Tuesday, May 01, 2007

work week moves forward........

my latin bud DQ came to class tonight and last night. before leaving he sits in the chair in front of my desk and we'll talk for a bit. I like it just smiling back at him as we shoot the breeze. great guy, I was considering today, did I really want in this guys pants, and of course I know I'd go right there if the chance came up, but it's hard to say whether he'd even be willing, I mean some guys just connect and like each other without being a gay thing. We had a big ole long discussion tonight about the immigration that just passed and might be vetoed by the governor.
get this, it was passed Senate 41-6 and House 84-13, overwhelming support and yet the governor remains noncomittal using scapegoat comments like "it should remain a federal issue". I thought only republican presidents didn't listen to the vote of the people, this guy is democrat.
anyway, it's an awesome bill which restricts liscense or ids to illegals, and also strict fines on hiring illegals among other things etc... blah, anyway, I'm all for it obviously. But of course my bud is opposed, took him 6 days to walk across from mexico to Texas and he was thirsty and starving a lot of the time. Worked cheap jobs around Texas and was mistreated and paid poorly by many etc... he's a legal citizen now making good money as a certified welder and married to an American Mexican gal, but remains loyal to the guys whose place he used to be in.
so yeah he's hot.
Oklahoma city was chosen of 4 in the country to recieve federal grants against gain violence. also maybe interesting.....

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