Friday, November 16, 2007

more hot lookers........

back in okc......happy 100th!

watching Garth brooks and Reba Mcyntire and carrie Underwood, and Flaming lips, and all American rejects and many others on tv tonight. it's Oklahoma's 100th anniversary today.
There was a huge parade in Guthrie OK, the first location of our capitol. We were signed into statehood November 17th 1907. For anyone who grew up here in OK, you can perhaps relate to acting out the landrun in 4th or 5th grade with all the kids dressing up cowboy and turning a wagon to look llike a covered wagon. I remember in 5th grade, I was chosen to act out being a SOONER, the people who tried to sneak in sooner than the people lined up waiting for the gunshot and race to claim a piece of land. (as in OU SOONER!! ahh yeah boomer sooner !!!)
It's a huge concert and show tonight at the Ford Center downtown, it's also broadcast on the public tv channel, which I'm watching. one very cool thing is my dad's uncle from deer creek oklahoma was featured with his photograph on screen as turning 100 this year. that was awesome.
roomie just finished showering up and getting dressed up to go out with a married couple he's friends with. no, mr. stay gold, I didn't find anything left in my room when I arrived back, only a pair of his work boots and socks. Although i did notice his conditioner was not on the left shelf, but on my shelf in the shower next to my special neutrogena lotion I keep in there... ha, to each his own. I did a quick history search before he arrived, and one of his yahoo searches was "big boobed teenage girls sucking cock".. ha ha, what a horny straight boy.
My goal is to get him in a singles group before I leave the country, because I care as a friend, and I know he could easily find some nice girls there, compared to the hootchie mamas he checks ads online at or myspace personals and blah.

shirts off

good bye san antonio...

stayed the night in austin last night. getting ready to head back to okc soon.
my pickup is PACKED out, from the outlet mall, the reason is i had to get all my Christmas shopping done for my family and all. DONE.

went to an NA meeting with my bud last night. real nice group of people, its pretty cool how the program works giving them support for each other etc....
had some excellent pizza at southside pizza on congress st.

I'll ahve to post later about the dark haird buzz cut guy I met at the gym on base Tuesday. I cant wait to get back to my house tonight and catch up with my roommate. also maybe see if i can get a few hours at my old night job while I'm home for 2 weeks waiting for our deployment.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

hello from austin..........

again, I'm in AUstin Texas this weekend. and having a good time. left San Antonio early afternoon Friday and stopped at the outlet mall there to do some shopping in prep for my traveliing. basically i bought some wool sweaters and some very awesome Columbia boots that go to -45 degrees. sweet. and a LOT of my Christmas shopping FINISHED (for the family). one thing I'm excited about is this Element hoodie that I got for this 9th grader ESL kid back home. He is a skater kid type from Honduras who I taught all last year and I know he'll be psyched out to get it.
Friday night I arrived and went with my bud here to his NA meeting. Saturday we slept in and then went out to the dog park and then lunch at a Vietnamese restaraunt. I completely recomend Tan My !!! seek it out and find it. and I suggest #40 with pork. SO GOOD UMMMMM
next we ran around a bit, ended up having dinner at a pizza place Portabla on 5th and lamar. last night we watched Brokeback mountain with my bud and his "bf". I hdan't seen since the one time at the theatre, and I have to say I need to reconsider my thoughts on that movie sometime.

Today slept in, and then breakfast at Swedish Hills bakery. was AWESOME also, i recomend the small cheese danish and ham and cheese croissant. good!
I don't know if anyone remembers the guy, J, who is in grad school for Architechture at UT, but I called him up and we went out for lunch today, at Thai Noodle, behind the 7-11 on guadalupe and 26th (jr maybe knows it), anyway, was awesome catching up with him although I wasn't able to get him to come over later tonight.... hmm hhm.
this afternoon we were at the Domain, a sort of high end shopping mall in austin for a reception at Dimaggio's restaraunt for the fundraiser committee for the big fundraiser event my bud was a part of etc etc...
also bought a nice long sleeve nave locaste shirt. Europe here i come! ha.
tonight will be going to NA meeting with my bud again and we are watching 300 with his NA group I believe. hope all are having good weekend, what you been up to, let me know my clicking comment below.. wink wink....