Thursday, October 11, 2007

homecoming weekend

In the rush of the big decision on the new job last weekend. I didn't really ever reflect on my colleg ehome coming weekend. Let me explain the usual homecoming they have at my alama matar, a small private Christian University.
tents are set up along the side of the soccer field by decade and the big soccer game is at 3 pm. so all the alum gather and talk and catch up etc..
I always enjoy seeing who shows up, since I'm not far and have many married friends still living in town, I go up about every year.
This year there were a lot of students from the group of friends I made my first year in college. I fell in love with the school my first year there, because I did not grow up much of a jock macho stud, but tried to fake myslef through that sort of attitude of what seemed to be all my friends. Anyway, all the guys I met at college were very cool, into music and just being crazy but staying out of trouble. you know, I was just really excited being raised Christian and suddenly having all the Chrisitian friends in college. I guess I didn't go to a big church with a huge youth group of anything, I just sort of hung out with the jock crowd and certain cliques at my rather big high school.
well anyway, when I moved into my dorm I met J. and C. , one from Houston and one from Dallas, both in great shape and into girls and friendly and fun and all that.
I remember cracking up at their nudity humor, every now and then they'd do a naked walk of the suite and took pleasure in coming into my room which was next door and making my roomate that year scream and hollar.. ha ha. he didn't like the naked humor at all. but heck I have to say I didn't mind. J. was hung and sort of had a buff skater look to him, and C. worked out a lot. those guys were crazy.
Well, anyway, this group of guys I got into hung out with a clique of girls, some of them gf's of other guys.
Why I'm writing is I see J. in town all the time, he's married and has 4 kids and I see him every homecoming. This year he hosted a bonfire at his place for the gang to come (with kids) and we hung out, and this year C and his wife and kid were there, it was really awesome to chill and hang with these guys. i was there with my ex gf ( the one i went to dallas with weeks ago) and a few people were asking if we'd end up together ha ha. It was sort of like old times, you can tell great friendships when you're together and you don't even have to try at forcing conversation.
and it's funny because J. made a comment at one point about how we shoudl all pee on the fire if it werent' for the kids running around. (damn exhibitionist) and then C. was talking about college and saying too bad we can't go run anked through the dorm, now we'd just get arrested it wouldn't exactly be as funny. ha ha
I got to tell you they both remain in great shape.... I was in J.'s wedding actually and we even discussed once before he was married one summer about how I considered guys and stuff. He was damn supportive and has never brought it up since, but I feel like he's extra nice to me about ot asking about the marriage thing and seems to have an understanding about how I'm living single these days.
over all, excellent weekend.

Moving update: roto rooter coming tomorrow to clean out lines; dad coming over this weekend to repair ceiling. me- I'm packing stuff in boxes like a madman all weekend ready for storage.
any comment on the pics?
no one comment on the short film....hmm

not racist, just Camus...........

"killing an Arab".... the cure
doesn't get any better than classic cure..... ahh yeah......

more international flavor.... no idea where from but NICE

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

international flavor..........get me to europe

the sky is falling

I woke up this morning to find the ceiling in the front room cracked. there was a small crack last night and I pushed up on it wondering what the deal was, and then this morning I find this.
So I've spoken the the high school librarian who builds houses during the summers and he said to screw the drywall back up into a 2x4 nailed into the ceiling joists. so other than packing up myhouse into storage this weekend I will be nailing the ceiling back up in myhouse.
better to find this is happening before I leave, that's the positive outlook.
Also my dad came over to look at it this afternoon and said I have too much stuff in the attic? I guess that stuff goes into storage first now. ha.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

to prepare...........

man I've had to open up the savings a bit lately.
within the last 2 weeks.........
water heater replaced a week ago for $920
speeding ticket $160
new suit $175 (got a friend discount)
passport renewal with expedite fee $127
overnight mail there and back for above $32.50
this Friday Mr. Rooter clean the plumbing lines $100-150
molly maid first trial cleaning next Monday $65

I still have to decide on whether I'll get climate controlled storage or not for all my stuff while I'm gone. Also I am considering MAYBE getting Ipod to travel with next year while overseas. I also want to bring a small cassette/cd player stereo. and maybe a digital video camera and I could post some vlogs on youtube... I dunno.
I am taking time this week to savor all the mundame routine parts of my day that I've gotten plenty used to. Also food that I most likely won't see for a long time and will miss like the baked lays chips with my sandwich everynight, the 8 oz coke zeros with lunch, my super sugar crisp on top of my instant oatmeal in the morning, and mixing a bowl of cereal of honey nut cheerios and nut n honey crunch flakes every morning, the calizones from the high school cafeteria. yum
I'm also brainstorming on just what little things I'll bring with me to have a part of home, or in preparations for things I might want to do or entertain myself with while there....
still no news on when we actualy leave for the training at the base in texas... ahh well.

a few repeats


sort of interesting........

Gay Bars: Around the country gay bars have been going out of business as gay men and women have been gaining greater acceptance in society. What used to be a hangout for people who felt unwelcome elsewhere is becoming less necessary.

this was in an AOL news article about 10 businesses becoming obsolete.

I have noticed a drop in the type of guys I used to check out when I first tried out gay bars after college. I think there were more curious guys who had no other option to end their curiosity, also more straight couples where the guy obviously was curious and looking. also more military before 9/11. anyway, just my thoughts. I think with the chat lines on internet, and with guys taking the quick and easier way of getting off than actually meeting and getting to know someone. then perhpas there could be less gay bars...........who knows?

Monday, October 08, 2007

all types wanting to show, take your pic...........


gave my two weeks notice today at the public school and at the tech school I work nights at. I should be in asia sometime early December!

I have a very busy weekend, deciding what I would do, and also a married couplr from college stayed at my house Firday night, and then after I got them breakfast and out of the house Saturday morning, I drove up to Arkansas for my college homecoming weekend. it was excellent fun. some of the first guys I was friends with and lived with were there and we all hung out and talked and man it was like old times serious. ha.

anyway, so I called the guy yesterday and we settled on a basically fair offer, and so now I'm on board for the project. I have found someone to manage my house while I"m gone. my roomie is pretty set on staying at least a year or two so I don't have too many worries, but still things will all be in place if he needs to move out and then go from there.

I'll mention all the other sort of things on my list on other posts. right now I'm just going to start boxing up everything and getting everything in to storage all next weekend. ahh yeah. project!

Thank by the way for all the comments and emails. also those I've been chatting with. I got some really great comments and emails full of ideas. (To the photographer who was up for meeting me while in OKC last week, I regret not emailing you back in time to say I was crazy busy with stuff. someday I hope we do get the chance to have a drink because I'm definitely into the whole gardening thing.)

My short term goals are pack up all personal effects in my house, and also I want to see the movies "across the universe" and "the darjeeling limited".