Thursday, April 12, 2007

inspired to work it.......


to the gym yet today guys? I have been seeing a bit of result from doing abs daily right after my pre-workout stretch. just got to start, make it through 2 weeks, and it becomes part or routine...

I forgot to mention the latino from work....

THis solid strong welder that comes to my night school. well he started coming back in to study an hour after work. He gets here about a half hour before I arrive in the afternoon. well I've been talking to him everyday of course when he has time to come sit by my desk, or if I'm with another student, then he'll say his goodbye and leave. anyway, Tueday nt we were getting into this converstaion about working out, and I'm staring at his arms and his face and I'm getting up and showing him how I do the deadlift and lunges etc etc. and he talks about going to the gym to work out and run etc etc. love that kind of guy talk.

This guy just stares at me right in the eyes while we are talking and he grins, and listens, and talks back. its so nice. well anyway, I was fiddling with his sunglasses tuesday night while he was finishing up his lesosn on the computer.

SO anyway last night before he leaves, he sits down in front of my desk and we chat some and he says, hey I got a present for you. and gives me a pair of these sunglasses. they are really just protective wear from his job so there were plenty extras. So I'm laughing and saying thanks, and then we talk about yardwork he's doing and how he's takng his little 3.5 year old daughter to gymnastics practice etc etc. ANd some times he just sits there until I say the next boring conversational thing. eventually he's like, well see ya later.

So basically it's going nowhere. but it's still cool, he's a good guy, a good friend, and I enjoy the chemistry just the way things are really, so just thought I'd blog about the guy.

Dan recommends Fossil....

I have bought a shirt from this site before and I sort of rationalize why I like this shirt this way; It gives me a nice fitted look with retro sort of stripes on the shoulders, but with just 2 basic colors and simple graphics it's still appears like a regular guy's shirt without looking too gay.... or just call me crazy.

these shirts fit great if you've got the slim or fit look going for ya. a great polo shirt for the summer, and a style that won't look like all the other shirts. I also like shirts that don't scream a brand name sometimes. The Fossil Website is here.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007



yes we met....

called the guy up, and then again before leaving work last night, and we met at a bookstore in OKC. borders on NW Xpresway actually, and he had just come from working late and had on jeans and dress shoes and a button up shirt. tall and great looking, clean cut, great voice and smile, he was just right, big and tall and not all muslced out but great strong legs and shoulders and smooth skinned etc... anyway, I just want guys to know that if you are not cut tight and hard but are strong and muscular underneath a few pounds it can be just as hot I think. It's masculinity and charm more than anything for me ....
well we talked for about an hour, he's some sort of lawyer and doing pretty good from what I could see, he was extremely confident, smart, had also attended a private Christian college like me, had been over seas to thrid world countries before like me. and that was about the only thing in common. he makes a lot more than me, obviously since I'm in education, but gee whiz, the guy was driving a new without tags Lexus SUV and when we pulled up to his (big) house afterwards there was his BMW in the drive. and the house was really nice with a pool right out back. and he keeps it heated. ha! so yeah we swam for a bit then inside to relax a bit and some fun. SO much for the one hour just talking, I ended up getting home an hour and a half later than planned.
I told the guy I have more time on the weekends and we should hang out some more or get together again, so he may email or call. you never know with some guys if they are really looking to connect or just want another notch. He did say I was the second guy to ever be invited over but being a guy, I'm sure I've said something similar to dudes before as well. Although this guy is pretty dang successful and busy with work a lot and hangs with all work crowd and say's he keeps it really really discreet and closeted and all that, so could be true. he said he only messes with one married bud of his now and then, and that means stroke and oral. I guess the best thing is like me he no desire for more than that sort of action.
I came home happy and since his house was so clean, I felt motivated to clean mine up a LOT more. I can say that I made a decision today on the way home from work that I prefer to meet guys in person from now on, and even preferably just hang with some guys socially. I'm seriously up for findind some quality all around if I am stuck pursuing the whole guy/guy thing. I had a discussion with the AUSTIN guy from spring break and this LAWYER guy said the same thing, how when they started messing around with dudes started and they got all confused about being bi or gay or whatever, and how sex with guys was just a lot easier to find than sex with girls. well yeah, we all know that's true, perhaps lasting quality is another story though.

best of times.........

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

This is crazy..............

