Friday, July 13, 2007

quick update.

hope everyone is having a great weekend.
I rented the 3rd harry potte rmovie and the last mimzy and watched 'em with my roomate tonight. in case anyone is keeping count, I found the conditioner bottle on the floor of my room again today when I got back from the gym. He'd already been home from work, cleaned up, obviously some computer time and then to the gym. I'm nice enough to just replace it back to the shower.... but I have to wonder does he remember not getting it out of my room or not. gee whiz, anyhow I have a lunch date with the girl tomorrow, and plan to see my family tomorrow night or possible go to see TRANSFORMERS , yeah baby!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

OU fan here all the way.......

you can read here about OU getting stripped of 8 wins from the 2005 season.

I'm no Jock stud super sports dude or anything, but when it comes to OU football, and any sports at the school I teach at, or any team they go play on after highschool, well then you'll find me following the games.

anyway, big huge headline today here in Sooner nation on the front page of the paper was "OU SAPPED OF 8 WINS" with a nice picture of coach Stoops and another of one of the 2 players. Bacially that would affect the coach's record number of wins also, and there were all sorts of other penalties like less coaching staff allowed to recruit etc etc...

JUST IN CASE you don't already know, there were 2 guys from the football team getting paid by a local dealership and they weren't really working there just collecting some extra cash. You can bet their name is mud in this state for a long while! ha.

Dan's favorite things............

I've been sort of "collecting" an item on ebay, called Computer House of Cards, by Ray and Charles Eames from the 1970's world fair for IBM. Anyway, it's a deck of cards with 2 slots on each side that you can playl with building structures etc..
I have purchased 2 before, and just last week my 3rd arrived in the mail. I paid less than $200 for the third one and it was in the best condition, hardly a scratch, fade, or even been used I'd bet. sweet deal.
It's funny the way certain things just grab your appreciation and you look for it to aquire. I mean dumb stuff like collecting things like that. Tally, over at You got a Gay, confessed to probably making a good interior decorator in another life: I thought I'd share about my gay Eames design and retro furntiure fascination. I actually also have 2 black Eames Eiffel tower chairs from ebay from a few years ago. ha.
I always buy a catalog from LA Modern's past auctions just to mull over and look at, of course I'd never be able to purchase any of it but the photographs sure are purty...

(dang it, Icon, now I'm almost trying to edit this post instead of just immediately clicking on publish post! curses!! ha ha, nah j/k)

Feist anyone?

really like this tune. I listened to some of her other songs on youtube, not too bad. pretty pop music, laid back, sort of revamped 70's sound some of it.
this video is like some bad swing out sister video. ha

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

can't wait !!!

i seriously plan on seeing TRANSFORMERS this weekend... I've already heard about this awesome trailer that shows before the movie and it has me really excited too..
I've always sort of thought about how cool it'd be to have a movie where normal day life is going on and then there is this awful supernatural disaster occuring in the background and this trailer hit it exactly, modern times, every day life, the immediacy of the camerawork like someone's there at the party and you're experiencing the surprise with them.... (sort of like the creepy effect in "Blair witch" movie. that was awesome) reminds me of when lightening strikes setting off car alarms, or losing the electricity and stuck helpless etc....obviously the whole movie can't be filmed that way, but the trailer kicks A!
check it out and comment... :)

if you undestand what they are saying, feel free to comment and explain...

about the bit of Drama.....

my bud called last night, let's call him MK, MK went to the clinic and was tested, and it did not test positive for Clamid. or Ghon. but he got the shot and pills anyway. so he's taking them and waiting for next week to see if everything has disappeard. He also went to a dermotologist and had carcenoma removed from a few places on his back and arm. He went home immediately and looked up carcenoma and HIV and found a link and got all worried about having HIV. he feels he definitely didn't get anything from the hotel guy a few weeks except for his maybe current STD. But he still feels awful about the guy in CA two years ago who told him he was HIV+ after they kissed and had oral sex ( all they did). so I think he is maybe consdiering an HIV test to give him peace of mind, but he's super scared etc....
I calmed his nerves, telling him how highly unlikely it was etc etc etc, I'm not even going into again here, we talked for an hour and a half.
he feels so confused because he's a LOT like me in that he doesn't like the idea of two guys screwing at all, but only likes jerking and oral and contact and make out, etc....... and of course the whole refusal to see a life coming out EVER AT ALL.
well, he also has been reading internet sites non-stop and found all these forums where there are guys like him who have done practically nothing but feel so overwhelmed with fear and guilt, they just can't accept they didn't POSSIBLY pick up HIV. and he even found guys who said they had oral sex WITH a condom, and they are still writing into doctor forums about could the HIV - test be wrong etc.. so he can understand there are guy's just like him out there who worry WAY too much.....
he's doing a LOT better however so far, good news.

about the roomate........

we're becoming somewhat friends, you know it's only been a month but by now he's heard me come home and ramble and he's remarked I talk a lot so obviously I'm getting comfortable around the guy. for example last night I brought up how awful dipping was for his teeth..(the dude has one in first thing after breakfast or in place of, and every night before bed! gee whiz. and it's still gross when I notice bits in his toothbrush there by the sink but anyway..........)
and I feel more comfortable playing a bit of piano while he's around. Last night we talked about how he played two years of junior college baseball and then was on a ski team for a year. I'm not sure what future plans he has now, other than save money while living with me paying cheap rent so he can buy a newer car.

