Thursday, October 18, 2007

and the test result is.............


and I was pretty confident going in for the hiv test at the free clinic here in OKC. but I was sort of freaked out about the possibility... you see I will be tested for HIV before going overseas. And I wanted to be sure myself before packing up quitting and leaving. I knew I'd be low low risk since I dont' actually have SEX sex with guys, and I'm more into only doing oral and contact and make out with guys, and since I haven't even done that since first weekend of JUNE ( remember the post about when my roomate moved in the first night and I had company over?)

well now I fell pretty confident I've remained clean and I'm glad...

I also have to say, you know how you feel great about chattingonline or reading about guys in your situation, and the freedom in coming out to people that lets you speak freely? well that is always a comfort I have when talking to the guys at this clinic, I talk very frankly about what i'm doing and how I'm living. and this time the guy was very understanding and spoke to me about why I live the way Ido, and spoke to me of other options of meeting people other than the bars. it was really interesting, although I'm leaving OKC now anyway for year.

clean and ready for some safe fun in TX at this point, maybe???

get me back to swimming now!

and my new job........

found out today that I need to be in San Antonio the 29th for training, I can drive or fly and get reimbursed. I will be driving. we are going to be living on base, so that should be interesting. I'm hoping to leave early next weekend so i can have some nice fun time in Austin and hang out and shop and get outdoors and chill, especially after this week of packing and moving everything into storage. UGH. it's weird putting everything into storage, I don't know if I'm putting my life on hold, of filling up a time capsule. I seriously think I might stay more than one year if I really really like what I'm doing over there, If I fell like just adequate about the work I'm doing, then one year should be ENOUGH. ha

btw this pic is my current wallpaper here at work. i really like the way its so sudden and candid. I want to be on this beach hanging with my buds like these guys. ..ahhhh

about my ceiling..........

thought I'd give a little up date on my ceiling. we took out a piece of drywall to find that when they put in the dropped ceiling they used a poor choice of wood with a knot in it, and this is where it cracked and began to fall causing the big crack. we braced it up and now my dad will come back when he's not golfing to repair and strengthen the break, maybe wire it above, and then fix the hole with more dryall. wish us luck

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

last day as a public school teacher ( for now)

i have to find this tie this weekend. I want to wear it with a black v neck sweater and grey slacks just like (or similar look to) Marky Mark had on Regis and Kelly last week. ha. seriously though I do like the look of this tie with a white shirt, so clean and sharp and nice looking (you can find it online here at Jcrew if interested).
had a great day today overall, I'll blog more later, but both schools had meals for me, and this morning they had an afghan flag of paper that all the teachers signed, and one teacher made afghan food etc.. was a good day. oh yeah, my boss came to see my office, and suggested that I leave a list of inventory of all books, materials, and everything. UGH. also I made the mistake of calling about my paycheck at the admin, and they said they already had my sick leave check ready, and I said I'd pick it up Monday since I wasn't going to be here tomorrow, and she says, oh well I have you working til end of this week, which means, yes now I'm going to professional development meetings tomorrow morning with all the other teachers. oh man.
interesting post on aol news today about genetics and homosexuality....hmmm and twins?

it's only nice if its all natural

next door type anyone/

Monday, October 15, 2007

Anyone suggest a digital video cam? disk or tape? ??

I think I'm buying this flip video camera as soon as I find one in okc, unless I'm in texas first. simple and easy enough and perfect for quick connection with the usb stick that flips out of the camera, also for basing "vlogging" it should work nicelyl while I'm overseas.

Although I have been considering some Canon cameras around $300, and then there is video editing software like "Vegas" by sony. any suggestion on using the video disks or cartridges?

the FLIP camera has 30 min or 60 min version and is about $130 or so. ....hmm

productive weekend

first of all the ceiling; we found that the ceiling was hung 6 inches below the original ceiling, so my father and I will be removing a small portion of the drywall, and see what it going on in that in between space, and then decide how to get something up there to connect and screw the drywall into.

second, the roomie; for a 4th time he left bottle of conditioner in my room near the computer. dumb guy just does not cover his tracks like he should. but then I've been known to have complete brain melt down or memory lapse once the "excitement" is over before also. ha

next; the new job. I was told today that it seems more likely our training will begin the 29th not the 22nd in San Antonio, and that I can fly or drive and get reimbursed. I am pretty sure I will drive down, so that I can stay the weekend before in Austin, and then of course able to drive around while living in a hotel with the other 4 instructors for a month and a half while we train. It looks like we'll be in the states for Thanksgiving which is nice, and prolly fly out sometime after that to AFGHNISTN! (hopefully there's a nice rug bazaar right outside the gate ??/ no??)

and this weekend; I was packing up stuff all weekend and am on the downside now of the job, I found a storage unit today near my house that is 10x15 for $69 a month. not too bad. I decided to put a few things backin the attic, some boxes of videotapes and cds and tapes in the basement sealed in plastic containers. and then only stuff I value going into storage, tons of stuff and furniture. I'll be leaving my computer, important papers, and decks of Eames Computer house of cards with my parents, along with my pickup.

swam today before work which felt awesome, and maybe made up for the icecream I had before bed last night. I'm indulging myself on a few things in case I go without junk food while in asia, which may not be a bad thing really.

tomorrow morning I think there is some sort of goodbye deal happening for me in the library at one of the junior highs I work at, and then a goodbye lunch at the high school. should be fun.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

craigs in okc........blah

VGL jock buds 4 a 3rd later this afternoon - 31

Me and my bud are looking for a hot third between 6-9pm. One is 31, 6'1, 225...other is 32, 5'11, 175. Both are masc, athletc, vgl, worked out bods, and very discreet. Will only respond w/ pics to messages with pics and stats.

-----hot ad on craigslist

,not that I"m looking for random crap anymore, but still fun to see a hot pic now and then, especially in OKC! ha

actually I"m now sure I could ever be a third, just too much to concentrate on, hard for me to just let go. oh yeah also I don't want to screw around with dudes, and something tells me these guys are wanting to trade off a few positions. thanks. great shape in the pic though still.