Thursday, September 13, 2007

dan's favorite things.......

This is my favorite line from a movie, I have it written with a ball point pen on a torn scrap of paper that I found on the table while watching the movie AGAIN 6 years ago. It's stuck in between the mirror and frame of my dresser, and I noticed this morning and chuckled a bit.

Does anyone recognise the movie? ( WITHOUT GOOGLING IT FIRST, Come on!)

"Well, there's not much to see actually, we're inside a Chinese dragon."

I guess I'd have to say this is also one of my all time favorite classic movies.

I'm being recruited........

Lockheedd MMartin has been working in Afghanistan for some time. Just myopinion, but I think we have some really good people in Kabul and I knowthat the Government is pleased with us. The new E.SL school at the KabulInternational Airport, part of the large US complex, has been in developmentfor the past year. There are new classrooms and living accommodations. Thebase has good facilities and people seem very happy to work there. ILS willdo the compensation negotiations but I think it is safe to say that ourLockheed Martin/ILS instructors will make more than they would in the US.And, there is the Foreign Service Premium pay on top of the salary; mostpeople find that attractive. We'd like instructors to agree to stay for thefirst year and decide if they want to stay longer after that. There will be good opportunity for travel. Our folks usually get out ofKabul about once a quarter. Dubai is a popular travel destination becauseit is close and very nice. The European capitols, London, Paris, and Romeare my preference. Some head off in the other direction. Our projectleader in Pakistan just got back from Bangkok. It is handy being located atthe airport. Delta and United fly to Dubai and regional carriers connectwith Kabul. United Nations also has regularly scheduled flights. I thinkwe have done staffing and relief planning correctly for sufficient coverage.Beyond the money, I just love this mission. The chance to teach ESL in anenvironment where students want to learn and the need is very real reallycaptured my interest. These youngsters are headed for flight training andwill become the core of the new Afghan Nattional Armyy AirCorps . Ithink our instructors will have the opportunity to not only teach ESL butalso shape the destiny of this country and its future leaders. DLI isalready on the ground and looking forward to getting started. I think of itas an adventure. I think everyone is optimistic.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

and so it goes.............

came home from work tonight to find a wedding invitation from the ex gf. i would say the one that got away... but I know everyone would say that never could have happened if I'm gay etc etc.
anyway, it's a pretty big deal, nothing major, just another point among the steps in life where you realize time is passing , people are living their lives with or without you, and time doesn't stop not for one confused minute.
I called her mom immediately to get a current phone number, last time we spoke in person was June 06.
I just got off the phone speaking to said ex gf for an hour, we spoke like it was yesterday, you know the kind of friend that is completely the same no matter how much time has passed. basically I wanted to know if this guy was going to take care of her and treat her right, priority number one, and I explained to her I think of her often although more like a big brother wanting to protect her from any guy who might hurt her,( since I wasn't going to be the guy.) etc etc and of course we still love each other very much, but not in love, more like we grew up together since first grade and have expereinced many life choices up and down, with and without the other. She really is the sweetest little thing, gorgeous body regardless of the scar down her back from when she got ran over by a truck jogging one morning (my last year in Honduras, I almost came home for but her mom assured me she was OK). anyway. blah......I made sure to ask how her grandma is doing since I haven't seen her in 3 or more years, and then told her of my new neice and nephews, and we spoke about our goals, me with my career, and her resigning and being a wife and volunteering etc... churches, parents, getting older....
so now I'm looking forward to the wedding to see all our old friends and her family. and right about now I'm considering whether I want to go to bed and pray for her, or just consider random guys and masturbate vigorously, or both.

need help cleaning up?..........

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Monday, September 10, 2007

I'm listening to Carpenter's "top of the world" right now.... seriously

just randomly clicking on youtube video links, but I do feel pretty good today.
had an excellent weekend.
I accomplished everything I'd previously written. got tons of baby gift stuff for my bud's new little baby girl. and bought some polo shirts at J crew on sale (9.99 each!) and a new pair of black washed jeans at BR (funny thing nowadays you'd never know the jeans were NEW the way they wear 'em down first. ha)
I've worn 'em twice already including today.
When I came back from the mall and mowed the yard Friday and my roomie came home and asked if I'd been at the mall, and I said "yeah I got some new clothes for you to wear, they're in my room."... ha ha. and I was laughing and looked back at him in the kitchen and he was turning red and just grinning real big looking down making his sandwhich. ( this guy always puts on a big macho apathetic mr. cool type of charm, so it's fun to break him down to a smile. ha). Anyway, I think I basically got the point across of dude I know you're wearing my clothes.
It's a good dynamic, sharing the house with this guy, we've eased into getting comfortable living together so it should be a good fall and winter and I'm loving the extra rent cash coming in.
I surprised my married college bud and dropped by to see his new baby girl. both he and wife were thrilled, although sort of in a haze after their first week of getting up every 2 hours. I brought them lots of nice baby gap stuff, the girl at the store helped me pick out stuff and mom loved it all.]
spent most of the weekend hanging with my ex college gf, and some other friends, and then holding the little baby girl...real cute.

How bout them SOONERS!!!! the first half of that game beating Miami was awesome, an 82 yard drive, a fumble and a 60 yard run for a touchdown, and the endless play making Miami earn there first touchdown. So sweet. I think all but one of the big twelve teams won this weekend. ahh yeah!

I'm about the same as the first verse........

from "Flight of the Conchords" on HBO, I don't have cable, but my bud in AR showed me some episodes of this show and it's AWESOME.