Saturday, October 27, 2007

saturday in austin

got the hide a bed and then next to the dog last night. wasn't too bad. my bud has a new studio apartment so he and his bf were in his Murphy bed. this morning shared some of my fave stops online with his bf while he was at a friends funeral. :(.
and then I went for an awesome run around town lake river path for about 45 minutes worth. I swear if I lived here I'd be out running that every weekend. just running non stop, plus the type of guys you see shirtless that just don't quit. man.
did a little bit of shopping at Mens Service wear on Congress for sunglasses and maybe a laptop bag. went by Whole Foods on lamar and 6th to bring home a bunch of food for lunch, came home and watched a Frank Gehry documentary, and now we are chilling and maybe going out to run around in a bit, dinner out tonight. nice lazy day over all. ahhhh finally some downtime after the rush of getting my house in order and things packed the last two weeks.....

Friday, October 26, 2007

I'm in AUSTIN!

well I finally got the house packed up and some things packed to bring here for 3 weeks. I'm going to san antonio sunday, but will be here in austin all weekend and then come back next weekend or the next. not sure.
long drive down today. had a great night going with my friend to his NA meeting, more about that later,
and now we are hanging out and getting ready to bunk down, his bf is here and I'm on the couch.
I think a morning jog around the river downtown is order at town lake tomorrow.
good weekend to all, more later.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

gym inspiration, is it working?

j crew boy

i went to the mall last weekend with an OKC bud. To anyone in OKC please go to J Crew at Penn square and check out Danny. oh man, this guy helped us when we were trying on clothes, and then I was talking to him looking at my pants, asking do you think they fit, or are they too tight. and our eyes met and both of us kept staring at the other and I asked could he find me a pair same size different color in back.... etc etc..
oh man, anyway, so check him out, dark hair and nice a$& in his dress pants. dang. SO yeah my buddy chatted him up a little, and then he was watching us all the way out the door, but of course we are both looking back checking him out, could it be obvious.
I went back yesterday and he wasn't working. ahh well. I'f I actually still lived here I would maybe call the store and ask for danny and say hey remember me and i think you're HOT... ha ha. but that's not my style ya know....

got another test today, one I could keep record of, not like the free clinic, anyway still negative, but the funny thing is I'm at the hospital, and I'm talking to the girl in her office, and she has this man in there wathching us during the test because he's in training. and I answer all the questions, and when they asked when was my last test, they were confused that it was just 3 weeks ago. so I explained i wanted to be sure, because I..... and then I stopped and said, well I can speak frankly here right? and she's like yeah yeah, and I'm like well since I had oral sex with a guy, and I was surprised I jsut wanted to admit it and all, so weird but anyway, I jsut had to get it out there I guess make it seem more real, I dunno, they were like asking are you sure you don't want any free condoms, or do you have any more questions at all... and I was like nah, I understand all about safety, and I don't have plan for action for about a year. ha.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Someone comment.....What happens next in this picture???

and now what?

blogging business........

sorry I haven't been as available to update the blog much lately. lots of preparation and packing up of my house before the new job.
However my daily hits at the lowest are around 200 so a big THANK YOU to the readers who still check in to see whats going on with closet me in OKC.

1st off the blog "You got a gay" was deleted by the blogger and not due to any major tragedy. I've gotten several emails about the site, and apparently Tally is fine and just taking a break from blogging for a while. but yes I WILL miss his pics.. he's got great taste, and yeah I miss the justusboys website as well, tally. hope to see you back up soon.

next, I've been having some great chat time online on AIM lately with fellow bloggers, and thanks for letting me ramble on and thanks for listening and in general just fun to keep up with ya'll on different coasts etc...

I have packed up everything in my house except my room, I'll begin boxing up clothes I won't wear the next year tonight, and begin packing my two 70 pound luggage with stuff I want to wear in Texas and then to take to AFghan with me. I have 3 days and counting.... I"m hoping to drive out of OKC thursday or Friday for Austin before reporting on base where we are staying for our 3 weeks training there. hope to get my Christmas gifts out of the way while there as well. I will be home for Thanksgiving with the family and then I can leave all the wrapped gifts with mom and dad to bring out at Christmas.

I was surprised to recieve a check for dos mil today from my school, apparently since I never take sick leave, it really added up over the 6 years I've been teaching. not bad for some extra cash to save and spend a LITTLE.

I opened a checking account with my parents and have all our names on the checks so they can help me with stuff while I'm away. what about my own private expenditures you may be wondering, well my personal bank account I've used since college is still only MINE.

Roomie is gone all week until Friday with work. he said if I left him a rubber tree plant in the house, that'd be nice. So I'm leaving one, and all the rest of my many house plants I brought inside this weekend willb e going to my ex gf in AR when I'm home over break end of Nov.

I've gotten some interesting comments from fellow teachers about meeting a military woman while overseas. I can't honestlly deny I would consider that, but still it seems dishonest to agree so suddenly and not come right out and say, "yeah, sure, or a guy....." ha.

bad news is that I found we might be sharing rooms in the quarters, like a dorm with a connected bathroom for the 2 in each room. SUCKS! but I can do it for a year,I just hope I live with some guy who does not snore or smell. some guys just smell awful, yuck.
HOWEVER, good news, is that new quarters were being built and so that may mean ours are the new ones and nicer than the ones described from the woman on base..... don't know.

Sunday, October 21, 2007