Saturday, May 26, 2007

Austin town

sup sup sup,
hey from austin.
had a great flight down here on express jet's new flight from OKC only about an hour.
we were delayed leaving becasue of all the rain in austin yesterday. when I arrived here I came straight to my buds place, threw my shirts and pants in the dryer while I shaved, and then got dressed and we were out the door.
we went to these two older guys' house up in the hills above austin. They had a dinner party for some friends and also to provide a practice audience for this string qartet that played there. Miro I think they are called. about to go on tour this summer to norway, sante fe, and delaware? I don't know
anyway, I was introduced and made small talk with people there, a few gay couples, and then some money type austin fold, one was an ex senator and his wife, a widow, a nonprofit director and her mom, a college professor, the cellists hot wife.(the cellist was also damn HOT, tall young dark haired dude) anyway, they had some interesting food, the kooskoos and lamb was awesome. only about 30 people or less there. It's funny how people there always asked "at a public school?" when I told them i was teacher. just cracked me up for some reason. I like just being myself regardless of the crowds at these things.
we got back about 1030 and I pretty much just felt like crashing, my buds bf came by and i let them alone whle taking a long shower and then we all laid in bed with his bf in the middle but he couldnt sleep that way and left.
THis morning went to the dog park, and then driving around some, I got my hair cut SHORT today.
now my bud is at his recovery group and his sort of bf is coming back by at 1130 and we are going to go check out the gay bars in this town. doesn't hurt to look, if only I can get some make out time in like JP at Overnight blog.
hope all having a good weekend. later

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

good gym day.........

worked out BACK, was slow in there today, I had to work in with some other guy on the squat rack where I was doing shoulder presses and he was doing some sort of incline bench press. anyway everything was fine until my 4th set when I hadn't noticed he added 10 on both sides and I lowered the bar behind my neck and stopped, and was going to hang it up to take the weight off and then he showed up behind me saying "you're good for a couple" and prepared to spot. that was pretty dang cool getting a spot and lifting more than I'm used to which is a better work out anyway. I had never seen the guy in there before but I appreciate when guys are working out and are willing to help out. I was in my usual zone of not looking at anyone and acting all anon just focused on workout, but its cool other guys are willing to come out of their zone and offer a spot... just saying... blah blah
tonight I've been emailing back and forth my friend in Austin. I'm sort of wondering what to pack and what the plans are. my ExpressJet flight takes just over an hour and I'm renting a car once I get there. so it should be a fun weekend, not sure what all I have planned just yet, but I do know they have a big "SPLASH" weekend in AUstin this weekend but I think we will be laying low more or less, if I get a free night or if his bf comes over then I can maybe get out to a bar or two saturday or sunday night. Friday night we are going to this older gay couples house up in the hills looking down on the capitol for a dinner party. the guy has a quartet performing at the party so it shoudl be pretty cool and swanky, although mostly older older gay guys most likely, but always a nice social time, and the older older gay guys are the most real and relaxed for social times, not like I'm looking to cruise dudes I just want relax and get out of town for a change.
ALSO today I noticed a movei preview with Demi Moore in it "mr Brooks". I have a sort of rule about NOT seeing any Kevin Costner movies, I've never liked him AT ALL. I think he reminds me of my older brother. Excpet field of dreams, I liked that movie. well anyway, I really really have ALWAYS been in love with DemiMoore. I'm serious I would choose her over AShton in bed any day. she is so cool and hot and beautiful and sexy and strong and vulnerable at the same time.. oh man. so I guess I might go see her new movie.

celebrity packages on the net.....etc...

this first pic is what I'm talking about the way the wind can take what you're wearing and just press it in. what a great thing to witness...anyone else experience this?

in case you missed the "catfight"

it's SO SO SO about the ratings, the cheaply won kind. the producers cut to a split screen in the middle of this and won't break to commercial when the other hosts are obviously SO uncomfortable. I jsut consider it really BAD tv and pretty much fast forwarded through the clip. save it for Jerry Springer ladies! gee whiz.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

summer.....almost here

any triathlete studs out there?

Paseo arts festival

THis weekend on Paseo in OKC. Great great arts festival, tons of food, always a good crowd to look at , and lots of local artists and booths. I prefer it to the okc arts festival downtown. anyone reading who lives in OKC needs to check it out. I wish I could, I'll be in Austin, ahh well maybe next year....

down in front!

Monday, May 21, 2007

gotta love that wind in okc

especially when.......

right before I get to the gym today downtown I'm at a stoplight and these two guys walk by with Nebraska Baseball t-shirts on. just great shirts with the words in maroon. and they are both wearing flimsy gym shorts and walking and the wind is blowing and the one on the left what a show! the wind was pressing the shorts right into his body and I don't know if this guy had on boxers or boxer briefs, but it was loose and hanging and there it was, big and nice. gee whiz. the guy on the left was a little taller than the other dude, longer oval head long arms all built up. so talk about motivation before the gym. killed my legs today, I know it was a good workout because I got that sort of tired feeling when getting up from my desk tonight. ha, also swam this morning, I'm just hitting it a little extra in prep for austin coming up this weekend.

what sucks is the senior class graduated last Friday night and then one of the senior boys was found dead SUnday morning when his mom went to wake him up. he had taken too many, or the wrong mix of prescription pills. Most of the students' reaction today was one of sadness but not of shock at all, so it's sad the guy might have had a habit with drugs.

I'm including a pic of a shirt I got for next weekend, from Fossil online, although I found out there is Fossil store in Tulsa now.

I'm getting excited for this summer, only a week left of teaching....ah yeah

THe weekend wedding was awesome btw. 3 of the 4 guys I lived withmy last year of college were together ( one of 'em was the guy that got married). and my buddy's married couple friend stayed with me all weekend from SOuth carolina.really really great cute couple. and then one of my ex roomates came by after the reception ( which was in the natural history museum in norman and the dinasoar part was open, very cool and all class). so we were up til about 3 am shooting the breeze before he drove back to Arkansas. now I'll be resting up all this week for the next!

hit it!