Wednesday, September 19, 2007


the teacher at work who is going to Afghan. told me the guy I emailed was impressed by my resume. however, there is still no time frame for when the project might start. SO that's pretty strange. right now I'm aiming to join up with the program maybe next year. because I honestly don't see myself leaving here in a month. Of course I guess it will really all depend on the $$$ negotiated. ha.

I went to a tailors in OKC today to order a suit. dark charcoal grey with subtle grey pin stripes, very normal and understated I think. what do I know about suits? I teach at a public school in Oklahoma.
why the suit? well, I decided to go visit my bud in Austin for fall break. The organization he works for is having their huge fundraiser that weeekend so he emailed me back saying bring a tux or dark suit to wear. (yeah, like I have a tux, well there is the one from Cathedral Choir in college. ha..) I never did get a suit last summer after realizing I lacked one for my grand dad's funeral. SO I'm hoping now that I'll get it back in time to wear to my ex's funeral. I'm also concentrating on a real nice white dress shirt to wear with a tie etc...
I am planning on wearing the suit on the plane so I can travel with my new carry-on bag (the Monocle one). OH yeah the best thing is a secretary at school is letting me use one her husbands passes so I'm making the trip on $20. SHWEET.

I added some labels to some posts, it will take me a while to label all the past posts, but someone let me know what you think about the labels. I thought it'd be a nice way to find favorite old pics posted etc...


Gary Mars said...

Dan, why the hey do you wanna go to Kabul, a war zone? Check out the State Dept. site on that area. It's not a pretty picture.
Sincerely, gm

Gary Mars said...

go here for info on Kabul: