Monday, February 05, 2007

saved some money,,,, ah yeah

I don't know if anyone remembers the $899 bill I got for scratching up a rental car last fall..... well anyway, I was going to have to learn a hard lesson and pay 399 of that and hopefully get $500 from my Visa platinum. The GOOD news is today I found out they are paying $692 of the bill. SWEET, I guess I'll be recomending VISA Platinum from now on to just about anybody, especially if you're going to rent a car!!! ahh yeah, now I'm only out $207, which still really sucks, but it could have been so much more money just down the drain. Man I was glad to find that out.
busy day today, I worked ou tmy arms and chest after school, got them all pumped up and then came to work here tonight. I'm glad there is no bad weather yet predicted for this week. clear roads and get me back to earning some $$$ for NYC trip.
I wanted to ask anyone out there in NYC or if you've been. I have decided to check out the bars in chelsea, and then saturday I'll walk around greenwich I guess and check it all out. Fridays are never big nights out in OKC, but I suppose friday or saturday nights should be packed at any bar there , after all it IS NYC right? I noticed my Time Out guidebook mentions a lot fo the bars don't take credit so I guess I'll be taking out cash only. What should I do just take $100 cash with me, should that be enough to for door fees and drinks. I'm not a heavy drinker at all anyway, but I figured I might need cab money, unless the subway still runs late night. I'm staying near broadway and 38th street at the Americana, so I wasn't sure if it was safe to just walk home from the bars. guess I'll find out soon enough, 3 weeks and counting.....

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear about the car rental thing.

The subway in NY is 24/7. You may wait about 10 minutes for a train late at night. You can look on the NY's MTA website to see where the subway is in relation to your hotel if you know the area/streets your hotel is near or I think they have an 800 number on their website you could call...

We'llTalk soon!