Friday, September 28, 2007

second thoughts...........

this morning I'm considering why I did'nt just tell my parents last weekend, why I may never settle down and get married. I started getting some angry thoughts about my dad and him talking about finding some girl to get married to if I was bored with my life here, I was thinking that if he really loved me he wouldn't say those things, but then I started thinking I haven't been honest with them completely, so I can't just assume they know I like messing around with guys and haven't been interested in finding a mrs. right at all lately.... Still I think it's just my dad's farmer brown mentality that what he expects for all his kids, (I'm one of five). I guess this is an opportunity for my parents to think outside of the box, which I told them last weekend, that I wish they could feel excited about something I feel excited about doing just because it makes ME happy, regardless of what they'd prefer for me. That's a hard part of growing up I guess. respecting the wisdom and advice of my parents on the one hand, but also realizing they may not see everything completely free of their wishes for me, not just my own. if that makes sense.
I was called today about a meeting next Tuesday to discuss contracts (salaries) for the job in afghan because the govt money came through, but what sucks is they want us like 2 weeks ago.
I'm not comfortable taking the job if I have to just up and go, ( uinless the salary is way up there and worth then MAYBE) so my deciding factor is that I must have 2 weeks notice to give both my jobs day and night. If that can't be managed I'm going to feel more like jsut keeping up with what I'm doing here in OKC, I couldn't ask for a better public school job ( it's ridiculous how much I love and feel it is eay what I do with the kids there) and my night job which I sit and desk all night getting paid very well. My only caveat (<--big word liek whittlen's blog , ha) is that I currently do work two jobs and have little down time social time during the week etc...

busy weekend, I'm off all day, staying off the computer (if you know what I mean) yard work, lunch soon, pick up a new suit I had made for fall break in Austin, and getting stuff doen around the place, tomorrow morning volunteer, wearing suit to wedding tomorrow afternoon ( you know who) and then my divorced ex-gf (the one from college who was married to another college bud, and I visited in Phoenix last nov - same married couple I came out to while sharing a pickup cab ride to Little rock once after college, a post for another day) comes tomorrow nt from AR for the weekend. We are driving to Dallas together Sunday to shop at Ikea for her new place, and Costplus and whatever else...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


good lunch monday

I spoke to the guy from lockheed and the guy from intnl logistics ssytms. Lockheed has the contract and they subcontract to the international lgistics guy. well I seem to be exactly what they want. The teacher who recruited me and I will be starting up the program. It is expected to expand and grow each year after that. So this could be a career choice maybe 2 years instead of 1. I asked about health insurance which is completely covered, including the defense base insurance coverage required by the govt. my classes will be groups of 10, college students training in English so they can pass an English test and be admitted into the pilot program.
We'll be trainging with the Defense Languagge insstitute first in San anotnio Texas, then working with them in kabul, the apartments and school are both on the base.
They will give me a laptop and a cell phone. (my first cell phone!) no big deal. I can visit the USA only one time within the year I'm gone, otherwise I am not exempt on the first 85k I earn there.
Those are the base facts. I'm pretty excited to be a part of it actually, and will have to decide if my first vacation weekend will be in Dubai or somehwere in Europe. ha.
I don't even know if I'll take the job, it's hard to consider when they don't even know the timeline yet at this point. so I'll wait until I hear more........

Sunday, September 23, 2007

bachelor with eccentric lifestyle

that's what my dad said today while we were discussing me going overseas to teach again. I told him I wanted some adventure and how restless adn bored Im' getting living here in OKC. and he told me to find a girlfriend if I was bored. etc etc.
anyway. overall, mom is for it, dad is not completely for it, no one can argue about how good the money is, but dad is mainly concerned for my safety and health insurance and my house etc etc.
I think it's funny that my dad keeps bringing up the idea of me getting married or finding a girlfriend, I sort of assumed by now they've realized I'm not all the "intersted in girls". but I felt sort of bad since I love dad so much that if he seriously had no idea that I wasn't really interested in girls so much enough to find one and settle down with by now, I hate to cause him any worry. I did make the comment to dad about regardless of what life he thought I should have I'm living my life for me blah blah... overall it was a very cool headed discussion. my father is not touchy feely at all!! ha ha, so it throws him off a little when I reach out and put my hand on his should or grab his arm to get his attention. ha but I've learned in life to reach out regardless, my love language is gifts and touch. my dad's love language is looking after us and providing for us. so it's all good.

in other roomie. I cleaned up his room yesterday, did all his laundry off the floor, folded put away, put all the white socks without matches in a plastic bag in his bottom drawer, through away about 7 or 8 different water bottles or to go drink cups with lids, all full of his saliva from dipping. also changed and washed his sheets. You may ask what gave me the liberty to do all this, well I found one of my tightie muscle t's I keep in my dresser for special vacation trips on his FLOOR. So I figures, if the dude is going through my dresser looking for stuff to wear, then I'm going through all the crap on his floor and seeing what else I can find.
and I did find another blue j crew polo shirt that's mine and 2 pairs of my boxers.
and before anyone says its weird about my boxers, seriously this guy is just lazy enough that I can see him wearing a pair of mine instead of doing any of his laundry first. The main reason I started washing all his stuff was just to get some of my towells back into the bathrrom cupboard. he had used al lhis and started using mine, which of course he is welcome to share.
some guys want a new towell every shower, I'm the type of guy I can go a week or more the same towell , I jsut hang it up to big deal.
I did all my laundry and room and bed also this weekend btw, not just the roomies.
we watched a lot of "scrubs" dvds together this weekend, very funny stuff. I love the open affection for Turk that braff has on the show.
well, wish me luck, having lunch with the guy from locckhees maartin tomorrow. shoudl be intersting to see just what they want to offer.
shout out to procrastinating wolverine! I watched a bit of the game where Michigan won against penn state. damn those fans were damn good looking, something about them northern boys looking so hot and just a little less redneck than you see here in Oklahoma I was thinking briefly during the game. but I don't know, OSU and OU also won their games. SWEET