Tuesday, July 24, 2007

anyone have this camera or seen it used before?

I think I might get this camera from Amazon tomorrow, it's $125 there. THis looks like a quick easy no nonsense way to capture video and get it to the computer. You can check out the Flip Video website here.

Paul Rudd is on letterman, and does anyone else think he's sort of like really hot as he's gotten older?

good week so far, I have a final tomorrow morning and then no more summer class!! sweet!

then Thursday morning I'm flying up to grand rapids MI. shoudl be some fun, I am hoping my buddy and his wife get me out to a lake while I'm up there.

I taking the girl to SNOW PATROL next week. we confirmed it at work today. I'm still taking it as a getting to know you as a friend deal, although I got to say we've been awful flirty at work this week. just a little bit.

I was watching this spanish music video and it really got me thinking how I"d love to be part of the fantasy world in the video. basically just lots of hot latino guys and girls hanging around looking hot and some hot guy singer in front etc etc.. but I couldn't help how hot it'd be hanging out with those people and getting to lay on top of some girl and have a lot of fun, and also maybe hang out iwth the dudes also, some making out or rolling around etc.... so dumb, I know. But I will prolly be saving that idea for tomorrow morning for some alone time... he he

btw Thanks to the readers leaving the b-day comments. I had an EXCELLENT weekend while away, my college buddies and their wives, and some of the new very young college girls in town working at the coffee shop. getting a hair cut from my same college barber. not to mention the extremely awesome Harry Potter 5 movie, yeah I'll admit it I loved it. ha

back to studying........


J.R. said...

Paul Rudd has definitely gotten hotter as he's matured. Thought he was cute to begin with, but nowadays he definitely "does it for me."

Saw the "Harry Potter" movie this week too, but was kinda disappointed. I love the series, and it was really good — just a bit of a let down for me coming on the heels of Prisoner of Azkaban and Goblet of Fire, which were both so awesome I couldn't even stand it.

And yeah, there is something strangely satisfying about something like getting a haircut from your college barber or whatever, huh? Weird.

(No tips on the camera, bud. Sorry.)

Nothing Golden Stays

Mike said...

Never touched a Harry Potter book... haha. I just can't get interested in it. I kind of would like to be in on everything, but I guess not. I'm just not a reader and the movies don't interest me. I think part of it is my sister has watched them so many times it has exhausted me and I have no interest in seeing them now.

I AM MAD I missed Snow Patrol in LA last night. None of my friends ended up wanting to go. You're very lucky.

Good luck on your final!!! I'm looking to get my final paper done for my class tommorow and turn it in on Thursday.