BUT, the reason I'm posting about the roomate is his COMPLETE CARELESSNESS when using my computer. What I mean, and I already shared this with Golden Boy, two nights ago, I'm at my computer in my room typing a few emails before bed, and I look down and notice on the floor right next to my chair, my roomate's big green bottle of hair conditioner that is usually sitting on the shelf in the shower. GEE WHIZ I mean if you are going to masturbate in someone else's room, at LEAST take the lube with you when you leave. It's not really much of a turn-on since he's straight and all, however it definitely tells me my roomate is as normal as the next guy, or me in this case, guys who need to stroke one out every now and then. Hopefully I won't find any cumrag left in there. I think the guy must be the type to stroke up into his hand and then get up immediately to wash. I know my little towell has been left on the side of my bed on the floor in plain view a few times, so I've wondered if he'd ever pick up on what it is. ha

so overall, great roomate, we're getting along great, and I'm saving the rent money in my dresser drawer for a bit of mad money, until I decided how I might want to be responsible with it and save for something....

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

brazilian tease........

the last one has photos, but the one at sec 20, very nice....

Monday, July 09, 2007

guy at store, all alone and with a 6 pack.

survived my weekend. my okc bud with the big dilemna never called, but probably that's a good thing, he went to tulsa to a county health clinic to get tested and ask questions and I figure they must have soothed his fears a bit. he ws going to ask for the shots to treat what he thought was gonorhea, since he read that there are stronger resistant strains now. I don't know. I'll prolly call him in a few days just to check up on how he's doing and all.
dang busy weekend, volunteering friday morning, mowed the yard, watched some rented movies with the roomie. Saturday morning was all about my neices wedding and with family until 6pm. then went down to Norman for a friends party. The girl was out of town this weekend so it sucked going alone to the party. BUt there is this one hot blond guy who works in the law office of my friend's wife, he's all worked out but not over muscled and with NOT a tight waist but still hot like most guys who drink a lot but look good at the country bars. well anyway, he's in a tight turquise polo shirt and he brought his roomie to the party, and the roomie! dang, he was shorter muscle stud dude, also blond and they drank up some and then left eventually to the wormydog saloon downtown bricktown. I could have imagined some nice scenario with them getting home later that night and aksing one another if they wanted to have some fun and going to bed in the same room. ha! but I just crashed when I got home and didn't bother stroking one out.
oh yeah, THursday night on the way home from work I had to go way up north west side of OKC to pick up some flowers for my sister at the Albertson's grocery store there. so I'm up there about 9:45pm before the place closes at 10 and this nice average sized goodlooking guy with a regular striped polo and shorts on and two big loops earings in his ear, like the thick metal head kind sort of like a rock and roll party styled guy. anyway we catch eyes when he comes in and I'm picking up all these flowers like I was asked to (for the wedding) and he's behind me later in line with a 6 pack. and he says " pretty flowers". and I say "hey man, yeah they're for a wedding this weekend"... and the kid at the register is ringing 'em up and makes small talk with this guy who obviously comes in a lot, and I'm never in this part of town. and the guy says to the kid something like "since my boyfriend and I broke up, I've just been hanging out at my new apartment..." and I sort of hear the word boyfriend and glance his way and he notices because of course it was probably some way of getting a signal to me. and then I'm paying and shoving the flowers in a bag, and the guy says "well have a fun time at the wedding, man." and I'm smiling and sticking with my plan of going home and not taking the bait of this guy because it's late and I'm not used to picking up hot guys at the grocery store late night after work. ha ha... but I was sort of going out to my truck thinking, well I could VERY easily wait in my truck and this guy would come out and prolly drive over and say hey or whatever, or I could drive over by his car and say some dumb line and go from there. BUT I had too many things to do, getting the flowers home, checking in with the roomie, and then the whole weekend in general. But I did think in moments like that I need to be prepared with a phone number. Because here was a hot guy, very normal and that i'd NEVER seen before at the gay clubs in okc (well I'm only there like 4 or 5 times a year but still, I like to think I know what they have to offer, I mean DON"T have to offer) and it would have been cool to at least get his number or him mine. ahh well, still a thrill jsut getting noticed, always nice.

I used to watch this saturday morning show and consider sly getting friendly with the taller dark haired guy in the band, if you know what I mean. And I always thought the black guy was definitely gay.

crazy Austalian chick explains MILO, i still dont' know what it is though...