Wednesday, July 11, 2007

can't wait !!!

i seriously plan on seeing TRANSFORMERS this weekend... I've already heard about this awesome trailer that shows before the movie and it has me really excited too..
I've always sort of thought about how cool it'd be to have a movie where normal day life is going on and then there is this awful supernatural disaster occuring in the background and this trailer hit it exactly, modern times, every day life, the immediacy of the camerawork like someone's there at the party and you're experiencing the surprise with them.... (sort of like the creepy effect in "Blair witch" movie. that was awesome) reminds me of when lightening strikes setting off car alarms, or losing the electricity and stuck helpless etc....obviously the whole movie can't be filmed that way, but the trailer kicks A!
check it out and comment... :)


Mike said...

I've never seen Blair Witch... hah

J.R. said...

Dude! I love movies like that, too. Like, end of the world flicks with abandoned city-type setpieces are awesome. I always go see movies that look like they might pull it off well. And this trailer is The Shit.

(I really love "The Blair Witch Project," too. People started hating on it, but it was a great flick.... so got watch it, MIKE!)

Hamilton said...

Transformers is the best!! i saw it twice!! so good! u have to see it i hope u see it today