...........hmmmm

international forces.......

well I thought i'd share a bit about all the different varieties of people I've been noticing around here, mainly in the chow hall.
Ok the belgiums, LOTS of them here on base now, imagine seeing an average group of people from 20-40 no one overweight or too thin, most or all are brunette, men and women both, none spectacularly good looking, and put them all in fatigues. that's the beliums, sort of like anyone off the street in good health, but in fatigues.
(except i will say there is one nice tall very cute dark haired belgium at the check gate this morning)
young dark haired and dark smooth skinned italians......mmm always one in any group of them that you'd have no trouble macking on in the right situation...
the Americans here on this base are all officers and older so not too many hotties to look at, but they are all super nice guys of course living in our quarters.
one extremely hot and tall black captain on my hall who does all the computer networking for hall. makes me wonder... will he know where I'm going online?
one more thing about the French.. ha ha. their berets are super wide and flat, I mean I was taking double takes imagine wearing a floppy black beret size of a dinner plate, very interesting. that's as positive as i can put it.
oh and 2 very hot Czech nurses, and yes I mean women. they are just hot, that's all I'm saying.

the gym on base is funny, because the europeans all wear lots of spandex guys and girls. ha ha, so funny. I don't know if you guys have been overseas much or met Europeans in the states, but you know, maybe you've heard the joke about a guy in the states sort of dressed gay, but its jsut that he's european. ha ha. anyway, at the gym same thing. lots of cardio machines, and some weight machines and dumbells. already have a captain ,this young american who already asked me to cem work out with him and he said he'd help me with the conversions from metric. ha.
it does sort of suck I'm used to my usual 45lb or 30 lb dumbells for certain workouts and now I'll have to either work up or down in kg. watch out ISAF, dan is getting back into the gym.... ah yeah
no showers or lockers, which sucks of course! only at the entrance are lockers for us to put our coats and shoes in. you are not allowed to wear the same shoes in the gym, you have to bring you gym shoes and put them on when you get there.

all my boxes arrived yesterday, so I'm set on soap and clothes, and school supplies i shipped over. also about 5 months of my glutamine supplements. I'll just have to get used to the altitude at this point before I start hitting it too hard getting back into shape.

Get to it everyone, it's winter, get to the gym now before Christmas break when everyone is off and at the bars LOOKING for some fun. also good time to start a routine so that you are not in with the new years crowds in jan, the ones that start up and then peter out eventually. keep it up and get in great shape by spring when EVERYONE starts feeling in the mood.

Monday, December 10, 2007

from youtube

found this on youtube, is exactly where we drove through today for the base...

boys will be boys

Sunday, December 09, 2007

here's a pic of my hotel room last night at the sheraton dubai creek.

you may notice that bag I blogged about last summer on my bed in the photo.

hard to get the view in the pic, but my window on the 5th floor looked out on the river and bank, with downtown on the other side in the distance.

I laid in bed for about an hour not really wanting to seep. I had the lights off and left the window open just staring out into the view. tons of fun.

made it to the lobby at 5am to check out, and our flight at 730a, from dubai to here in Kabbul.

get this, we arrive here in kabul and the military ride already showed up too early, so instead our 'bosses" are here from lockkheed and take all of us to the lockhheed compound here in Kabull, and guess what we wer NOT on base, we were driving through public streets, one of which we were told upon arrival here that has been dangerous lately for bombings. oh great.

also the crazy driving here was something else, no rules, lanes, lights.... but I have to say that my Honduras time definitely prepared for being in a 3rd world country again...its 5am in OKC now and 4pm here so I'm waiting to eat dinner at the mess hall around 5:30 and watching tv.