Friday, January 12, 2007

Thursday, January 11, 2007

yes weekend is here...

I guess its summer for you guys down under, here in OKC we had nice sunny and windy 63F, but tomorrow its supposed to be 27F. how's that for change, just typical for winter in good ole OKC. I just filled up with gas at $1.85 a gallon tonight on the way home from work. not bad at all.
I have a "bud" named Matt that called tonight and might be in town saturday from Chicago, he's going to a Hornets game with some friends on SUnday in downtown okc, and maybe stay with me saturday night... hmm could be some fun time after all this weekend, whether or not I get the chance to spend time with DX. no worries, I'll at least call the guy.

*I've learned from a friend tonight that SOHO means South of Houston, and it's NOT pronounced like the one in Texas. ALso a friend recomends hang time in Greenich Village just to see it.....and warned that in Chelsea I'll find gogo boys and the usual muscle crowd, however since I'm touring NYC, he told me to go ahead and check it out (well, yeah!) although it wasn't his scene. I'm not sure-- I think I'll stick with my original plan of the GYM sports bars I've heard mention but also check out chelsea, I am in town 2 nights afterall, and supposedly the city "never sleeps" etc etc.
Hope everyone has a great weekend. May that hot guy you run into this weekend - give you a wink, adjust his crotch while you're looking, maybe shake your hand for too long, or just right out follow you to the mens room. ha!


I came across this video and brought back memories. I went in and out of this city many time while living in Central America. in Tegucigalpa they have one of the shortest runways in the world. you can literally see the highway crossing and chainlink fence right before the plane lands and right after you take off. It was always a small thrill. Another thing is before landing when the plane drops down into the city and the mountains that surround seem to be right outside your window. while I'm on the topic, another fun flight was the small russian plane that took us from the mainland to the bay islands, on Utila where you land on a sort of sand gravel runway near the beach. ha!
Honduras, te quiero y regreso bien pronto....

Why is it that some guys just love to flex???

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

start spreading the news......

can you guess what line comes next?....
... New York, new york !!
I bought the ticket today so I"m committed now regardless of expense or if I get the hot lawyer bud in Florida to meet me that weekend. I'm looking forward to it regardless. I lived in Central America for a while, and have travelled up and down the streets of the capitol city, checking around, observing, taking it all in, by myself, and I'm easily amused with some or alone. EIther way I know I'm up for a fun time, and adventure, new experience, people, places, cultures even. all right enough about NYC, I'm sure you'll here tons more before Feb 23rd actually arrives.

I ran a good 30min today and swam only 15 min. I remain undecided whether doing cardio between weightlifiting keeps me from growing, but at this point, I'm just going to continue to do what works. This weekend I'll stock back up on groceries and get back into my routine of 3 eggs, instant oatmeal with super sugar crisp cereal on top, 2 bowells of Honeynut cheerios mixed with Nut and honey crunch flakes cereal, and cran/grape juice for breakfast. I quit the eggs sometime before getting busy with Christmas break. I also need to consider a fourth meal when I get home from my night job. in the past I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich every night but these days of carb counting I'm not sure thats helping or hurting me before bed. ahh well....

They've hired a new girl at my night job to work the afternoon shift and i really look forward to getting to know her because she is a Christian, ALSO taught overseas in central america, and I kow she likes art because she was in a class I took at the museum last summer. ANYWAY, I'm not going try and ask her out or anything (lead her on or waste our time as some bloggers might think) but since I've decided to try think it's ok to have girls as friends, I know she could become a good friend. hope that makes sense.

shout out to overnight in newyork blog. this guy JP does a great job blogging about his NY life working late night, dating guys, and finding the masculine type gay guys he wants to hang out with and prolly do more... he he. check it out I finally got it linked on the right.

Also DB over at Procrastinating Wolverine, ( btw did you know that's one of the most viscious North American mammals?), he's begun a great blog I've also added to the list. check it out.

more swimmers......hmmm

more swimmer eye candy... so boring... yeah right.

ahh yeah!

for more at this guy's blog "allaboutstrength" here. If you hadn't seen it before...

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

thanks visa platinum....

got home from work last night and opened some mail, an envelope stuffed full of papers from San ANotnio Texas....hmmmm.... well, if anyone remembers my fall break trip to Austin Texas... I forget if I mentioned renting a car and damageing the back driver anyway I receive an invoice for $899. actual damage was $567 but there was a fee for the appraisal, out of service for 9 days fee, and then administrative fee of $150. gee whiz!! I had called my Visa card back in October but I was thinking I had only 45 days to file the claim and only heard back from the rental place yesterday! (was sort of hoping they wouldn't pursue the charges.)
I went to bed last night thinking, all right forget NYC, obviously God is trying to tell me something what with this expense suddenly showing up, and how I hated to dig $900 out of savings especially after Christmas bills etc etc etc..
Well I went by my Insurance, and I am covered after the $500 deductible for the damages only, so I decide not to claim for just the $67 ( they tell me to use Enterprise next time because they will waive the fees for my insurance company..blah). I call Visa just to make sure, because with a Platinum card it covers your deductible on car rentals......and, SWEET DEAL, by calling them in October I have already reported the accident within the 45 day time frame, and making the actual claim has a window of 90 days. I have already filed online tonight here at work, and then will be mailing or faxing all the documents they need tomorrow, and hopefully begin the "5 day" process to getting the check.
Of course I'm still out the $399 but I'll bite it and say hard lesson learned, next time I won't be so cheap and just pay the extra $18 a day fee for head to toe coverage. I did receive a $200 check today as reimbursement for mileage that I wasn't expecting, so I'm sort of just behind the $199. (that's the way I'm rationalizing it this time anyway ha) but still it SUCKS throwing away the cash. ahh well, live and learn, I may begin recomending the extra insurance when renting cars.... oh yeah, I think NYC trip is still ON brother!

In fact I plan on buying the flight tomorrow. I'm waiting on getting the broadway show tickets because I don't know until the end of this week if my buddy in FL can get off work and meet me that weekend or not. I've decided to catch the show Friday night at 8pm so I will have Saturday freee to check out a museum and shop, and that way I'm not rushed doing only shopping or museum that morning before a 2pm show, and then saturday night is out because I want to hit a few bars. Thanks for any more suggestions btw in NYC, I appreciate and have made a list of all of them. I really wanted to catch the John Currin exhibit at the Gagosian Museum but it ends in Jan. ahh well. I will be reading future new yorkers for ideas, and also plan to check out a TIME OUT NYC magazine/guide. I'm told it reliably lists places to stay in NYC.

I'm back to working out this week and the trip will keep me motivated doing so. I am back on my glutamine tabs, and I swear they make a difference. Anyone else ever supplement with glutamine tabs? I've been sold for about a year now on these things.
I may also do a month of Creatine just to give me a push and move up on the weight I'm lifting. I did arms and chest yesterday and life is always wonderful when I'm leaving the gym after chest and arm day, It's my easiest part of my body to work out hard and make pop out. I just wish I could reach the point where my body looks like I do right after the workout - nice a tight and buffed up a bit, instead of like an hour later when it's not pumped up as much anymore.... working on it! If anyone knows, what can i do for that part of my arm above the bicep on the outside of the shoulder. I don't know if I should work that out on arm day or back/shoulder day. but I want to start making that part grow and get more defined... It's getting worked out whatever I'm doing but I need to isolate or do a set that focuses on that part.

This week is going great so far, I am trying to get really organized with my job during the day, I have all these forms, papers, information about all these various kids I service, and they have been just stacked here and there all year, so of course now that its second semester I'm finally getting motivated to getting them all in files named, alphatized and by grade etc....tonight at work I've been watchinn some letterman clips on youtube, and some regis and kelly clips.
New student alert and my night job, adult male, latin, smooth skin, soccer type build, big eyes, yesterday he had a grey hoodie and red cap, tonight he has a red hoodie and grey cap. sweatpants and tennis shoes both nights.... looking good. Not lilke I'm checking out everyone here at work, but every now and then there is one who just really demands attention. hard working guys coming home from a days work, in true latin styel, getting all showered up and clean smelling and change of clothes before coming in to school. ahh yeah...later.

DX update, I made plan to see him after school Friday, I can't wait for this weekend to just stay in OKC and relax and home, clean up, watch a movie, laundry and maybe get that guy over to my place...

pool fun....

anyone seen this movie?

i think its called summ er storm?

which one of these things is not like the other....

Monday, January 08, 2007

i was at borders and.....

I like to check out the graphic novels, because I teach and I like to provide graphic rich texts to my students learning English.... well anyway, I'm also a fan of graphic novels, so this post is sort of something you might read on "dudetube" 's blog.

I was reading this book "How to make money like a porn star" and I have to say it was reallly really well drawn. I like to check out the whole tom-of-finland comic drawings now and then, I know they are over done, and over sized, and over perfect etc... I'm just saying nice drawings. SO this copy of HTMMLAPS I noticed how masculine and well drawn the men were, pretty sexy, well to say the least the main star hot girl on every page is also sort of overly perfectly drawn. just thought I'd post about it.

they are hot, right?

katamari damacy

have you played this game, Katamari Damacy, on Playstation 2? it's pretty cool and a lot has gone into the unique design of the game, there is also a katamari II now.

the reason I mention it is because someone posted a video with their Linerider creation on youtube with the Katamari music in the background, and I just felt like that was pretty cool.

Linerider is a game online where you draw a line and this little sled guy slides down whatever you draw.
here's the video;

some guys on craigs....

during break I was checking ads in different cities just to kill time and you're right, the bigger cities have a lot to choose from..........