Monday, September 17, 2007

Murakami in Los Angeles

i was shopping flights tonight for LA. I like the idea of traveling to a destination for an event or scheduled festival. There is a show at the art museum there I'd enjoy seeing. Murakami, Japanise "pop" art. from Japan, it's a concept of "high" pop art, sort of trying to make the manga cartoon style more respected art not just cartoon etc, something like that. I've liked this artist's style for some time. To those of you in LA I hope you get a chance to branch out and check out the exhibit.


Mike said...

A trip to LA, ay? Ontario Airport is only 30 minutes to downtown LA and Expressjet flies into Ontario. I'm only 30 minutes from Ontario also... haha.

That looks like some cool art. I'm not really into manga, but that pop art looks interesting.

Closeted said...

I've never seen this type of art before and a trip to LA huh...sounds interesting.

Dean Grey said...

Ah, this looks very, very cool, Dan!

"High" pop art. What a concept!