Thursday, June 21, 2007

thursday again summer is here

been considering to mention it or not, but I've been getting to know a girl at work really really well these last few weeks and we have tons and tons in common, interests and life goals etc.. sigh. so already, I've discussed it with some friends last weekend, a str8 married couple, and the concensus is the same as most comments on this blog, that is, don't lead her on. I've decided that if we go out on a date it will be strictly as friends and I'll just take it from there. basically, since my ex girlfriend broke up with me, I've made no effort to be friends with any girls unless I was seriously interested in dating them and sleeping with them etc etc. So now years later I'm having to redecide if I'm comfortable being just friends and hanging out with a girl, or whether I want to date anyone else, because I honestly really do miss my ex-gf and we had the best of fun times together..blah blah blah.

anyway, regardless of all that. I haven't posted much this week and signing up on facebook last night didn't help! I had the best of time finding a lot of former students in Central AMerica on there, and they are all grown up and looking great and wonderful and sending me a lot of awesome "wall" messages.. ha also all my college buds are on there, and there is a really interesting dynamic in sharing pics.
I plan to to scan some pics of when my students were in 8th grade and put up and album for them to check out and think about the good ole days with Mr. cracking jokes and pouring out the love for 'em.

whos' ready for the weekend? I am. seeing the parents tomorrow to get some SWEET furniture from other family. I guess gay pride is this weekend in OKC so it may be one of those rare weekend I go out and see if there are any laid back normal masculine hot guys out, new faces and all that. i doubt there would be, maybe I'l stay in. ha
of course, I'm a closet dude, and will having nothing to do with any gay pride in okc. no offense to those living and free and proud and all that etc etc.


Mike said...

ooo facebook... yes... it gets very entertaining... especially the news feed thing to find out what each friend said or did to their profile...

My sister graduated last night, within 24 hours had a facebook, and already found me to add me as a friend... of course I haven't clicked the accept button yet... hah.

J.R. said...

Man, Facebook. Signed up in college and did jack squat to it——no friends, no nothing... then in the past year random people started adding me so I had to get it in gear.

Easy site to loose a couple of hours to, for sure.

Anonymous said...

I am not much older than you, but I really regrt the years I lost in trying to be straight and have girlfriends (all of whom did NOT thank me when I finally came out). Please do yourself a favour and dont lead this poor girl on, and just go and enjoy the parade........ You could meet the man you are destined to spend the rest of your life with there, but all the time you are hiding away you wont.

dan said...

don't see it happening...
I see it more like I've spent some years trying to be gay, sex has not been great with guys at all so why base my future on that small percentage of the relationship. I have decided that it's going to be an emotional and personal connection with who ever I decide to spend the rest of my life with, but I'm not yet marking guys off the list as options but I seriously don't see it happening ever.
thanks for the comments everyone..

J.R. said...

Your comment really throws me for a loop, Dan, but I guess I can see where you're coming from. (Though, I wouldn't say I'd ever "try to be gay" if I could help it.)

Honestly, I don't know if I see myself ever finding someone. Marrying a girl just isn't going to happen unless I can find a better way to "trick" her and myself... At the same time, it's hard to wrap my mind around the idea of being an old man with another old man.
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