Friday, July 20, 2007

happy birthday to me....

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yeah I definitely feel gay watching this clip.
a friend sent me a happy birthday email this morning with this link.
ahh yeah!!
I'm in AR celebrating with my ex gf and some college buddies tonight.
good weekend to all.....later.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

mr. rock and roll

I think this song could apply to anyone meeting and wondering what could have been...etc..
anyway, Amy Macdonald..

Victoria Beckham coming to America

well I watched the whole episode last night in 7 parts on youtube, since I work night and missed it on Monday.
I actually thought it was awesome becuae posh is f-ing sexy as heck, man.dang!
I include this first clip because, well let's face it, they are both HOT, I'm not sure which one to look at Victoria or David.
my only caveat with the program, and I agree this never would made a good series, is the way they forced it to be a "reality show" type program.
once again I loved the show and loved seeing Victoria do anything really. but Apparently there was a lot of hateful press and awful reviews on the shoe after it aired MOnday night, and I don't think it was THAT bad. BUT it's not Victoria's fault so much as the producers of the show. I guess documentary style is consdiered too boring, so the reality show is now has to show the stereotype diva in heels trying to play ball with little American kids or ina sex shop buying a dummy. The thing is we are seeing her do scripted bits instead of just real things in life, so that's what sort of made the show pure CHEESE. ahh well. I'll still be watching both Posh and BEcks no matter what country they're in.

so who else is tempted to buy the W magazine for the photoshoot?// ha

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

something wrong, but I have to say hilarious

hazy lazy days....

well my sister called today trying to set me up with a single Christian girl who has never been married and wants a family. I sort of wanted to ask, has she ever experienced lesbianism before, if so we're perfect. anyway, bad joke.
My sister was telling me how she thought we'd really hit it off so I told her a maybe and she's getting more info. I'm always up for meeting new people, I doubt it'd hurt to just go out once for a meal and say hey and all that. I'm out of town the next two weekend anyway.
I found a house being sold "as is" today near my neighborhood and started dreaming up ideas about buying the house and what I'd do to the yard and interior. BUT now is pretty late in the summer and with school starting in August I wouldn't have much summer left to do and real work on it. but I'm still going to play with the idea and investigate how I might be able to finance the remodeling.
I wanted to mention about the roomate. He keeps 3 razors in the shower and I asked him about it. he said the one on the left is for "body hair", the middle one for underarms, and the right is for his face. I guess he must consider himself quite the muscle stud. he is built like the kind of guy who can get away with shaving their underarms. I need to ask him if he's ever competed or just likes sharing his "body hair".. ha ha, no I'd never ask that.
I write about the roomie becuase I think blogs are interesting when they have continuing updates. I'm not at all interested in my str8 roomate, jsut so everyone knows. I guess there are the type of gay guys out there who see any hot str8 dude as nothing but a conquest sexually, sort of liek some str8 guys only see girls as objects and sexual conquests, usually those type of str8 guys can be sort of jerks.
I'm not interested in providing some gay experience with my roomate, or ever going that direction. but I would like to continue posting the funny details as we get to know each other and stuff.