Friday, June 15, 2007

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

air national guard stud......

I volunteered this morning downtown, ( I've been unable to do weekends so I went in this morning to train a new volunteer)... now about this new volunteer...
6'2, 200 pounds buzzed head, glasses long torso thick all over, big arms chest back shoulders. this was a guy who had been in great shape and then got out of service in Feburary and is now trying to get his waist back but looking all good, dang.
he had graduated from my highschool and the year I had just begun teaching there but I was at the middle school that year,
anyway what a great time it was explaining stuff to this guy, and asking him all these questions and he's more than willing to tell me everything. a real talker. sort of on the nerd well disciplined soldier side, but real nice guy, he has a wife still in air force trying to get transfered here.
so the fun part was while we weren't busy and he started talking about all the self defense he learned and showing me all his moves he would use if he couldn't talk a guy out of a fight. showing me how he'd kick first, then swing, or maybe come up with his elbow, etc etc..
I just sat and listended and watche dand grinned and said" cool, dude, wow "and all that ...
he has big plans to use his air force money and start up at this junior college westside of OKC and play baseball this fall. hope to run into him again soon.

swim studs, where you guys?

show off for the camera

latin singers, a bit young, but so free