I have a friend who believes this completely, that 9/11 was rigged by OUR govt.(And he believes we never walked on the moon)... anyway, my point is that I still consider him a good friend (he's the str8 ex roomate who's getting married here in OKC soon) I just don't ever bring it up and when the discussion does happen, I try to look at it all with a grain of salt, but COME ON!
anyway, I don't think firing rosie is going to do anything about the conspiracy or the show. I think the viewers can decide for themselves if they want to continue watching or not.. blah, big deal. INteresting news story, between this and the don imus thing. (sucks when the news on tv is all about what other people on tv are doing. while people in Darfur continue to be raped and killed, drugs continue to be smuggled into the USA, sex slavery continues in this country and others, the war in Iraq with no real end, global warming etc etc. anyway you get the point.)

tuesday in okc

I met this guy, 29, 6'3, 220 lbs, br/br all in shape ahh yeah, anyway we are meeting for drinks tonight. Its very chill and I'm looking to talk for one hour and then go home, serious. he just wanted to talk with another closet dude, so that always cool. I'm supposed to call his cell phone from work here in a bit and then set up where we can have a drink at later tonight. By drink I'm thinking a water at the cafe in barnes n noble. ha, i'm not drinking beer on a worknight, nah.
doing a lot of year end testing at my day job this week and next. so my schedule is a little off which is cool, less kids in class time. ha
And i approached my bud, the married middle school coach, about coming over and helping him with yard work sometmime, he asked me last fall when I used to hang out over there on weekends watching OU games. And seriously he and his wife are so cool. they are both ex military and stay in shape and are really cool, yet I'm always cracking up about how they have no idea to cook stuff, like when I was over there having lasagna dinner during a game and they ask me how to heat up the Braums lasagna, and what to do with the garlic bread from the store. And then now he wants to put up a retaining wall with railroad ties and he's asking me how to do it, like with rebar or digging into the hill..etc. just cracks me up.
I worked legs today at the gym although it was a sucky work out, in that I had to cut it short because i ran into this guy i hadn't seen since christmas break and we kept catching up on stuff. SO i missed doing dead lifts and squat machine, but I did the usual leg press and other machines and calves. ahh well.

funy youtube gay guy

ANyone seen this guy yet? He's quick witty gay and makes some funny gay jokes and jokes about everything else.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Dudetube would appreciate these superheroes...ha

shout out to . He's back with his own site and continues to put an exciting blog with all the hot vid clips you'd want to see. If you hadn't been by lately, go check it out!

one thing that sucks about the closet

is my dad always talking about setting me up with someone. I'm not griping or anything, I mean its my choice to not share all my current relational motivations with my parents. Did anyone else do the family thing this weekend and have the usual conversation about getting set up with some one or asked when you're going to settle down? Well I know that is a freedom that readers who are OUT and PROUD and all that can enjoy. I know of some guys whose parents get after them to find one committed guy relationship also. I think parents who are happily coupled or married really just want their kids to experience the same sort of happiness of having a life partner, mate, spouse etc..
Actually my parents and family have stopped bringing up me dating anyone or getting married much at all. But there was a new single girl who started working at my dad's work and commented on a picture of me in his office I guess. I think they, like me, probably consider my last gf my last hope at getting married to a girl. who knows.

I remember coming to a sort of realization about my dad, at some point in colege after a separate "men's" chapel service. I was looking at him from the point of view as a person and how he grew up on a farm with my grandad, a mennonite swiss/German farmer, up in north Oklahoma small town. And basically I started to sort of think about how completely different we were, and how we didn't understand each other, and then think about how he show'd his love in different ways then I wanted to receive it...etc etc etc. for example being touched or being told once in a while. ANd I considered how stern my grandfather was and probably never modeled a whole lot of obvious displays of affection towards my dad. But I have to say my dad would always want to work on or fix my car, ask where I was going or where I'd be, offer gas money always. I don't know, all the practical things. I mean he's an engineer type minded guy and I was an English major.
ALthough I have to say i can relate a lot more to his practical side the more I've "grown up". I also get a kick out of seeing my mom do stuff like me or stuff I'd never do, and the same with my dad. I feel just like him when I try to be clever or handy around the house, fix my car, want a project to keep busy with. I also see the parts I have that annoy me in both of them. anyway, probably this is normal for most people. But it was sort of a growing up thing for me, while I was trying to figure myself out and deal with all these weird feelings and expectations and trying to decide if I was gay or what and I know I didn't want to be like anything gay I saw in a movie or on tv. And then realizing where my parents were coming from and sort of take responsibility for who I was going to be regardless of what I thought they wanted, and sort of accept them for who they were if I ever expected to accept me for whatever I was. etc, anyway if that makes sense, or if you ever experience something similar.
well I hope it was a good Easter weekend for all.