Thursday, April 05, 2007

I love my tivoli......

I got one of these black PAL radios a year ago in an insane 75% off sale at some mall store for under $30 and I have to say it was worth it even if I had spent more. First off it just looks plain cool, sounds great, and then it has a rechargeable battery and so I take it outside contstantly while working in the yard and just set it on the back or front porch. Anyway, I also like the new styles in wooden boxes. I've seen some at Target even. But you can always check out the Tivoli radio website here.

Christians and porn..... porn and pancakes....Christians and and grace....etc..

well I guess that includes gay or straight guys who consider themselves a believer in the Christian faith. I think some of the fight that Christian right puts up against homosexuality isn't just based on their own personal feelings against an alternative lifestyle, or based following a bible verse they've read against homosexuality, but I think the idea of sexual freedom in general seems immoral whether heterosexual or homosexual. This must come from the general assumption that gay guys aren't looking for just one-rest-of-your-life sexual partner, or much less saving sex for just that one person they are willing to commit to ( I'm just paralleling it to how Christian families normally attempt to raise their sons and daughters, a son's double standards withholding). Anyway it seems most Christians consider a gay Christian to be "dealing" with homosexual feelings, or that they continue to have them but not acting on them. Or some mroe progressive freethinking types may believe that love is love and so you find one true partner and if it is the same sex, so be it, love is love. I've even read that whether or not a person is born gay or not doesn't matter, because we follow God's will regardless of what pleases us in life (sex,food, wealth, vanity, power, etc) so we simply do not act upon those desires and wants.
On the other hand I read in the new testament the other day for women not to wear gold or braid their hair. So why is one thing ok because it was "different times and culture" but other things like "sleeping with a man as you would a woman" not ok... well, anyhow....
It makes me consider about the society and culture of our country in general in modern times that is considered "sex obsessed" . And does that roll over into the whole gay/straight argument and whether its wrong or not. I think it might be hard for many Christians to reconcile because it's not just about having sex with a male or female, but its also about having sex at all, many times, many partners, ( of course the expectations should hold same for heterosexuals, and yet CHristians will watch and love shows like "Cheers" and "friends" but become apalled at "ellen" or "will and grace", and I'll bring that up anytime I hear someone griping about gay stuff on tv.)

Anyway, I came across this story about all about a church group helping anyone who wants it dealing with addiction to porn. I think its great that they don't just preach against the issue but they face it and provide time to deal with it together. I'm not sure if I mentioned it before, but if I ever did hvea a guy/guy relationship, I would expect porn to be out of the question for both of us. I guess I would have the same expectaions I would of any other truly committed straight couple, maybe thats unreasonable, but its still I believe a committed realtionship should be, what with my upbringing and all. I don't see why rules of commitment should be any different.
Anyway, jsut thoughts. I'm not saying I was addicted but when I first got internet at my own house about 3 years ago, I went through a stage of few months of not wanting to do anything else but just edging myself enjoying porn online. hours and hours wasted and sleep time wasted. etc..

dan recommends....

Any boardshort, but in particular these (but... only if you don't mind spending $60 or more on a pair of board shorts, I know that's crazy). I got a cool pair last year end of summer on sale from the same website, Modern Amusement. great hug and fit on guys. What is cool about this website is how they took photos of the models underwater wearing the boardshorts. It's just cool 'cause what an original ( or not) idea. BOardshorts are best on guys with longer legs, or what I'm trying to say is taller type guys. guys, if they hit below your knees consider NOT the boardshort, go for traditional trunk. I think boardshorts look damn cool on most guys, with a slim or athletic look. I'm posting a few I like IF I were going to get another pair. The reersible ones are awesome, and my bud in Austin had a pair similar to the ones iwth birds all over them last year and (gay)guys and girls would comment ALL the time on his swimsuit, serious. I already have 2 or three swimsuits from summers past, so I'm holding off at this point.


