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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

buy the cd now! ...ha

everything but the girl, cd titled "walking wounded".....

first drinks, some stripping, some touching.......hmm

about SUnday night in austin..

looks like a title that out in tally would write...
anyway, my last night in Austing I the bars were packed again. I'm telling you people that town was packed out all weekend. they have a big gay splash party in Austin at the lake all weekend on Labor day weekend, and this was the first year for Memorial weekend also. most guys I see from out of town are from houston, San Antonio, and Dallas, or other small towns, and then the year of Katrina there were tons of guys from Cali and other states that had planned on going to New Orleans that year Labor day weekend. ANyway, I remember my first New Year's weekend in Austin there were HOT guys from CHicago at this one party...
GO to Austin is all I'm saying. hot and fun and laid back and friendly and plenty to do outdoors and in!
My bud in Austin stayed home and I went with his sort of bf to the clubs, ( his boyfriend is local and got us in the clubs both nights without wait, which is always better). Fabric is closed now which I guess is what makes the other two get so packed out, OilCan Harry's and Rain. just after last call at OCH I met this guy from sometown I don't remember between austin and Sanantonio. He has a place in Austin and there. He was about my height, younger, dark hair dark eyes baseball players body with a lean look tight blue shirt on. texas accent. we talked for a bit then talked some more, then looked around at my friend waiting to take me back to my buds place, then we started talking about who he was with and how we were going home etc... finally deciding that he would come with me, we'd get my rental car then go to his place.
The great thing is I told him it was late and I wasn't wanting any action but sleeping over would be great. and boy was it! all night long the rain poured down outside pretty heavily and we woke up now and then and then back to sleep and in the morning wreslted around some more etc..
anyway I got back to my bud's place Monday morning ,to the airport, and had a great flight back to OKC.
now here is the interesting thing about MOnday night. With my night off work with zero planned, I decided to try putting something up on craigslist, just to see. The thing is I'm not online much these days on the gay chat sites, but I know the night back from holidays are always good random times what with everyone traveling or coming back from a weekend and getting no action etc... I don't know but those have been my luckiest nights so far with dudes online. Oklahoma City Craigslist is awful for one thing, too old or gross or whatever too few to choose from.... blah! I got a few responses which were deleted. but then this one guy send a pic says he's working out of town but is on his way to the city and is interested. his pic is hot, he's on the bed kneeling with his head looking down with a cowboy hat on it, and he naked with one hand cupping his balls with his erection pointing up. he's all shaved below, has a slightly hairy chest, a beard and huge tatooed biceps. hmmmm
well the prospective roomate was coming over at 7 to see the place. so I emailed the guy my phone number and said anytime after 7:30.
prospect roomie comes by, we'll call him J.
J is very cool, he's in cargo shorts and a t-shirt, you can tell he works out, he looks sort of like a chunky baseball palyer type, big sad eyes, tan hardworking looking guy. very cool and calm and nice, he asks dorky questions like do I have any hobbies, and I'm telling him how I can keep the house a lot cleaner and less cluttered and we can get cable and what our sleep schedules are etc etc... things are looking good, he's interested in living there and all, and then the phone rings cause its about 7:30. well we were about to wrap up anyway, I answer the phone and give the caller directons to my place, about the same as when J called earlier. I walk into the room and shake his hand and say nice to meet you, that a friend from work is coming by. J says he'll call by today to let me know and leaves.
I take my shirt off ( I'm wearing camoflauge cargo shorts, how original) and take my shoes off so only my socks are on. I go to turn on a cd of nice chill tunes of Everything but the girl. and about a minute more and I hear a big engine pull up out front and then a knock on the door. damn! the guy, we'll call him BRW, is 6'2 has shaved his beard to a moustache and chops going down on the sides of his mouth, has big ole wrap around tatoos on both huge biceps. huge solid back, big legs, waist going in tight.... anyway blah blah etc etc. take s off his cap has a buzzed head thick full dark hair and takes off his tank top, we talk a bit, start up, he says something about not doing this in a long while... .I'm going crazy.BRW really seems to like my size. I ask him if he's from out of town or something, he says no but he travels a lot working on the oil fields. anyway, long story short he's there for a while and its fun. he says he'd like to get to know me better and maybe come by again. guy from online that never means much, but we'll see if I hear from the dude again. was HOT.
definitely enough fun for me for a while, and yet what better way to begin the summer.
(last day of school was today summer has begun!)

completely ridiculous but.............

my buds and I were laughing and making jokes about this clip all weekend. it's completely ridiculous but I swear back when I smoked this would have been one excellent trip. ha

show it off studs..........

ryan takes flax oil...

someone tell me why flaxoil?

