Thursday, May 03, 2007

weekend almost here guys!

THese are two shirt I was considering online tonight at FOSSIL (free shipping if spend $40, what a deal). They are pretty cool shirts and their fit is just right for me, but this would definitely be a trend look purchase and I prefer to get stuff witha classic plain look that I can sort-of wear forever. but....anyway, I'm trying to decide between the brown or blue. ......anyone got an opinion on that...?

My AUS BUD emailed last night saying "canu come dwn soon"... (thats him texting on his blackjack acutally.)

So I went online last night, thought about it today, then tonight found a new flight by EXPRESS JET that was roundtrip and only $177 so I bought it! not bad and the flight is direct taking about an hour each way. sweet. so now I have plans for Memorial weekend and it's my usual thing that time of year to go down to Austin, always a fun weekend. Oh yeah, also will keep me motivated to HIT IT at the gym this next month. ha

BTW --- I'm not sure if the anonymous comment from OKC about SNow Patrol was from sean in norman or not, but whoever it was THANKS tons I'm going by the zoo amphitheatre this weekend to get tickets to the show!

hell yeah, SNOW PATROL twice in Oklahoma in one year and me at both shows... can it get any sweeter? AUgust 1, I'm there man!


Mike said...

I like both of those shirts actually. I like the brown best mainly cuz it's an unusual looking brown.

Sounds like you've got a lot of fun stuff happening like Memorial Day weekend and we can't forget Snow Patrol!

Hamilton said...

The Blue is the ONE!! Definitely blue.

Btw, I think the other one is grey....