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

may be a repost on some of these... don't remember

getting through the week......

hot ups guy at the gym today actually was in the steam room at the same time I was and not sure but maybe I was getting a signal....hmm
I made it a new years resolution to not do anything suspicious at the gym any more, and take in some steam for 10 minutes tops, relax and go, and basically just talking to guys makes it easier to be normal and makes them quit cruising you after you've broken the mystery and act like a normal guy. anyway, the UPS guy is a whole nother story. I was glancing back and forth at him some and just hoping my towel didn't move below the waist any. ha.
today was just run laps day and stretch and do abs day anyway.
I am considering joining a "stock club". A coworker asked me today if I'd like to join (also was my 7th grade teacher how weird). anyway she meets with a group every first monday of the month at a local bank with an advisor from the bank, and they all pay $50 each meeting and discuss what stock to invest in and apparently have been running "long" in their investments. So i'm interested just to get involved with something new and learn more about stocks and bonds in general. I'd also enjoy the discusion of ethics in investing, for example investing in mining companies that profit in Sudan where the govt benefits and then funds the Janjaweed army there etc etc. Only thing is I work nights, so I might wait until this summer when I can take off a night every now and then. may be cool.
I just got finished taking sheets and blankets outside to cover the plants, we are on frost alert tonight. hope any blog readers are having a good week.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


dc bachelor contest or something.... ?

I worked out legs today at gym, while glancing up at the tv screens I noticed the Inside edition tv trash show on and showing some shirtless guys. so I made a mental not to check out the website at work and found the story here.
and here are a few pics from the galleries. ahh yeah!

Tobias of Sothebys

not for the faint at heart when it comes to modern art.... long too, but for those who like to listen to different views and opinions about art peices, go for it....I enjoyed watching it while chained to my desk job tonight. ha.

Monday, April 02, 2007

sup suckers?

just sitting here at work about to work on my taxes some more, I think I'm going to end up owing about $240 or less to the govt and I have no idea bout the state taxes yet. UGHH.
but it's time to just get it over with, it's pretty easy just to fill in the numbers and follow the directions, just sucks having to pay.
Usually Monday is legs day but today I just ran for half an hour around the track, stretched and then swam laps for about 20 minutes. I haven't been swimming much since after Christmas so I wanted to get back in and make sure I could still move as fast as before. well it was a bit of a challenge, I've never been what you'd call a strong swimmer but I did all right and got my flip and turn going.
If anyone has considered swimming laps and is not a strong swimmer, I have to tell you to just start it up. It's great cardio exercise and sort of works you all out all over. I started daily lap swim while living in central america and usuing the local gym there. I didn't even put my head in the water at the time while doing laps. but THAT"S OK. you have to start somewhere. and eventually I swam with my face under water and doing the breathing right, and little by little kept it up, and then about 3 years ago I started teaching myself the flip and turn, which I still dont' get perfect but I'm doing it a lot better. SO that's my encouragement to start, I'm no muscle head but even when I was skinny in colleg eI had to go and get toned up first and just start and guys realize that, you don't have to feel like an idiot with a bunch of muscle studs around at the gym. there are plenty of fat guys as well. Anyone ever notice the really big muscle guy at the gym who disappears for 3 or 4 months and they show back up and I mean, bam, they gained weight the wrong way in a rapid amount of time. alwyas surprises me how easy it is to gain doing nothing. I'll never be huge but it feels and looks great just keeping in shape and trying to increase what I'm lifting little by little. I'm good with it, runnning some, swim some, get the workouts in, I am trying to push over a plateau of wieght lifting at the moment. I am going to begin my daily morning swims in a couple of weeks. I'm not quite ready yet to get up every morning but as summer appproaches I'll get into the habit eventually.
Other news, have I ever mentioned this student at my night job. he stutters really badly. and the thing is you have to just sit and stare and wait, because it is rude to fill in the word. So I'm learning great patience helping this man learn math, whenever the word three or multiply comes up which is a lot. he's a great nice guy though really. this older guy who lost his job when the tire factory closed in OKC and now he's getting his math skills up so he can pass a test to get into a vocational class here at the school.
ok back to taxes. anyone still putting em off? I was surprised to find I made 10k extra than I thought I made last year which is pretty bad, I'm not sure where some of it went. dang it all.

great stuff you'll never hear on USA radio.... alas

kooks, "ooh la"

kaiser cheifs, "everyday I love you less and less"

the feeling, "fill my little world right up"