Saturday, June 09, 2007

what are you guys up to tonight?......and my STR8 roomie....

I'll ge tmore pics up tomorrow, lots more free time.
I just got home from having some beers and a rock ass good time at this movie showing outside downtown, very nice crowd. People are so friendly her ein OKC, some girls in the beer line talking to me and this other guy siting near me and my married bud. it was the final night of the dead center film festival, and they showed this movie of the Flaming Lips' concert at the ZOO amphitheatre last spring (concert had up to 9000 in attendance from all over). very awesome film and the night air was cool with a breeze just perfect.
My roomate is completely HETERO straight male. I told you when I saw that big dip of skoal in his mouth. anyway, he is using my computer logging in under guest, and of course my log in is password protected. well so today I checked the history (just out of curiosity no big deal) and putting the computer on 'work offline' brought up all his pages of emails on his myspace and his inbox on yahoo and then a few vids he checked out on myvids myspace. so YUP it's official he's straight. he put some personal ad up about being hard shell on the outside and soft inside and how he's sick of girls who play games and wants meet a LADY. something like that, oh yeah and the vids he check out were like boobs and stuff. ha. anyway, so it's a comfort knowing there's no reason for any tension around here. Actually I"m starting to like this guy, he's such a silent type dude, maybe I'll get the chance to hang out with him and go out and help him find a decent girl. I'd love to do that.... (of course I could always give him some queer-eye advice too possibly, I have yet to see him in anything but a tank shirt and shorts and flip flops around the house)
so what are you guys up to on this saturday night? later.

Friday, June 08, 2007

haven't found hot pics to post yet because....

busy Thursday, went something like this;

9 am - at mom and dad's house on west side of OKC to help move a couch to the garage, complain a little about the remodeling and changes they're making to the house I grew up in (I'll get over it), and watch Kely Rippa with Neil patrick harris who I've never considered hot but I've reconsidered he has charm and was looking sort of hot in them tight pants yesterday...

10 am- driving to Target north side OKC to return a suit I bought for the funeral then reconsidered and would have one made for me instead at a tailors here in OKC ( I wore an old dark grey suit jacket and black pants instead) bought cleaning supplies for the house then....

11am walking into my gym near downtown to change and run for 30 min around the track, cool down stretch, get cleaned up and ready for....

12 noon - at work east side OKC ( I traded my evening shift for the afternoon shift so I could do something that night), I fixed tuna sandwich and meal that I usually have for dinner, this day it was lunch, wrote an article review for a horticulture class I'm taking this summer at OSU/OKC that's due Monday. catching up on work work stuff there, and then getting a completed annual report BACK from the boss saying they want the information differently because the names in the system didn't match up... LONG STORY BLAH.

5pm - arriving at the Art Museum downtown for a tour of a new exhibit with the museum director. This is part of my training as a volunteer, it's going to be a lot of information to learn so that I'm able to give tours this summer.

6:15 pm - leaving a bit late to drive a block over to my newly married college bud's apartment downtown so that we can go to the...

6:50 pm - arriving late to an Alumni dinner from my college way up North on Memorial road, free meal at a nice restaraunt. only 3 other people are there our age, the rest are older and really older. meet the president and reminisce, listen to their shpill for money donations, and get a free t-shirt. it was a blast and i ordered the chicken cordon bleu and it was AWESOME.

9pm - arrive at Skirvin hotel downtown with same bud who is a journalist and has all access passes for us to attend movies showing this weekend part of the "Dead Center Film Festival"
we watch a few short films, and then I head back home to CRASH. as I arrive home I'm getting out my gym bag and the Target sack, and brooms, and I see my roomate leaving to go to some party.

10:13pm - enter house and relax with some loud music, shower, computer nonsense, and sleep.

today I chilled all mornign at the house, am about to call my bud to see if I'm eating here or we're eating together and to see what films we are checking out today, and when I can fit the gym into my schedule today, and also want to shadow a tour at the art museum this afternoon as part of my training.......later!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

no I don't shave...

hello bloggers,
Some guys have not hair at all, and some shave, others lot of macho hair...all hot.
I was asked if I shave at all. nope. I'm all natural, except I have taken my little bathroom scissors and grabbed a pinch or two of pubes and trimmed some down there. I'll admit.
and then my gay bud in Austin last week was going on about my eyebrows and to please cut them down shorter...yes sir! next haircut I sure will.
I have a little hair on my chest, bit under my belly button, and then my forearms and legs are pretty hairy and I like it because when I'm outside I thinkit keeps mosquitoes off. ha.