Josh works out for youtube

straight guys or what?

The latin hot guy, DQ, that studies here at my night job just left. HE was looking as awesome as usual in his undershirt and jeans fresh from work etc... I think I've mentioned you can see his pecs nips, and back muscles in through the t-shirt when he moves this way or that...
well anyway he started talking tonight about he and his wife going to marriage counseling the last 4 weeks and how he is pretty sure that things will end in divorce. man I feel bad because he has a 4 year old daughter that he LOVES so much. on the other hand... single divorced guy.....hmm.

I wanted to mention some random thoughts about this new roomate. I mean he's straight and everything, but you know being the closet dude that I am I always wonder about any guy if there is any chance and all that. Well so far I have a little maybe gay theory very loosely based on:
- he works out a lot. you konw the type of guys that work out just a little too religiously and maybe there's a gay factor in over appreciation for the male body ( for example a gay appreciation)
-he's single and didn't metion having had a gf in a while, and told me he's not the type to whore around and bring women home, although that could really mean nothing
- the only thing that I thought was sort of gay was his screen name on which is where we connected about the room for rent. the name is his first name initial, two words and the digits 08. for example BXxxxxDyy08. usually you see the 08 included on gay chat sites signifying size, I guess. ( I guess? yeah right) SO I can't think of any reason a guy would put 08 but still it could just be random and I'm overthinking it.
-the other things is on the survey where you say who you are looking for, his says guy-straight or girl-straight or lesbian. so I think the open to living with lesbian is a subtle signal that he open to alternative living. but then again it could just be a straight boy thinking it'd be hot to live with a lesbian.

anyway, that's my gay theory about the new straight roomate but its pretty lame and I think the guy is def straight. the straight theory goes like this - he says he's straight, he said it'd be nice if we got cable cause he likes watching ESPN every night before bed (yes I know gay guys also watch ESPN but it's not the norm in OKC!), and he mentioned rebuilding his Jeep engine and playing baseball and having dated girls before who didn't like being picked up in his Jeep.

so who knows, I actually would prefer a straight roommate at this point, just no drama and also I'm in the closet so obviously. I'll prolly post more after he moves in and we get some social hang time. I get along with everybody more or less so I don't see this being any major deal really.

oh yeah, tonight while DQ was talking about his divorce, I was secretly thinking inside....."dang I just found a roommate or I would totally be saying something like, hey dude I got a room if you need a place to stay." ha!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

i met a guy from craigs last night.. DAMN

here are a few cl pics.......( I'm busy w/ last week of school, get some better pics up soon.)

I'm still catching up on sleep was in a blur all day today....
also need to blog about my fun last night in AUSTIN. also about maybe getting a roomate this summer(a straight guy came over last night to check out the extra room...). and also blog about the oil field worker that came by last night. hot damn!

travel pics.......

here's a pic of my plane that I took from the airport. Exrepssjet has a new flight to Austin non-stop. was a great deal, I can actually fly to California for the same ptice, wow.
I have a LOT to say about my weekend, I"m debating whether to tell all about this dude last night --- some good company.
anyway, the second pic is at this older couples home where we heard a string quartet play and then dinner.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

austin weekend cont

sorry no pics lately,
just on vacatino here in austin
stayed out late last night, got in at 3 i guess
this morning we went to Mc Donalds for breakfast, and my bud is staring down this kid there working named Kevin, hot wrestler body and red hair and chin beard and bright blue eyes up against that orange hair. HOT
anyway, then to the dog park then back home, then I went and ran for an hour on the track by the river, was awesome
then we left for lunch with th hot UT architect student I met last time in Austin... he is still looking HOT as ever, tight tshirt and bulging pecs and great smile....etc
anyway he had to get back to the wine festival downtwon that he was vounteering at...
my bud and I came back home and relaxed and cleaned up his place a bit, then took 3 boxes of clothes he's throwing out to the exhange store and made 50 bucks, then for some icecream and then back here. I'm watching some tv now chilling, and then going out to the bars later. the gay bars were PACKED last night in Austin, and as usual lots of out of towners talking to me.
I'm going out tonight it shorts and a tight tshirt, so watch out AUSTIN!
tell me whats up with you this weekend.... just click on leave a comment... :)