Thursday, April 26, 2007

plan plan plan plans

hadn't heard back from the big tall corporate lawyer from a few weeks back, but he did email last week and I responded saying it'd be cool to go out again sometime.
I am also hoping to get back to Austin sometime. that guy down there I met last time seemed really interesting beyond just being a total stud.
anyway, the weekend is coming fast and this week has been SO busy. I've been testing all the kids I teach at school for end of the year stuff. and then at my night job I've been going over the sign in sheets from last July until now to make a monthly report of everyone's name and how many hours they came each day. so thus, not much blogging going on this week.
my best friend up in AR that is married who I spend weekends with sometimes is all upset that I cancelled going up there this weekend, I had planned on it up until last night.
THis weekend I'm helping out downtown with this big Friday night party going on at the arts festival downtown OKC this weekend, and then Saturday morning I am volunteering downtown, saturday afternoon prolly do some yard work and chill at my place, and then go hang at my parents to visit my little sister and her four kids who are coming into town. Sunday after church I am going to the arts festival with this coach and his wife from work and some other friends, so we plan on walking around and having lunch down there.
so the weekend is set. after school tomorrow, I'll be at the gym working chest and arms and then starting it all up.hope everyone else survives the weekend......

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

its the man, not the hair

Chris Meloni.........HOT right?

these videos.... damn. I've never seen the show, but maybe someday will check it out.

Monday, April 23, 2007

what a man........ahh yeah

the hot latin guy came to class tonight. made my day. let's call him DQ from now on...( el quintanilla guapo!) So DQ arrives same time I arrive at work at 4:30pm.
wearing his undershirt white tshirt from work, and jeans and boots. (he had a rope on as a belt no kidding, he told me later he couldn't find his belt so grabbed the rope at work this morning.)
he sits down, I correspond with the afternoon shift person, and when they leave at 5 I walk over to DQ and he's like rubbing his face and leaning in to the computer, and I pat/rub his back shoulder and say "hey wake up man" and he says, I know, and I sit next to him and we start shooting the breeze about our weekends.
how he went out drinking saturday night after going to the dentist that afternoon.
and how I had to move one of my pickups with a dead battery by pushing it out of the carport and backing it up then forward to the side of the driveway so I can park my newer pickup under the carport.
and then we talk about his insurance plan and his daughter, and I talk about my yardwork.
and we stare at each other smiling the whole time, and sometimes when he leans back and stretches his arms out I check out his biceps and see if he notices, and I try to glance a few times at his crotch but don't want him to notice.
THis guy is solid and his t-shirt shows his nice pecs below and the nips are showing also. man I love seeing it. anyway, he talks about having his keys locked in the car when he came so I tell him I'll help him get them out.
we go outside and talk and laught and go to my truck to get a hangar I keep in back al lthe time, go to his truck and get it unlocked eventually after trying for a while. he open the door and reaches into the front seat on the floor of the passenger to get a magazine with his cousin in it to show me. and I notice his butt in his jeans. but anyway.....
innocent fun..., finally we stand and talk some more then I just say, well take it easy and shake his hand and say later.
This guy would be very cool friend to have, and eventually I think we are going to have to go out for drinks, and I'm not looking for anything more than an awesome macho latin stud for a friend, but I'm open for more, but I'm not the one to make a move, would have to be his move. sucks I know but that's how I am.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

kaiser chiefs......ruby

I thinkI'm going to go ahead and get this cd soon.....

practice it up boys.....

ideosynchrosies... sp? and Roy Rules...

anyway, I was a tthe movies last night and I noticed a guy with a jacket on, jeans and flip flops. SO I thought I'd blog about how that always drvies me crazy, Of course I do like the whole fratboy look tan barefeet with flipflops and jeans etc... but if it's cold enough for a jacket then don't wear thongs (flip flops). Anyone else have any meaningless ideosynchrocsies like that?

Anyone see the SNL film skit last night with Andy samburg... a bit of gay humor, he's singing about how great his brother-in-law is and then says how he's got a crush on him, and wants to 69....etc etc.. well sure does give one ideas. it was pretty funny, check it.....

the cabin again.............