I want to give a SHOUT out to
JR and his blog "Nothing Golden Stays". as an English ed major I got all into his post about the blog title, and it got me pensive about what I'm doing living the way I am all. It made a lot of sense that I'm trying to stay in some sort of innocent stage of not growing up and choosing which path... anyway something like that, I've just been considering. Won't you check out his blog and leave a comment?

ALso check out another fellow blogger
Almostoutintally and his blog "You've got a Gay", from Tallahassee FL. very cool blog if you are into reading closet blogs without passing on a lot of judgement. very cool writing (when he posts.. ha ha) and the pics are just my style. always nice.(tally, I promise to get you on the blog roll on the right by end of the week sorry I'm such a lazy ass with my dial up and doing blogger stuff.... )

man I was just rechecking the post below and that second guy down in the towel, the look of that guy makes me feel weak at the knees wanting to have a very gay experience just getting my mouth all over his, damn... hot!

hot guys on a closet blog from OKC etc etc...

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Monday, June 04, 2007

hello hello....

a few steps back.......hmm

well I have a new roomate, he arrived saturday morning and I helped him carry in his couch before I put on a shirt and tie, and then grabbed my jacket to attend my grandfather's funeral. ( he died last Tuesday but I psoted about it on my real blog, was a great respectable man and died peacefully in the hospital at 90.) What's intersting about my grandfather is trying to understand the father son relationship dynamic that he modeled to my father, and then trying to come to an understanding about the way my dad raised me and related to me etc and all that. At some point in college I had to come to terms with the relationship I expected to have with my dad and what it truly was, and the understanding his experience with my grandfather and how that might have affected his expectations in rasing me. etc.... anyway...blah
so when I got back from the funeral the dude was moved in. I will refer to my new straight roommate as CJ. I stopped all gay theories about CJ when I saw him arrive to move in with a big ole lump of Skoal dip in his bottom lip. Decided then and there he had to be straight. ha!
On the other hand, his dvd collection includes Scrub tv show dvd's, "Tigerland", "rent", and "chicago". of course anyone is allowed to own those movies I know. ( has anyone seen tigerland yet? it is greatly filmed and lots of hot boys throughout, had a gay director etc.. etc... rent it!)

you ready for another crazy bad timing story? I got back from a long day with family around 9 pm and the roomate was gone and I was't sure if he was coming back that night because of all the stuff on his bed. well this guy, KC, called. KC is the first guy I met off the internet when I first learned how to chat on AOL m4m after returning to the US from my teaching experience in Central America. I have mentioned him before as the guy who I see at the gym now and then and who got married about 3 years ago. I guess his wife was out of town and he called me and asked if he could come over. I agreed thinking maybe he just wanted to talk about dudes since he's married now and not messing around anymore (as far as I know). cute cute face, always clean and worked out, this guy has TONS of stories about jerking off with guys he's played sports with growing up and in college. He brought a 6 pack over, and I told him all about Austin and the guy I met last monday night and he asks if we can check some porn on my computer, so we go in my room and I show him some of my favorite video clips, and eventually he's grabbing my crotch and rubbing and then we get to messing around.... long story short, we're both undressed and I hear CJ's truck park outside and his door slam shut. we throw our shorts and shirts on, he puts his shoes on but his socks and briefs are shoved in his short pockets. CJ comes inside and to his room, and I just start BS-ing about computer prgrams and files and burning cds and making up stuff about my computer, then we go back out to the den and chat and then KC leaves. I walk him to his truck and he strokes one out on the driveway before leaving.
SO yeah that was awkward. but I prefer not to come out to this new roomate since I didn't list myslef as gay on the roomate ad, and I want him to be comfortable etc... I really don't think I'd live any differently if he knew anyway, other than inviting someone home, but that's pretty rare even when I lived alone so no big difference really.
btw, CJ has a HOT bod. he hung out in flimsy gym shorts and tank top all weekend. I hung out in just my camo cargo shorts and tennis shoes all day yesterday because I was mowing and in and out of the house. but the guy has big legs and round round butt. and he has nice smooth bubbly pecs. his face is sort of cute in the masculine guy next door way, but he looks like he had acne maybe in highschool. short buzzed hair and big sad eyes. last night he watched tv and I was rearranging stuff in the kitchen cabinets to make room for his food and skillets and stuff.
will be intersting to get to know him better and see what he's like after the honeymoon of being all nice to each other all the time wears off. ha.
you can leave any comments by clicking below... wink wink...