Saturday, December 08, 2007

long a$$ day.............

Friday..............leave Columbus at 2:30, checking in Air France in Atlanta at 5:oo pm..... flight left at 8:50pm for Paris... arrive in paris at 11:oo am (5 am in GA), leave paris at 2pm and arrive in Dubai at 11pm... 2 hours later we are through passport check and customs and in a taxi headed for Sheraton Dubai Creek. ( company paying $1020 a night for each room, crazy).
watched some good movies on the plane, Stardust, and darjheeling Limited, and some French films random, and some tv episodes of Simpsons and Friends... it very surreal sleeping and waking on long flights because you can wake up and catch the end or beginning of the same movie as it repeats.
At the Paris airport, I did something new, we got off the plane to a bus, to the terminal... then to our gate.... then boarded outside to a bus again to the plane to leave. lots of stop, wait, go, stop wait, go. etc...
airport in paris took US dollars but gave euro change. dollar not worth much theses days I suggest everyone just stay home, you are only rich in America compared to spending in Europe. ha.
i caused my "director" a bit of grief in the airports, she had this thing about keeping us together at all times and getting in the same lines for everything... drove me crazy, I asked her why the first time and after that just shuup and got in line. we have terrible leadership on this "team" but I won't complain, I am ready to just arrive on base where everything is kept in order, show up to class and rock and roll in the classroom teaching English! ahh yeahh
I do have one small complaint to mention, we arrive at our hotel in Dubai, and our boss reserved the room w/ his credit card, but they have to use our directors card to charge the rooms on. He was here last night and flew out to Kabbull today. The screwed up thing is we have NO idea when our flight leaves tomorrow. so we don't know if we are sleeping in or getting up early or what!! serious lack of planning or communication somewhere, boss made the reservations we are sure but have no ideas where or when tomorrow. so the guy at the desk ( very nice and cute pakistan guy, we were just chatting in the lobby earlier...) asked her for when we were checking out and she's like, uhh i don't know, can you look at Kam Air to see if we have reservations... and he says " I'm sorry madam, perhaps YOU could check in the morning, hereis their 1-800 number, their offices are now closed... etc etc. anyway you get the picture.
i just want to be the fun guy in the cool group that has everything in control and organized, and somehow I end up in this two bit thrown together teams of yahoos. ahh well, now I've gotten that off my chest, I'll focus on the salary, and getting to base and making some friends I clique with.
right now I'm waiting for my ham and cheese sandwich from room service. it's 2:45 am Sunday morn here, but in OKC it's 4:45 pm in the afternoon Saturday.
btw my sandwich is 48 darhams, and it's 3.5 darhams to 1 dollar so you can do the math on the one... more news as it happens

Thursday, December 06, 2007

I did a bit of researching and...............

apparently this guy is in a lot videos, i was reading the comments on this clip and found all sorts of videos where hes doing lots of "oral". I'm not all that proud of what of what this guy is doing, although I suppose on some level its what he really wants to do. so go figure.
Its already been taking off of xtube, dang it all............
you can google and click on swallow dvds, damon blows america 8, and then he's the guy in the yellow shirts.
sorry the clip would have been easier, jsut forget it. ha

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

about the guys today.........

so i've ended up sitting near this small group of guys who are always cutting up some and laughing, one is this tall great looking guy next door type from Alabama. did I say tall and big, and damn big crotch bulge, you could see it completely in the jeans he had on today right there hanging left. but that's not the story to share here.
this morning this other guy from indiana, apparently some excop, dark haired and MUSCULAR ( i was behind him when we got shots, shirts off the day before) anyway, he's wearing these camping style pants fit tight, and he was sitting next to me this morning, and I'm staring at the powerpoint ahead but can also notice he's rubbing his crotch and I see him get fuller there, and next thing I'm stretching my eyeballs to see without moving is his hand goes in his pocket to pull it to the side as he gets a chubby. man that was hot, but the show ended quick as we all had to stand for a sec and then sit back down. i don't think he realized i noticed anything. but you know how it is , guys, when you wake up earlier than normal, maybe with out having your morning hardon yet, and then later you are sitting somewhere sleepy and groggy and it hits! ha.
anyway thought I'd share that.
i saw the guy i went to the broadway show with last february on xtube last night. that was a weird reality check. this guy used to have a LOT going for him, but I've heard since he ended up in NYC and does films, of the extreme sort I would never run into, but last night I recognized him in an oral clip. anyone want the link?

on yesterday and today's training........

(that subtitle is outinTallly style, if you're out there bud)

anyway, about yesterday, long day.

on base by 7am and bussed to medical on base. receive questioning and then blood drawn for dna profile, then eye test, and dental, next more questioning, and given 6 month supply of anti malaria meds to take daily, then given a small pox immunization in one arm, and anthrax immunization in the other, and then sent downtown to a clinic for physical, measles/mumps/polio shot, flumist shot, Hep a/b shot, and then a shot for the TB test. also they drew more blood again for a blood type test.

today went LONG, to begin with my alarm didn't go off so I wasn't downstairs at 5:30 to leave, so a co worker was knocking on my door at 5:44 . dam it all! so i grabbed my clothes and a box of cereal and bottle of juice and ran out to the van... but the day got better.
a long day of what they called "death by powerpoint". but I found all the training very interesting all day. serious. classes and presentations included;
unidentified explosive devices..what to do, how not to approach or touch etc...
IUD's , anything can be an iud, and what to look for and land mine signs etc...
sexual assault, no means no etc....
mistreatment of prisoners..... etc all about army values and how the people who mistreated at abu grade are criminals and why....
I can now give immediate first aid to a head injury, open chest wound, and abdominal wounds including if something is hanging out. also learned about bandaging a wound, the head, and applying a tournequet and marking the victim with a T and the time it was applied.

long day, a bit more tomorrow, getting my TB test read, and getting our final checkout.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Monday, December 03, 2007


lots of waiting while in line for stuff this week.
meeting lots of interesting people though as we sit on a bus or in line or at the lunch table.
today we filled out more paper work, got checklists initialed, got some gear and 2 duffle bags....
bought some boots before coming back to hotel. also we ate at chilis.
long 2 days.
tomorrow we get anthrax and smallpox immunizations..... fun huh.
I'm getting excited to get over there and see how it all is.
chatting with just a few hot guys today in the mix.
on base over all, nice looking military guys, and at chilis tonight def tons of hot military guys there eating dinner.
maybe going to get me a short short haircut before heading out Friday, not sure yet
i will fly to paris friday night and the dubai from there....more later.